Those little pictographic symbols on your keyboard are about to get much more expansive now that Unicode 7.0 has been released. Yes, the designers of emoji don't just come up with this stuff on their own – they are part of the text presentation standards that keeps letters consistent across platforms. Included in the new emoji are gems like a thermometer, a chipmunk, a middle finger, and a diesel locomotive... which I'm sure we'll all get lots of use out of.


Most of the new emoji are objects, not people. There are also a lot of variations on the same object. For example, there are speech bubbles in every orientation you can imagine as well as both "Slightly Frowning Face" and "Slightly Smiling Face." Finally I can express my limited range of emotion in emoji form. Still not impressed? How about "Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers?" That's right, live long and prosper, guys.

These are just the descriptions of each symbol, but they come with a Unicode ID. It's up to the various Unicode member platforms to design pictographs that fit with each one's style (be patient). That's why the same emoji on iOS looks vastly different than it does on Android. Unicode keeps things from getting too disconnected, though. A middle finger will always be a middle finger, no matter which platform your target is using.

[The Verge, Full list via: Emojipedia]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    I am offended, Ryan. I demand a refund.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      Whiner. <3

    • abobobilly

      I am pretty sure you will also get this:
      (thats not me saying it)

  • Abhimanyu Seth

    I hate the emoji look of Android :(
    Thankfully at least Whatsapp doesn't use this style!

    • TSON1

      Be thankful that you aren't dealing with the HTC emojis. They are hideous.

      • JC

        That's exactly what I thought right before I read your comment. I used to be able to see the regular android emoji and then it would turn into HTC's when I selected one, but ever since I did the update to the gallery/hangouts app I don't even get that anymore. :(

    • Baleeted

      I think that the stock android emojis look the best out of every single one available. they're cute as well as doing what they need to! ☺

    • Simon Belmont

      Well. It's better than the iOS emoji, IMO.

      The iOS emoji gives you an anthropomorphic super happy smiling pile of crap. I prefer my Android pile of crap with flies and stink lines as it's more realistic.

    • gonsa sba

      You can try my mod, which you can change the emojis to iOS.

    • frafri

      is it possible to use google's emojis , instead of the android stock by samsung :/

      • gonsa sba

        yes it is. see my mod link above.

        • frafri

          Thank you sir !

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/pamela-hill/ Pamela Hill

    I'm going to have to visit this "Emojipedia."

  • Cheeseball

    I need that middle finger emoji. Awesome.

  • Brad

    There'd better fucking be a taco this time around

    • Kristina Richard


      ☗☗☗ ☗☗�☗ ☗☗☗ ☗�☗☗ ☗☗☗

    • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

      Isn't procreating with a bee and a taco a rather limited use scenario?

      • KathleenKennettiel

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        • shojus

          I recently saw a spammer on a website and feel like pmp slapping this person for posting nonsense that is totally unrelated and useless! Please go to dumbassbitch . com to get your prize for being a DouchBag... ;)

        • vn33

          I wish I can send a middle finger emoticon to you right now !

    • Wyatt Neal

      I feel like there was a taco ... but maybe it was some jacked up looking sushi with roid-rage.

    • solie

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  • Montygue

    Huzzah! Just what we needed, more emojis in the world. At least with these I can express my dislike for them and those that overuse them, with the angry fist, angry face and middle finger.

  • _artem_

    Needed that one 2 years ago while breaking up with my ex

    • fsdfjjjkjkj

      Break up over txt?? At least send a gif over hangouts

      • Momma Cass

        Or, a screenshot of your sending her nudes to ExGF Revenge.

        • dude

          I never heard of ExGF Revenge till now, but I thank God I haven't been to it or intending to.

  • philnolan3d

    I'm just hoping Firefox adds full color emoji soon.It's annoying to see them on the onscreen keyboard in color then type it and it's B&W. 🍔🍕🍩😈😏😝😤🎒

    • Brad

      Chrome gets squares... blank, empty, no character found squares.

      • philnolan3d

        Yeah that's how I knew if was Firefox and not just Windows in general.

      • Mexnoob

        It easy to fix, just download chromoji

        • Brad

          eh, it's my work PC and as often as the issue comes up... not worth it

      • Simon Belmont

        I wish Chrome would just build it in. They could just use the same emoji that they use in Android.

        Seems like a no-brainer to me. Haha.

  • Matt Fox

    How do I download them?

    • Simon Belmont

      When Google adds them to the OS, probably. There's no pictures associated with the new characters code yet, so nothing would show up.

      I'd guess you'll probably be waiting a little while before you see them in Android. My two cents.

      • Brad

        nah, i bet they're quick. Took 'em a while to jump on the bandwagon, but they did.

        • Simon Belmont

          Well, by a little while, I mean maybe in a month or two, not six months or more. Those emoji graphic resources do need to be added at the system level, I believe.

          Keyboards can show the new emoji in a picker, but if the system doesn't have the graphic resources associated with the new character codes, they won't show up in the system (think text boxes and stuff). I would think it would be in a minor bump in Android after I/O, like if we get Android 4.5, it could be in Android 4.5.1 (or 5.0.1, if we get Android 5.0).

  • Simon Belmont

    Ha. It looks like that bamboo is giving me the middle finger, too.

    All hail the crass bamboo. Up yours.

  • Dave

    So where do I find these emojis then?
    Will they be added to WhatsApp or to the smiley-icon that appears at the bottom right in Hangouts?

  • Barrett Jasper


  • daredevildan

    Now I can dump more of my vocabulary freeing up valuable space for more important things like Bieber lyrics.

  • Bretski

    At first glance this post looked like a response to certain activity on Google+. Shows where my head is at....in the gutter.

  • Don Reno

    If it were left-handed, it would look just like West Virginia.

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  • Ontari_do_not

    You know, its about time we ditch letters all together and get back to our caveman/Egyptian roots with symbols and hieroglyphics. Besides, the drunker I get the better I tell stories with pictures anyway. 💁

  • Dean

    There seriously needs to be a green sick or vomiting face

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  • Sootie

    Diesel Locomotive!!!!!!!

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Wait, so these emoji aren't of the Google own creation?

  • Smartss

    😱 oh no!

  • chineseromeo

    whatsapp+ has all of these incorporated pfff

  • Piotr Rogulski

    Who can tell me what that middle bottom pic shows?

    • Eric Hoch

      It looks like bamboo.

      • Piotr Rogulski

        Thanks, I thought it was sugar cane :)

  • Adam B.

    🔜 North West Pointing Leaf
    🔜 South West Pointing Leaf
    🔜 North East Pointing Leaf
    🔜 South East Pointing Leaf
    🔜 Turned North West Pointing Leaf
    🔜 Turned South West Pointing Leaf
    🔜 Turned North East Pointing Leaf
    🔜 Turned South East Pointing Leaf
    🔜 North West Pointing Vine Leaf
    🔜 South West Pointing Vine Leaf
    🔜 North East Pointing Vine Leaf
    🔜 South East Pointing Vine Leaf

    I've been waiting those for so long !

  • http://vinylchan.tumblr.com/ Vinylchan

    Thanks Japan!

  • Dakota

    Hope they come to Swiftkey soon. They've been so behind the emoji bandwagon in the past

  • Jules Asano

    Anyone know how to get these "New Emojis" ? I'm clueless as hell.

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  • Shawn

    Could it come go like galaxy s3

    • Shawn

      I meant to*

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