Google might own Waze, but thankfully Mountain View isn't shutting down the social navigation service to bring it all in-house. In fact, Waze just got an update on Android to v3.8 with a few new features. Waze calls itself a social GPS app, so yeah, most of these features are social things.

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Here's the full changelog for v3.8.

  • Find friends on Waze by adding Contacts
  • Send friend requests & manage your list
  • New design for sending location
  • Locations sent between friends are saved for future navigation
  • Easily share drive from ETA screen
  • See who’s viewing your shared drive
  • Keep Waze on screen when answering calls
  • Bug fixes

A lot of this looks like a replacement for the recently discontinued groups feature. You'll be able to use your contact list to find friends on Waze, then share location information with them. The new version should also make it easy to keep track of who has your location information. Interested? You know what to do.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Doug Ford

    Diggin the update.

  • Chris

    Still ugly and old looking :/

  • Chris Brown

    I really like Waze. But I wish Google would google-ize the UI so it would be consistent with other Google apps and MUCH cleaner. Functionality is great but the presentation is still quite rough.

    • Kudu

      IIRC, Waze isn't managed as a Google product or by Google, it's managed independently except for certain cooperation (with Google Maps, for example). They'll probably update the interface to match the Android guidelines at some point, but it won't be done by Google.

    • Zak Taccardi

      honestly, the best part about Waze is that as a Google Maps user (and not a Waze user), I get to take advantage of data entered in Waze from Google Maps. Making Waze more 'Googley' would alienate some Waze users, and that would be a bad thing.

  • Paul_Werner

    "Keep Waze on screen when answering calls"

    I would love if they rolled this feature into Google Maps

    • Bob

      Did this work for you? I got a full screen window and Waze never came back.. during or after the call.

      • Paul_Werner

        Sorry, I don't use Waze

  • derk p

    still no HUD update?! it would be cool to mirror the image on your wind shield at night... not sure why this is so hard for them to implement, people have been requesting it since it came out...

  • Bob

    Doesn't seem to keep Waze on Screen when answering calls on my Galaxy S5... hmmm

    • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

      I believe there is an option to fix that in the Settings.

  • http://www.twitter.com/b_boogey_xl b_boogey_xl

    How does Waze compare to an app like Glympse?

  • APk
  • tharealoc

    One thing all GPS apps, including Waze, need to have is Immersive mode. At the very least, transparent nav and notification bars.. GPS apps have singlehandedly caused more burn in on my amoled displays more than anything else.

  • VladtheBad

    Still insists people live in alleys in Chicago. or a final destination address is in an alley...it is cool that it can use alleys in Chicago, that is really pretty smart but it can go too far.

  • Ger

    Has anyone found a way to hide the "drive socially" button (the one with a + sign and the silhouette of a person)?

  • trilalirt

    I use this one for location sharing and it works great for me https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.triladroid.locationshare