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Since the Chromecast debuted, Google has had partnered apps featured at chromecast.com/apps. According to a tip we received this evening, and a post by Leon Nicholls to the Google Cast Developers community, it looks like Google might be ready to show off third-party apps at the same URL.


The Google Cast Developer console has been updated, allowing users to enter details about their apps for inclusion on the Chromecast site. Google has evidently been sending the following note to developers of "Google Cast Ready apps."

wm_Screenshot 2014-06-18 02.08.11 (1)

The updates to the developer console should feel roughly familiar to those who frequent the Play Store's console - it asks developers for basic information (package name, iTunes ID, or website where appropriate), category, availability, name and description, and an icon. The categories range from TV & Movies to Social, Education, Weather, and a bevy of lifestyle and - interestingly - game options.

The game options include Action, Adventure, Arcade, Music, Role Playing, Simulation, Strategy, Puzzle, Education, Card, Casino, Casual, Board, Family, Trivia, Word, Racing, Sports, and Other.

wm_Screenshot 2014-06-18 02.38.38 wm_Screenshot 2014-06-18 02.38.58 wm_Screenshot 2014-06-18 02.39.08 wm_Screenshot 2014-06-18 02.39.27

wm_Screenshot 2014-06-18 02.39.47

It's unclear when Google is planning to open up the revised Chromecast site, but the timing of the message may point to an I/O debut. Fortunately, I/O is just a handful of days away so it won't be long until we find out.

Update: Tipster Tomi brought to our attention that a relevant new session has been added to the Google I/O lineup, appropriately titled "Making Google Cast apps discoverable."

Thanks, Andrew!

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  • yodatom10

    All cast.....

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      is terrible? I'm like 0/4 trying to use that damn thing

  • whispy_snippet

    It's a week till I/O!!!!! A WEEK!!!

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    You're clearly an alien or a mutant because you have eight fingers in a hand

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      It's not something I usually discuss openly.

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  • Ted Cannelongo

    This is long overdue. Up until now we've been limited to discovery through Cast Store (which has actually become a pretty solid app), the Chromecast subreddit, a handful of dedicated websites, and searches for "chromecast" in the Play Store. You'd think that they'd want to share with potential buyers that the device is starting to get a fair amount of support from those of us in the developer community, so I'm puzzled as to why this took so long.

  • devadvance

    iTunes ID?

    • Joe Furniss

      For apps that are Chromecast ready on ios


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  • Mr P

    Forget this. I wanna know when Google are expanding android screen mirroring to Xperia (and other) phones.