Did the world need another music streaming service back when Samsung unveiled Milk Music in March? That's not the point. If you happen to own a Galaxy device (and with them selling by the truckload, there's a good chance that you do), then this exclusive service is well worth a look. Now the company is bringing Milk Music to the big screen by opening up the app to a handful of tablets.


MilkMusic2 MilkMusic3

The supported slates include the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, the Note Pro 12.2, and the Tab Pro. For a limited time, the service is free and doesn't contain any ads. So if you happen to own one of these slates and live in the US, why not give this creamy beverage a sip?

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Jephri

    Milk, just like what your mom used to make. What a strange name for a music streaming service.

    • abobobilly

      Good name to milk the consumers.

      MILK IT BABY!!

      • BruinGuy

        Except, of course, it's a free service without ads.

        • abobobilly

          Except, ofcourse, its not gonna stay free forever.

  • KathyRFaris

    So if you happen to own one of these slates and live in the US, why not give this creamy beverage a sip? http://sn.im/290xdj8

  • Mert Çelen

    These companies are seriously stupid.They make products only for USA and when every single one do that,they cant find enough costumer. Spotify,amazon,google play,itunes radio,milk,deezer etc. there are all do the same thing.

    • BruinGuy

      It's not the software company's fault, in this case Samsung, it's the fault of the music publishers.

    • primalxconvoy


  • firesoul453

    Its not bad. Its basally as good as Slacker but with less ads (for now). So for now I keep using it.

    This and amazon prime music should meet my requirements and I shouldn't need a music subscription

    • primalxconvoy

      Try jango. It's not bad.

      • firesoul453

        Ya I actually downloaded that a few days ago. Their app needs tons and tons of work but other than that its a great service.

  • alfuen00

    could someone upload the apk please? thanks

  • crazed_z06

    Y U NO Galaxy Note 8

  • A2theC

    APK please? I have note 10.1 and I'm left out :(
    I guess it's time to use my protection insurance.....*trips = smash tablet*

  • primalxconvoy

    As a Galaxy Note 2 user... this app is useless to me (as it's not available in Japan). Then again, I couldn't give a toss either way, as Japanese smartphone carriers are restricted every month on bandwidth.

    Torrents and third party music services for the win!