The all-you-can-eat subscription service is available for basically everything these days: movies, music, games...and thanks to Oyster, books. For those unfamiliar with Oyster, the gist is very simple – pay $10 a month, read as much as you like. While Oyster has been around since late last year, today marks the launch of the company's Android app.


The service offers a fairly massive 500,000+ book catalog right out of the gate, and subscribers have access to as many of those as they can consume for $10 a month. Really, even if you only read a couple of titles in that timeframe it basically pays for itself. If you read more than that, then you're ultimately saving money.

Oyster is unfortunately only available in the US. From the site:

In what countries can I use Oyster?
Currently Oyster is only available in the United States and for U.S.-based credit cards. We are working hard to expand to new markets in the future.
Subscribers can access Oyster while abroad, but we encourage readers to be mindful of data-roaming costs.

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Oyster offers a free 30-day trial (as most services like this do), so you can give it a try to see what it's all about. You can sign up here, and grab the Android app below.

Cameron Summerson
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  • firesoul453

    Finally. They have been promising an android app forever. I signed up for the notification. Why didn't they send me an email?

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update teh Jax

    I'd love to hear how well the app works on a 7" tablet (N7 2013).

    • supremekizzle

      Download it and try a free trial...

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update teh Jax

        I'd love to but I can't for a few days. So... I'd love to hear how well the app works on a 7" tablet (N7 2013).

  • supremekizzle

    It'd be sweet as fuck if they had college text books. Maybe someone should start a streaming service for that... Even $250 a semester would be a steal compared to buying, or even renting, the books...

    • sssgadget

      Publishers and (few)professors wouldn't like that.

  • Justin Foster

    Today's Google 5.0 Trollog:

    Today's Google doodle features an Octopus between the 6 letters of Google (3 on each of the 2 sides) 3.0+2.0= 5.0

    Also, Octopus is an 8 tentacled creature. There are 6 letters in Google, and 3 objects in front of the Octopus. 8 (tentacles) - 6 (letters) = 2. 2 + 3 (objects) = 5.0.

    • Paul_Werner

      Half Life 3?

      • Justin Foster


  • WhyDoesEveryUserAlreadyExist

    So 'Read unlimited books anytime, anywhere'

    'Oyster is only available in the United States'

    Not quite 'anywhere' then, is it..

    • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

      You could just insert "the moon" into this and get the same outcome. Fairly obvious that they mean anywhere within their established areas of service.

    • Jason Bourne

      You're reading Android (based in the US) news on Android Police (based in the US) about a company called Oyster (based in the US) that offers unlimited books anytime, anywhere... can you guess what goes in these parens? ( ... )

      • someone755

        Lemme take what you wrote and modify it for another app:
        I'm reading about Android on AP, and an article mentions a US-based company that never mentions the word "everywhere", but actually provides the service everywhere on the planet.
        Sorry, but your logic is flawed. If other companies, that do or even don't promise worldwide availability can provide worldwide availability, I see no reason why a company promising worldwide availability couldn't fulfill that promise.

  • http://www.vinsonimages.com yamaha83

    i would sign up if the audio versions of each book were also available

  • alexcue

    Interesting that I had to go to their website to find out that they offer device syncing. I figured as much, but you'd think they would mention that in the app description!

  • mjku

    $10/mo is a little on the steep side for me. You'd have to be a heavy reader to even make it worth it. I know I don't possibly have the time for minimum 3 books per month. Probably just better off sticking to the library or buying used paperbacks for $3-5/pop.

    • solbin

      The flipside is that if a book doesn't grab your attention in the first 50 or so pages, you can move on to something else. I do agree that $10/month seems to be a little expensive, but I would really like to find out how much the authors actually get paid from having their books on this service..

  • Kevin

    The app looks nice!


    So this costs as much as a service that streams music / movies?

  • rap

    Interesting idea if the catalog is broad enough. Actually I usually avoid books. Love to read but then don't get anything done until I finish the book. Many libraries offer free ebooks now that you can get from home but the selection my library has is limited.

    Amazon should offer something like this with Kindle or Prime. They already offer some free books but if they expanded the selection and rolled it out a separate service it might go somewhere.

    • Will Dutton

      amazon do offer this with prime but bummer of bummer it only works with the actual kindle, not the kindle app

  • JG

    So... Is it book as in dead tree books you have to mail? Or ebooks that I can download & start reading the next as soon as I finish off one?

  • hotdogsforsale

    App is using tons of data in the background and drains the battery within a few hours.

    Have had the app for 2 days and it's chewed through 383 megs - have only read half a book - wtf?