Last Updated: October 19th, 2014

An unexpected treat came zooming out of Google HQ today as Android 4.4.4 OTAs and factory images have started rolling out for Nexus devices. The updates have already been posted to AOSP and Al Sutton quickly followed up with a list of the changes. Since 4.4.3 is only 2 weeks old, and I/O is merely a week away, we had a feeling this was just a security update, and it looks like that's all it is.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 5.46.20 PM

Most of the significant changes are centered around fixing a recently discovered vulnerability in OpenSSL. The side effect is a few tweaks to the OpenSSL, WebView, and Chromium projects. There are also a couple of small tweaks to fix some unrelated bugs in logging and security.

The lion's share of changes went to the platform CTS (Compatibility Test Suite), but that is only used to verify a device firmware is operating within Google's guidelines for Android, so this code never actually makes it to your device.

All in all, this is a pretty minor update. Still, it's making our devices a little less vulnerable, and that's rarely a bad thing. If you're interested in skimming through the changes for yourself, head over to Funky Android!

Thanks, Al!

Source: Funky Android

Cody Toombs
Cody is a Software Engineer and Writer with a mildly overwhelming obsession with smartphones and the mobile world. If he’s been pulled away from the computer for any length of time, you might find him talking about cocktails and movies, sometimes resulting in the consumption of both.

  • SherwinF

    N5 rooted and running xposed
    After update, Instagram crashes every time I open the app. Tried to uninstall and reinstall, clear data, no luck

    • Frederico Silva

      Same thing (N5, rooted with SuperSU, Xposed) and it's working fine for me :/

      • haiti1800

        Are you on Android 4.4.3 or Android 4.4.4? you say your Nexus 5 is rooted.

        • Frederico Silva

          Android 4.4.4, rooted with SuperSu

          • haiti1800

            Oh i though Android 4.4.4 can't be root,how did you root it.Did you use Geohot TowelRoot? i'm wondering if TowelRoot still work on Android 4.4.4 before i update

          • Frederico Silva

            Dude, do you even read? First, I said I did with SuperSU. Second, read AP's post on 4.4.4, it mentions TowelRoot, it still works..

          • haiti1800

            Oh maybe i miss that because i didn't see it.But thanks anyways,i will stay on Android 4.4.3 because Android 4.4.4 is the same

          • Frederico Silva

            God.. I don't even..


          • Guest

            Yup good luck

          • Nathan

            Yeah, only less secure.

          • Nick

            Stop talking. Seriously, just stop. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about and definitely don't understand what rooting is. Why would anyone use towelroot on a Nexus device? Lulz

          • True Radiant Free

            Why don't you teach him what rooting is since you clearly think you know it all.

          • APOI

            here is the help for you :D http://bit.ly/1jDpb2E you can thank me later :)

          • Jodi Baskoro

            Cause it works just fine?

          • Nick

            Perhaps because they don't want to erase their data.

    • haiti1800

      Most apps won't work with root phones

      • Frederico Silva

        Lol, wut?

        • haiti1800

          I'm saying some apps or games don't work on root phones,it happen to me sometimes on iOS and Android.A message will pop up and say the apps/games doesn't work on modified device

          • Frederico Silva

            Yes I know, but Instagram is clearly not of those..

          • haiti1800

            Yeah Instagram shouldn't,maybe Android 4.4.4 KitKat change that.I don't think i'm going to update because the signal still didn't fix and there's no new change.

          • n_a_v

            most mean >50%

          • Agustin Tashdjian

            What are you all talking about? I have always rooted my phones or even used custom roms and i have NEVER (and i mean NEVER EVER) seen a message saying the app won't work on a modified device

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            "Most apps" is far from "some" and "sometimes"

      • Arthur Dent


        Thanks for the laugh, man.

      • h4m

        Wtf, No?!

      • Damian

        Most? No. But today was released launcher from Nokia, and doesn't work with rooted devices, so it makes it even bigger piece of s.

        • wut

          So, If I root Nokia X/X+/XL, I'll have to install 3rd party launcher to be able to use my phone? not cool man

    • Carlos Rodríguez

      Maybe it's xposed.

      I updated just fine and rooted with Towelroot and posted a photo to Instagram.

      Nexus 4 here.


    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      Have you tried clearing the Dalvik cache? Judging by the changes, I can't see much reason for an app like Instagram to have problems. Worst case, just uninstall it, reboot, and reinstall.

    • Pdiddy187

      Same set-up as you and no problems. What versions of recovery and SuperSu?

      • SherwinF

        Stock Recovery
        SuperSU 2.00
        GB, IG downloader, Boot manager, greenify, Master Key

        • Pdiddy187

          I use TWRP. Same SuperSU, but not any of the other modules you mentioned. Maybe just reflash system.img and add module by module?

          • SherwinF

            Appreciate the help. It started working again out of nowhere

    • SherwinF

      IG started working again. Didn't do anything. Thanks for trying to help out though

    • Luca

      Check if all xposed modules are updated

  • Mr. Mark

    I take it it still doesn't fix the mm-qcamera-daemon cpu usage issue that's existed since 4.4.2? https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=70755

    • Nathan

      And no fix for the microphone issues?

    • Dmitry Rubinstain

      I had this issue too, but haven't seen it for a couple of months now. I suspect it to be already fixed in some silent Play Services update.

      • mgamerz

        It was fixed by Google camera. Or a workaround at least.

  • Kolyan24k

    4.4.4 has new modem as well

    • True Radiant Free

      What do you mean?

      • Nick

        How much clearer could he be? There is a new radio image.

        • True Radiant Free

          Maybe you need a lesson in kindness to realize that not everyone who owns an Android device knows what that means, flashes images or ROM's, or roots their phone. I keep my devices pure Android.

          • Amit

            Thus you could have searched in Google what that meant instead of asking here

          • True Radiant Free

            I like being able to talk to PEOPLE about Android topics and news instead of a search which yields many good and bad links and info. But I guess you and others are too rude and proud to be able to answer a simple question, because isn't that what you think it is a simple question? I guess maybe it isn't so simple if you can't answer in a one sentence response instead of getting all offended.

          • Mui

            No offense, but what it seems you're the one who got offended here, nick wasn't any close to being rude and actually answered your question

          • APOI

            I'm 100% sure you never had any conversation with XDA users about Android ;-) ^_^

          • True Radiant Free

            Wow another rude know it all. How old are you, 10? And I do frequently go on XDA... And there's really no way of you knowing or not.

          • APOI

            dude you really have a serious mental problem, i was not rude at all, i was actually kinda like being little funny and sarcastic in those comments but do you know what it actually called rudeness this is called real rudeness.

            i hope now you know what is called being rude , this is called being rude, which neither of us doing to you, i guess you understood by now, so now go take you medicines which you provably forget to take and have a good day bye ;-) :D :P

          • True Radiant Free

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          • APOI

            OMG! True Radiant Free how many extra a/c do you have !!!!

          • APOI

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          • Last google device for me

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          • Desintegrator2

            Wow, i´ve seen many discussions on the internet but normally they only escalate that fast and excessively on 4chan :D

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          • Guest

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          • APOI

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          • Last google device for me

            It must suck to be you huh fag?

          • APOI

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          • Last google device for me

            Its too bad the only people that some can spew at without getting a whack in the head are online forums. Who the hell cares if someone mentions something or asks a question thats answer may be found on Google? I'll tell you, people like Nick and Amit, who no doubt were verbally lashed at some point by some other no-class internet know-it-all. They're the same guys who post as "sexy blond high school girl looking to have fun with well-endowed men".
            Hence the "bitch" attitude.

          • APOI

            i dont understand why do you replying your other a/c as a different person !!!!!

          • sweenish

            It was simple enough that you should have known what was stated. Kolyan24k wasn't speaking in code. It's as straightforward as it gets.

            It's also one of those things where if you don't know, it really doesn't matter. If you want to learn about this stuff, reading online would be far better than having people waste their time constantly having to explain rudimentary things to you.

            While you extol the virtues of human kindness, I would extol the virtues of using Google to answer super basic questions like this so you can have meaningful conversations with people, and not be a constant ELI5 type person. You're being equally as rude by barging into a conversation held by people knowledgeable on a topic and essentially forcing them to stop and go over 101-type stuff with you.

            You're not the only one being wronged here.

            I also notice below that you resort to name calling, so there goes your entire platform of kindness and human decency. Now you're just as bad as the people you're insulting.

          • True Radiant Free

            It wasn't simple enough because I wanted to clarify the use of the word modem instead of radio, as what does it even matter to you what I should know? Why don't you mind your own business if you don't want to take the time to answer, since you sure had enough time to post this little rebuttal. Waste their time constantly having to explain things to you? Did someone tell you that when you were learning this stuff? Or have you forgotten that you actually had to take time to learn it, or do you think you were born knowing this? Asking one question is not what constitutes "constantly having to explain" to me, or have we met before and you've tried to explain things to me before about Android? 60 and 80 people upvoted two of my comments, so even that shows that I'm not in the minority here. So I guess teachers feel that they are being wronged when someone asks them a question? Rather it is a compliment to the person's knowledge when someone asks a question, because the person asking knows they can hopefully receive a knowledgeable response.I don't know what you mean by name calling, did you read the other person's aexually perverted and curse filled rant, which is now listed as awaiting moderation? He made himself sound like a child molester. As for knowing it all, yeah that's exactly how some people were acting here including you. It's always pathetic when someone who posts a rude and totally illogical comment like you just did here, also has a real profile picture of themselves. Because now I know that regardless of the front you put up in that picture by looking kind and smiling, your internet behavior shows that in reality you are a rude and conceited person.

          • Simon Belmont

            When is AP going to install a drama filter in the comments? Seriously.

            Nick was not rude or crass or mean spirited in his reply (and he technically answered the question). It seems like you're the only one who is blowing things out of proportion and getting offended here and it looks like you opened new accounts to support your original one and blow off further (and rude) steam at the guy (that's pretty low).

          • Ian Santopietro

            Or, when people ask a question, we could be a kind and caring community and just answer the question.

          • Robert Clark

            You have to exuse him. Its a learned trait from habitual frequenting of xda..Truth is you teach a root exploit walk them through it holding their hand and next day they think they are google development gurus. Rudeness such as but not limited to,
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            "Hey thats my port..you cant port my rom i kanged from lg..even though i didnt ask lg or google for permission you cant use mine. Or someone might find out i really didnt build shit. I ported it. "

            Yes. The list goes on. Ive been there 5 years. I quit sharing my work due to rude little teeny boppers...so in one ear and out the other...

          • Marcelove

            Your sir should deserve more upvotes... But the rant before you got 12.... Just that shows the truth at your words....

          • APOI


          • APOI

            I could not agree more dude , i wish i could more upvote your comment :)

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            So you're implying that you visit Android Police, probably the #1 website for Android Power Users in the world (aside from XDA) - yet you claim that you don't knowthat every Android device has a dedicated radio/modem firmware?

          • brararsh

            Just wasted 7 minutes of my life.. :(

          • APOI

            My condolence Sardar Ji

          • Jim

            Actually if you don't root or flash an AOSP ROM then your device by definition is not pure Android. Quite the opposite.

          • True Radiant Free

            Yeah try telling that to Google who gives OTA updates to my Sony Z Ultra GPe, but of course you are another person who thinks they know what device I have.

          • grumpyfuzz

            it doesn't matter what device you have, your device is NOT running aosp. Go, flash a pure aosp rom... It has nothing google installed, no google apps, and all the aosp apps are there such as music, browser, and the aosp keyboard.

          • sweenish

            I'll note here that Nick was not rude in the least, and that you're over-reacting.

        • a

          The confusion arose because user True Radiant Free actually has a life.

      • APOI

        He means Android version 4.4.4 has new modem as well ;-) :P :D

      • Kolyan24k

        Modem aka radio, software that effects phones reception etc.

        • True Radiant Free

          Thanks, I just wanted to clarify what you meant by modem, since I've only heard it called a radio before. :)

        • Nick Rosas

          That was all that was needed. Thanks, for clarifying this to True in a simple manner.

    • robuss76

      Download Link?

  • h4m

    And still Japanese characters are not showing correctly…

  • thisislethal

    JBQ? I thought he left for Yahoo!?

    • Shawn

      The script for the raw changelog was modified/written by JBQ. Probably something he would have done when he still worked on Android.

  • Stanley C.

    And thisupdate will include the new emojis? I dont give a damn to security fixes. I want the new f**you emoji! Yeah!

    • what

      were on L
      im hoping for lemon head

      • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

        Could be Lollipop

      • Stanley C.

        Ok so "Large Caramel Pudding" Ill not give up my pudding.:-D

        • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

          You really like your pudding

      • Brendan

        I'm guessing lollipop. Mostly due to the fact that lollipops have a ton of colors and the new quantum designs seem to indicate tons of colors, as do the new Google+ app and the leaked Gmail and Calendar apps.

        • JT3

          Agreed, plus it fits Google's trend toward circles for everything. Then again, after the Key Lime Pie... uh... I mean, KitKat announcement, nothing would surprise me. Lifesavers, perhaps?

    • Nick Rosas

      New emojis should be coming out in Google Keyboard updates, not system updates. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • cabbieBot

    My n5 is rebooting right now from flashing the OTA zip. There's a new radio in there...and we needed one, because what came with 4.4.3 seemed much more fickle and unreliable.

    • http://blog.tonysarju.com/ Tony

      I agree. I found that data consistently lost connection to Google services and showed the orange connectivity indicators.Also, Wifi would randomly drop and reconnect right away.

  • HolyFreakingCrap

    Treat my ass, this sucks. I just got my devices updated and back to how I had them. I demand better from Google.

    • kirk

      Google hears your entitled demands.

      Then, Google shrugs, giggles, and says "Okaaaayy then, dude" and goes about improving the technology that improves your life.

    • Arthur Dent

      I'm sure Google sheds a virtual tear for your misery.

      Geez, man.

  • Rami

    Why release 4.4.4 today? next week they will release 4.5 or 5.0.... no?

    • Desintegrator2

      Why not? OTAs are so easy to install, there is really no reason to wait if there is an important security fix. They won´t release 5.0 that fast, even if it gets announced on I/O it will take weeks until it´s available.

      • tanjiajun34

        I am guessing Google IO might just announce the name of the next Android and that is all. If 5.0 is coming really this soon, they won't have push 4.4.3 at all.

        • Peter

          i don't think if they announce Android 5.0, they will release it immediately.

        • AOSPrevails

          They could do an apple, show the name, show a few features, announce an (open) beta process coming soon and say the release will be sometime in the fall.

  • TheLastAngel

    No matter how small the update, it will take an hour to "optimize apps". Seriously, Google needs to change that...

    • 16Bitz0R

      Yea... This reminds me the dark days of Win98/Me/Xp installations. no matter how fast your pc was, it would still take ages to install.

  • Marcis Buhholcs

    Anyone knows what could be the reason for Google delaying 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 for Nexus 7 (2013) LTE variant?

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      Everyone blames verizon

      • Marcis Buhholcs

        Yesterday morning my Nexus 7 LTE got update to 4.4.3
        Size: 77.5MB, build KTU84L

  • Woody

    I got to stop using Android.

    • Arthur Dent

      Cool story ...

  • Jerry Gooch

    Makes me think we shouldn't expect any major release from I/O this year. 2 updates to 4.4 within weeks makes me think they're still cooking the next big version.

  • Last google device for me

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    • APOI

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  • Guest

    Seems like @AndroidPolice need to do some policing in their forums. There is absolutely no reason why people can't be courteous to one another. :(

    • anon

      AP is not a forum.

      • Miranda Streeter

        You know what was meant. Being pedantic isn't very courteous! This is precisely what he/she was talking about. :P

  • tokuiten

    Great, just great.

    4.4.3 didn't fix the data drop bug on the Nexus 5, and it looks like 4.4.4 won't either. Way to fuck over your customers, Google.

  • buffal0b1ll

    Isn't Email and Exchange Services updated too?

    • AOSPrevails

      They are now updated via the playstore, separate from the OS updates I think

      • duke69111

        Only the email app though, to my knowledge.

  • Ganesh Jain

    I am using Nexus 5...
    And I m still on Android 4.4.2
    As my phones system update is not working...
    So plz help

    • duke69111

      I'd be more concerned about being on Edge than getting an update. :)

      • Ganesh Jain

        Yes, someone on Gsmarena posted that clearing cache and force stoping GSF helps to get android updates
        So I tried that...
        What can I do now to get update???😞

        • duke69111

          are you rooted with a custom recovery?

  • Eddy Garcia

    Something I noticed when adding a new contact is that you can now do it physically rather than going through Google Now