Looking to kick back and kill a few minutes this afternoon / evening / morning / whatever time it is where you are? Google's got a brand-new set of football-themed mini-games out via the Kick with Chrome experiment today.


The games include Infinite Dribble, Space Kick, and Shootout. Shootout is actually a multiplayer penalty-shot game, so that one could be fun with friends. Infinite Dribble is a tilt-based endless... dribbler, and Space Kick is a sort of vertical platformer.

kick3 kick4

You can get playing with the new experiment right here, on any Chrome-equipped device.

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David Ruddock
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  • dessdf

    Google are an American company, of course they are going to call it soccer. Why do the braindead press seem hell-bent on finding stories where there are none.

    It's embarrassing...

    • Jeanne William

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    • AbbyZFresh

      It's unfair. Most of Google/Android users are outside America. This should be one thing Google should cater to the rest of the world for. Most of the Cup viewers are worldwide and call it "FOOTBALL".

      • Crispin Swickard

        If England the country that invented the modern game that at the time called it soccer didn't stop doing so more places would probably call it that as well. Since American football was created before England even coined the term soccer it would make sense that since we already had term football used that after England, and such abandoned the soccer name, and started using football it would not make sense, or have a need to change the name of 2 sports. Its a stubborn way to go about things, but it kind of makes sense too.

      • dsDoan

        I've watched 3 games of the World Cup, and the multinational announcers use the terms "soccer" and "football" interchangeably.

        • d

          You mean the American announcers.

          • dsDoan

            If I meant American announcers, I would've said American announcers.

  • PigeonFudge

    Aaaaaaand here we are again. Choose one and roll with it. Soccer or football both work. Choose one.

  • Zomby2D

    Well, it has a soccer ball in it so why not call it soccer?

    • primalxconvoy

      Actually, it has a football, as it is a ball you kick with a foot.

      • James

        I'm confused, I thought that was a ball on your foot

      • NoBullet

        I guess we should change basketball to netball since they not longer use baskets? By the way, look up the history of football. Pretty stupid to change a name because of whiners around the world over the most insignificant thing to ever complain about.

  • Bob

    It's soccer to me - Australians use both

    • lol

      And they suck at both.

  • TJ Downes

    We're all morons for calling them flashlights. Bloody chaps.

    • Sean Cummins

      Everyone knows moonbeam is the preferred lexicon.

  • Nevi_me

    It's 'soccer' even in countries that don't have 'American football'. Heck it's called 'soccer' almost everywhere, what cardinal sin?

    • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

      When you use the term "almost everywhere", I am assuming you mean "almost everywhere IN AMERICA"!
      Otherwise, you sir, just lied!

    • James

      "it's called 'soccer' almost everywhere"...how dumb are you?

  • DrakeTungsten

    Actually, the term football is the one that should be disused, because that's the one that creates confusion. Unless you're on a localized site, always call it soccer and always call the other American football, and every one will know what you're talking about. Similarly, dates should be YYYY-MM-DD.

    • thartist

      +1 for dates.

    • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

      I tend to use DD MMM YYYY when writing out dates more often unless I'm naming a file in which it's going to be YYYYMMDD because BIND.

  • http://thepolymath.in/ Deepansh Khurana

    Why wasn't the device shape of the Nexus 5 chosen, like it's always done? Is this a peek at a new phone? :P

  • Christian Cebrian

    I'm from mexico and we also call it soccer. You can use both, futbol (spanishized football) and soccer or alternatively Futbol Soccer. We do also play/follow american football big time. So there should be no problem calling it soccer, and this comes from a guy that lives in one of the most soccer centric countries in the world.

    And also the name of the sport is association football, and soccer is an abbreviation of association.

    • primalxconvoy

      The term was also coined at (Eton), in the UK, but was never really popular in the UK.

    • Rafa

      Go pick some some fruit.

      • Christian Cebrian

        I didn't understand your answer. But I did tell facts in my comment. Mexico is the current World Champion in Universities' American Football (Uppsala Sweden 2014).
        Mexico's top university teams fill stadiums (40,000 fans at games between Pumas, Tigres and Borregos Salvajes).
        We also have the largest NFL fan base outside the US.

        In the "Soccer" front, I'd say futbol is used 85% of time, futbol soccer 10% and just soccer about 5%. So we do undersrand, and even use "frequently" the word to differentiate frpm American Football in everyday usage.

        We also call American Football simply "el Americano" or even just "Tocho"

  • thartist

    And you committed the sin of calling it Cardinal instead of Capital?

  • dsDoan

    I don't see where the title relates to the article.

    Also, "soccer" is an abbreviation of "association." The proper/formal title of the sport is "association football." Therefore, "soccer" is as equally proper a title for the sport as "football."

    A little bonus trivia: American football is an evolution of rugby football, therefore, when Americans refer to American football as "football," this is equally a proper title.

    The next time you think about telling an American his football isn't "football," or [association] football isn't soccer, hop off your high-horse, because you're wrong in both instances.

    • ThEGr33k

      Wouldn't that be Polo?

      • dsDoan

        In regards to?

        • ThatGuy

          Polo is a sport played on a (high) horse.

          • pharmacy

            That sport must be reinvented and played with truly high horses.

          • ThEGr33k

            Yes! I knew someone would get it :)

        • Paul_Werner

          Marco, lol

    • BALLS

      Uhm, soccer is not an abbreviation of "association." Stop pulling things out of your butt.

      • dsDoan

        It is, actually. "AsSOCiation Football." Look into the history of the sport, friend.

  • ImSteevin

    Not a single comment about the actual apps, well done with that title then

  • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

    Clickbait headline is clickbait.

  • FrillArtist

    It's called football, you stupid muppets.