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More than a few Android fans are ready and willing to get their smartwatch on with the new Android Wear platform, so some German users must have been excited to see LG's G Watch pop up in the Play Store in Germany. AndroidPit spotted a small section of promo text for the device, and while it didn't include any photos or links and it was quickly removed, it certainly implies that the G Watch will be sold on the Play Store. In Germany.


Google Translation:

Constantly activated display

The G Watch never sleeps. The constantly activated display shows you at any time to time, and new information, without you having to touch it.

We already knew that the G Watch will probably make a debut at Google I/O, and presumably it will be available for purchase soon after (though with Google and the Play Store, international availability is always a bit tentative). We can hope that this premature spot on the German Play Store means that Google is preparing promo pages for the G Watch, if not actually preparing to sell it. So far we've heard considerably less about Motorola's Android Wear device, the Moto 360, though it has made a few public appearances.

Source: AndroidPit via AndroidNext.de

Michael Crider
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  • evolutionx1

    "Constantly activated display

    The G Watch never sleeps. The constantly activated display shows you at any time to time, and new information, without you having to touch it."

    36 hours of standby time with always on display? Sounds good, I guess.

    • MvP77

      I understand the importance of great battery life in a watch, me personally, I Will just charge it before bed like I do my phone.

      • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

        Same. As long as I can get truly all day, heavy use out of it, I'm okay with charging it alongside my phone at night. Until some super high-tech miracle battery tech comes around, I've got a feeling that's just how most full-color smart-watches will be for a while. That's just the price you pay, for having that kind of screen I guess. Until someone DOES invent some awesome new battery or miracle charging system (like solar power absorbing screens or some shit, I don't even know!)

      • Carolynn Albert


        ✦✦✦ �✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦� ✦✦✦

  • jonathan3579

    I don't know why but I enjoyed the title. 😑

  • NF

    This makes the 36 hour battery life more interesting. It must be using low energy all the time, though screen brightness is going to make a significant difference. Also, it makes me wonder what the sdk for wear is going to do. I was hoping more than just a notification mirror.

    • Michael J Carroll

      Maybe it's mirasol display?

      • NF

        It could be. I'm not sure if that'd apply to all devices, but it'd definitely allow for long low level battery life. I'm not sure about heavy battery use though.

      • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

        I don't think so, Mirasol has less color variance in the screen and has a low refresh time similar to e-paper. I'm thinking it's AMOLED of some kind and the default "standby" screen is the mostly black screen (AMOLED doesn't need power to make black pixels, it simply leaves those pixels "off"). So battery is only required to light up the white pixels of the minimal text/clock. When you get a notification I'm assuming it then kicks into the full color mode that we've seen in videos and images that resembles Google Now.

        • Maxr1998

          You're actually wrong. Mirasol is extremely fast, even faster than other liquid crystal displays (referring to Wikipedia.de). Also, the display only consumes power e.g. every minute when content (e.g. the clock) is updated. So it would be very cool to see a Mirasol display on the G Watch.

          • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

            Let me be a little clearer with my point. When I said Mirasol has less color variance and a slower refresh rate, I was comparing Mirasol to what we've already seen from the LG G Watch's screen, and that I don't think its screen is Mirasol. I understand Mirasol's refresh rate is much faster than e-paper and other liquid crystal displays. No arguments there. But it comes nowhere close to the refresh rate of a traditional smartphone screen, whether it be some kind of AMOLED, IPS, or otherwise.

            Here's an example of Mirasol in motion. Notice that what we're seeing here isn't lag, it's the Mirasol display's low refresh rate that gives it that kind of stuttery frame-rate. Also, take note of the muted colors:


            Now here is a video of the LG G Watch in action. Take note of how the screen appears to be back-lit like a traditional display, and how the frame-rate / refresh-rate seems to be identical to that of any smartphone or any other device using a standard kind of display like IPS or AMOLED:


            So as much as I love Mirasol as a technology, I think I'm still correct in saying that Mirasol will definitely not be present on the LG G Watch. If you notice, when the screen is showing its black "Standby" screen, none of the black pixels are outputting any kind of light, which is a signature characteristic of AMOLED or OLED display tech.

          • Maxr1998

            Ah ok, I understand..thank you for pointing this put, pretty interesting :D
            Didn't remember IPS is another thing to Liquid crystal display, misinterpreted ;)

            Thanks! :)

    • cesium

      Could be OLED. If during standby it's mostly a black background with just the time or something showing, it would sip power.

      • Marcell Lévai

        I doubt it. It would burn in very quickly.

  • Badouken

    What happened to the circular version? You know the one from the initial Android wear trailer? I think I'd maybe bite for the G watch if they had a circular version, they square looks too strange to me.

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

      The circular version you're thinking of was the Moto 360.

      • Badouken

        From this video? Because most of the video they are showing the G watch? But i guess the circular phone does look different, so it probably is the 360.


        • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

          Yeah, the circular one in this video is the 360. The Moto 360 and LG G Watch were unveiled together (through their respective manufacturers of course) alongside this videos release.

          • Badouken

            Daaarrnnn I really want one of these but im not really a watch guy and cant warrant spending $200 on something that essentially just syncs to my phone, unless it does all this stuff without my phone somehow.

          • kirk

            I'll be patient with you and wait a bit.

            I am interested in general though. I hate watches (I guess I mean I hate wearing them, I am indifferent to the devices). But I disagree that "essentially just syncs to my phone" is a bad thing. If I can do pretty much everything with my watch, and can leave my phone in a pocket (or briefcase, or purse) all day... then that is a colossal leap forward in usability.

            If I can tap my wrist to pay with NFC (google wallet)...

            If I can text, phone, email, make appointments, quick searches, (most of the things phones are used for) and still have my hands available for other uses...

            I'd be happy with that kind of convenience. I'd even be willing to strap something on my wrist for that convenience, despite the fact that I don't like things strapped on my wrist.

            Basically I think that "doing all the same stuff synced to my phone, while leaving the phone in pocket" really does make it just about as good as not having a phone at all. And since I'd probably still want a phone sized screen anyway...

            But I'll still wait for the models released in 2016, unless prices drop 75%, in a lot less time than I expect they will.

          • Badouken

            Ya exactly, they will make the watches look and feel better and im sure they will add more functionality as well