Typical smartphone alarms are rather rude. They don't care whether someone is ready to get out of bed. All that matters is that it's 6AM, and it's time to get up. Snooze all you want, but in five minutes, it will still be time to get up. Popular iOS app Sleep Cycle tries to be more considerate with its approach. Rather than waking people up precisely at their set time, it monitors their sleep patterns and tries to wake them up during the lightest phase of sleep. This way they're actually likely to get up when it goes off. The app aims for the 30 minute interval before the set alarm time, reducing the likelihood of it missing the proper window entirely.

SleepCycle1 SleepCycle2 SpeelCycle3

The app has acquired many users and a good deal of press in its time as an iOS exclusive. Along with SleepBot, it's one of the more established intelligent alarm clocks out there. Check it out for $1.99 via the link below.

Main features:

  • Waking up made easy! Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase.
  • Detailed sleep statistics and sleep graphs for every night.
  • 15 carefully selected, high quality, alarm melodies.
  • Use your own music as wake up sound
  • Snooze by shaking or tapping the phone lightly.
  • Customizable wake up window. From instant (regular alarm clock) up to 90 minutes.
  • Background mode - set your alarm and exit Sleep Cycle - sleep analysis will continue in the background
  • Sleep notes - see how events such as drinking coffee, eating too much or having a stressful day affect your sleep quality
  • Long term graphs - track sleep quality over time, see which days of the week you sleep best and much more

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • David Spivey

    If you're looking for a free alternative, try Sleep Time. I have used it, and it does help you to feel better and wake without grogginess. I have found that sometimes my phone causes it to be killed, so you may need a backup alarm. Nonetheless, it's free.


  • Voider

    What's the difference with SleepAsAndroid?

    • http://dabuxian.com/ Dabu

      I guess the fact that it was an iOS app. :P

      • tygr

        dabu xian?

        completely irrelevant but i love your pmvs

        • http://dabuxian.com/ Dabu

          Haha thank you!

    • sergejsbabikovs

      SleepAsAndroid is ugly as hell

      • xnadax

        Yes, it's not pretty. I'm very happy with its functionality, but it took me some time to get used to waking up to that UI every day. :)

    • jewlio

      sleep as android is 5 fucking dollars

      • Mircea

        there is also a free version

        • xnadax

          The sleep tracking is only free for two weeks though.

  • David Bell

    I doubt there's anything here that will get me to consider dropping Sleep as Android. The oversleeping prevention is brilliant in that.

  • Amarus Kh

    It would be great if you guys add a "honourable mentions" section in such articles to give credit to other apps that has been doing the same on Android for ages.

    • Dani R.

      But you forget that Sleep Cycle was the first app to feature this ability. It was released in 2009, while Sleep as Android was released in 2010. So SAA was actually a rip-off! So I think that Sleep Cycle has the right to finally come to Android :)

      • Lauren Gordon

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        ☚☚☚� ☚☚☚ ☚☚☚ ☚☚☚ ☚☚☚� ☚☚☚

      • Mircea

        Do you think Sleep Cycle actualy invented sleep cycle mobile monitoring? It's rather hars to call SAA a rip-off as long as SC isn't open source.

  • Jephri

    It watches you while you sleep...

  • http://www.baronsofbullshit.com/ seriosbrad

    $1 on iTunes and $2 on the Play Store. Hey guys, lets force Android plebs to buy our popular iOS product for more money.

  • Peter Frazier

    how can it tell your sleep cycles.. do you spoon your phone all night? i'm not following how it can tell when i'm tossing and turning and really out..

    • David Bell

      They figure it out by movement on the mattress through the accelerometer in the device. Not sure if this app does the same, but Sleep As Android also monitors via noise (and has anti-snoring measures) and records for you to play back. You get a graph showing you your cycles and the time each day.

      • Martin Nutbeem

        How reliable is it for someone who shares a bed?

        • David Bell

          Reasonable depending on where you place the phone but there is the chance it will pick up movement from the other person depending on the mattress.

  • http://www.tarasmuz.ru/ Taras Lanchev

    Too bad I use a wireless charger and therefore can't put it under my pillow.

    • Jaymoon

      I was concerned about that too, but I have the Google charger for my Nexus 5, so the "magnetic death grip" should keep it charging even if under a pillow/sheet.

      I'm not saying this charger is any better, but at least my phone never falls off the charger as it sits on the side of my bed while I sleep. I'm curious to try out this app.

      • allen

        But you can just plug it in directly if that's what you do

  • Richard

    Does this work the same on a tablet?
    I use my Nexus 7 as an alarm since the speakers are louder.

  • Paul

    Really loved this app on iOS, a lot nicer looking than Sleep With Android, but really needs a pebble companion app before I'm willing to move over to it. Hopefully they get on that soon, but it'll probably never happen :(

    • Robert Alex Kibler

      Yep, definitely. Pebble, Fitbit, other sleep trackers.

  • allen

    SleepBot is still the best.. Mainly because I'm in Canada.

    I do miss Sleep Cycle from my iOS days. However I don't think you can customize the alarm much.

  • Tito!

    Could have sworn it always was? How the hell did I have it back when it had my Note II?

  • Raytin Liporada

    job done!

  • ew

    This sounds great for anyone who doesnt have to get up at a specific time. One wonders why such people need alarms in the first place.

    • Pascal

      if you don't wakeup in the first 30 minutes, it's like regular alarm.

    • Robert Alex Kibler

      You don't have to get up at a specific time. You have to get up by a specific time. That's where these apps help. They wake you up intelligently before the time that your alarm is set. That way you're up in time for whenever your alarm was set, but you're more refreshed because it woke you up during the lightest part of your sleep. Or so they say. They never work for me, but I think it's because I've got sleep apnea.

  • black

    Wake-me-up-intelligently apps are so 2010.

  • Robert Alex Kibler

    Apps like this should connect with fitbit so I don't have to keep my phone in bed.

    • Mike

      SleepAsAndroid has this function. I got it connected to my pebble, the pebble tracks my movement and also vibrates when the alarm goes off. Works like a charm!

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    I'm now testing Sonalarm clock on my company iPhone, the phone sits on the nightstand, monitoring me by measuring ultrasound echoes coming out of the speaker. Pretty neat. Hope we can have something like that on our phones also!