As you well know, we're all about when Google changes stuff about things, and boy, did it ever change some stuff about things in the search UI for movie showtimes recently! We're not sure exactly when the update happened, but the movie showtimes layout has been significantly altered on both mobile and desktop to reflect Google's typical card-style layout.

Screenshot_2014-06-16-13-29-41 Screenshot_2014-06-16-13-29-57 Screenshot_2014-06-16-13-30-18

And here it is in desktop mode:


Importantly, the new UI also now includes a date picker, so you can access showtimes for future days much more easily. Here's the old desktop version:



A significant improvement in both readability and functionality, if you ask me. The new UI appears to be showing up for most people at this point, though like anything Google does, it's possible the rollout is regional and may not have yet reached all corners of the world just yet, such as those where movie showtimes aren't supported.

Thanks, Isaac.

David Ruddock
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  • joser116

    Also the watch now cards are different, and they don't work now.

  • ThoFeelExp

    The new card looks elegant and clutterless

  • jonzey231

    I was just lookin at this last night for 22 Jump Street showtimes and it looked NOTHING like this. I hated how janky the old version was, good job Google.

    Edit: just looked and it still looks old school to me on mobile.

  • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

    What'd be great - and what I saw years ago in a proof-of-concept - would be for Google (who knows where you are, usually) to give you the movies you could see in the near future based on commute times and such. There have been many times where I'd find out I could see something between time X and time Y (such is the life of a parent who can only get sitters sporadically). I'm sure others could also benefit from searching on movies they could get to and back from within a given timeframe. Yes, you can do it yourself based on movie run times and ideas as to how far various theaters are, but Google could do it so much better.

  • MarkAQuinlan

    Importantly, the new UI also now includes a date picker, so you can access showtimes for future days much more easily. For reference, here's the old desktop UI. http://moourl.com/9qlto

  • Matthew Fry

    Do you guys take screenshots of everything or do you find the old versions via Image Search?

    edit: Just answered my own question. I don't think any of you are in Dublin, Ireland.

  • Anonymous

    Uhh I have seen this for at least a month now...