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Sunrise, a thoughtfully-designed calendar app that only recently made the jump from iOS to Android, got a bump up to version 1.1.0 today, bringing with it new integration for a variety of services including Songkick, Tripit, Evernote, Github, and Asana. Basically, this integration provides syncing between the services and Sunrise, where the calendar app can grab reminders from Evernote automatically, your Tripit plans and trips will automatically populate, Songkick concerts will show up like magic, and Github or Asana changes will be synced (in both directions).

Screenshot 2014-05-12 17.28.18 tumblr_inline_n79h7dVoJj1qc3ie2 tumblr_inline_n7acuuwaYG1qc3ie2

Some apps, like Tripit, can already integrate with your Google calendar account, so those who already use that feature may find some redundancy in Sunrise's new functionality. But Sunrise presents events, reminders, concerts, etc. in a thoughtful way, giving you as much information as it can, plus a button that will allow users to quickly install the app whence the info came. Compared to Google's official calendar app, the event presentation is much more visually pleasant.

Screenshot_2014-06-17-14-13-55 Screenshot_2014-06-17-13-53-08

The only downside is that users still can't directly edit events from other apps or services. The app does provide a web link to your plans, but the "Install Tripit" button seems to always refer to the Play Store, even if you've got the app already.

That said, the integration with new services is still a big plus. If you're already a Sunrise user, grab the update. If you're not, it's definitely worth a second look.

Source: Sunrise Blog

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  • ainen

    Still patiently waiting for Exchange support on Android

    • Lauren Gordon


      ☚☚☚� ☚☚☚ ☚☚☚ ☚☚☚ ☚☚☚� ☚☚☚

  • Luca

    No integration with eventbrite?

  • dat dude


  • John Smith

    desperately needs a Month View like "Jorte".

  • s427

    I like Sunrise, but the events recurrence options are really limited compared to what is possible in Google Calendar. AFAIK it's not possible to set an event to repeat every six months, or on the first Wednesday of each month. I wish they would fix that before integrating with services that a lot of people don't even use.

  • Thatguyfromvienna

    Without a doubt the most beautiful calendar app on Android.
    It lost one of my two Gmail calendars every day so I had to add it over and over.
    Plus it was an extreme battery hog, producing more wakelocks than all other apps combined.
    My wife had the same issue - on iOS that is.
    Did they fix that?

  • http://www.daverobertson.me Dave Robertson

    If there's no month view that's a no go from me.