Motorola's littlest smartphone is getting a little present today in the form of a custom recovery. There is now an official build of TWRP for this super-low cost smartphone, which will make flashing ZIPs and backing up a breeze.


There have been various unofficial builds of TWRP, but now you can go to the Team Win site and get the real deal. A custom recovery requires an unlocked bootloader, but it lets you easily gain root access, install flashable ZIPs (even ROMs), and back up the device. The image is only 7.1MB in size and can be found under the device codename Condor. You'll need a computer and ADB to install it.

[XDA, TWRP Download]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Javier

    Falcon, now Condor?

    • RichardG867

      Moto G LTE: Peregrine
      Razr D1/D3 (Latin America): Hawk

  • noel kait

    Did the Moto G ever get Twrp support?

    • Javier

      Yeah, check TWRP website. Moto G (Falcon)

      • noel kait

        It shows only for the xt1032. Is it universal or just that?

    • Jonathan

      Yes but it only just became official

  • kevin

    Why the main photo of the article is of Moto G ?