Oppo announced the Find 7 in two flavors a few months ago, but it only sold the lower end Find 7a until now. Preorders are finally live for the Oppo Find 7 with a better screen, more RAM, and more storage. It'll also cost you a little more money, but not as much as you might expect.

find-7a-midnight-international-version find-7a-midnight-international-version (1) find-7a-midnight-international-version (2)

The Oppo Style store lists the Find 7 at $599, only $100 more than the 7a. That extra cash gets you a 1440p screen, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a slightly bigger battery to keep it all running. Just like the 7a, this phone will run Android 4.3 with Oppo's Color OS layer. It also has the same Snapdragon 801 as the Find 7a.

2014-06-16 21.25.52

The Find 7 will ship in early July according to the Oppo site, but you can get a bonus if you get your preorder in quick. Oppo is handing out a 6,000mAh iLike battery pack to the first 1,000 preorders, which should be good for around two charges of the Find 7. This is a GSM/LTE unlocked device, so that's mainly AT&T and T-Mobile in the US.

[Oppo Style, Oppo Facebook]

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  • C64

    Android 4.3 and color os is a no go for me

    • kekkojoker90

      cyanogen and 4.4.3 :D

      • C64

        No thank you. I don't like CM anymore. They have build in to much crapp and the rom is getting bigger and bigger. They are getting more and more like any other OEM.

        • Berzerker

          LG ROM size: 1.2GB

          CM ROM size: 150MB

          You can also turn anything they bake in off. I don't see what the problem is.

          • abobobilly

            That CM ROM size would be without any Google Apps. And if you include them, the size easily gets upto nearly 400MB. (still, much less than LG or Samsung's bloated ROMs though)

          • Mr. No


          • abobobilly

            wut what?

          • Joshua Hill

            A useful comparison would have been the available space on a device after a fresh install of both OS's with the same google apps installed. I doubt such a comparison would have shown the LG ROM taking up 8 times more space.

          • pyroguysf

            I don't know about all phones, but normally after you root, install a custom ROM, etc, you don't get any extra space because partitions aren't resized. Example- the Droid DNA in front of me has a system partition of 1.78GB which was obviously chosen to hold all of Sense, leaving 11.44GB to the sdcard. With a custom ROM (Vanir + Gapps), I'm using 578MB of 1.78GB system. That's a lot less space than Sense, but since it's still part of the system partition, none of it's really useful to the user.

          • RTWright

            I can tell you on my GS3 that isn't the case. I gained a lot of space after my installing a custom ROM over stock. As for the one who said that you'd not find the LG vs CM to be all that different? Think again, there is no stock OS that isn't bloated except Nexus, Opo, maybe a spot few others here and there. But LG, Samsung, HTC, all are bloated, loaded with a lot of junk when you first them them.

        • kekkojoker90

          aosp then (or "in this case" wich expression is better?).

          • david

            both are ok, but the latter is more formal.

          • kekkojoker90

            thanks i try to learn english without neither reading grammar book or help by someone :P (and i know still very bad at that)

    • yankeesusa

      Color OS isn't so bad, they actually update it often. But releasing a phone like this with 4.3 is unacceptable.

  • WitnessG

    It might just be me, but I think more phones should come with carbon fiber.

  • Nathan Bryant

    Their skin is terrible, and It has more RAm because of the screen. It's honestly not all that much better then the 7a. Any spec bump in a 2K phone this year is to accommodate for the screen. You experience won't be any different. Now OS need to update for the screen to take advantage.

    • guest

      Wtf did I just read?

      • Krzysztof Jozwik

        Ramblings of a madman.

    • Jcastag


  • James_C_L

    Lmaoooo shipping with 4.3 in July 2014

    • Kristina Richard


      ☗☗☗ ☗☗�☗ ☗☗☗ ☗�☗☗ ☗☗☗

    • niggazitor

      they already stated that its going to get an update very soon.
      Who cares? overall, this is one of the best phones in 2014, especially looking at the price.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Lol at a year and a half old version of android, even miui is making faster progress with android versions

  • Jephri

    Anyone reading this post actually own one of these?

  • TechGuy

    Shame UK or GB is not in list of countries required to make an order!

  • Tony Byatt

    Android 4.3, Color, $599...embarrassing...

  • abobobilly

    Android 4.3? GET THE FUCK OUT.

    • yankeesusa

      You can say that again!

      • abobobilly

        Android 4.3? GET ... THE FUCK OUT.

        >> Emphasize on that <<<


  • Forget_you

    haaha! good one oppo good one

  • Andrew

    I don't know why everyone's complaining about 4.3. That's not too bad. Anyway, Oppo is a pretty open company, so there will be plenty of development for this phone and there will be all sorts of roms available for people. The phone itself is incredible. I think this phone plus carbon rom would be really awesome, but my Note 3 plus Carbon is fine for me for now.

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      Because it is unacceptable to release a new device with outdated Android version in 2014, unless they quickly put up a KitKat update

      • yankeesusa

        Exactly-no reason to pay this much for a phone with an outdated os. Outdated OS means glitches that were fixed with 4.4 not to mention better security features. This is the reason why the nexus 5 still sells at it's original price and why most resellers of the nexus 5 still get good money for it.

  • Isaac Dedini

    I haven't tried this yet but you should be able to get a 10% discount through Oppostyle if you have a .edu email address. Worth checking out if it could save you a few bucks. I'm bying this once I have the money

    • John Smith

      Don't. If you have any issues their customer support is non-existent.

      • Jean-Marc

        Did you ever try Samsung customer support? :-(

  • troph

    Redeeming factor? Paranoid Android offer's native support for this device.

  • yankeesusa

    If it ran 4.4 then I would jump on it right now

  • David

    Can someone tell me the business purpose of a company like Oppo having its own custom layer on top of Android? While we disagree, Samsung, maybe Sony, may have a goal... Selling a product, unifying whatever interface between products (user transitioning between Tizen and Android), I don't know. But Oppo? What they gain? Nothing. They would be much better just having stock Android and focusing all the effort in keeping the device as updated (as fast) as possible.

    And it's not like they are a household name anyway (not like Galaxy), so people who buy that (I'm guessing) pretty much are those who research anyway, before buying, thus having a fair share of knowledged enthusiasts among them.

    • RTWright

      Ummm..... What are they? They're a CELL PHONE company ;p And they have just as much right to do this as any other OEM. You have every right to not use it if you buy it, by changing it either through rooting or a launcher. But since they are the ones putting the phone out? They have all the rights to do what they want. I'll never understand someone saying such stupidity. I will agree with the angst against an outdated OS though, that is rather dumb since there were a lot of advancements in 4.4. Not to mention I'm sure they're a pretty big company in their own country.

      • Chris

        He seems to miss the point that custom uis are how OEMs set themselves apart from the competition.

        • David

          I did not miss anything. The point is that I've been reading too many people repeating this conclusion as a religious dogma for too long, without giving it much thought in some cases.

          Set apart as what? "Yet Another" OEM trying to differentiate for the sake of differentiating, resulting in almost all of them providing a crappy UX? Maybe. They are not software companies. I argue they are wasting resources doing what they do worse. I'll demonstrate with an example:

          Look what happened to the low end: Motorola launched G and E, and the G was a huge success around the world. Not because of some geeky desire to have stock Android, but just plainly simply because stock Android offered a better experience. I find it embarrassing that many review sites showed the Motorola G to perform quicker in daily tasks than the Galaxy S4, and it was because it was less bloated indeed. Word of mouth did its job and it became the best selling Moto smartphone to date.

          I'm not pretending to be the wizard of reason and truth, I'm just asking a honest question.

          • Chris

            Your logic is totally flawed though, think of it this way, if every phone ran stock android then every phone would be pretty much the same and it would ruin competition. Not everyone is an enthusiast and believe it or not, a lot of people decide on what phone to buy based on features of the UI they like.

          • David

            Thanks genuinely for the response, but I think we'll just agree to disagree. I've read your comment and I didn't recognize any of my arguments in there. I never disputed anything you said, especially because I agree with everything in there, as stated (well, except for the flawed argument part, obviously). Best regards.

      • David

        There is absolutely no need for that "Captain Obvious" attitude and disqualifying my comment as "stupidity". I asked a honest question, logically questioning the value of said strategy. And if it's so stupid, why you not only did _not_ address the controversial subject, but also replied with straw man fallacies?

        1- I never said, or otherwise implied, that they do not have the _right_ to do whatever.
        2- I'm not questioning anybody's skills to root or use another launcher to _circumvent_ whatever anyone wants.

        So, even though you did not demonstrate good will to seriously talk about the subject, I will try once more:

        I argue against the cost-benefit of "differentiating" for the sake of differentiating. I dispute how much value is actually perceived by the customer (in this case, the Oppo layer). And it does not come without costs, since we know custom skins _do_ impair the ability of an OEM to update devices. Thus, I argue that Oppo may be placed too much behind the cost-benefit curve of "added value/branding" vs. "obsolescence (outdated software)". As far as I see, nobody demonstrated otherwise, especially when we had recent examples of success involving "almost-stock" experiences around the world (Motorola G/E). Yes, I know they focus on a different segment, otherwise this point would have been demonstrated by now (in one way or another).

  • flosserelli

    Meh. I'll wait for the G3.

  • what about storage?

    when the find 7 is out could you check how the storage works?
    i have read somewhere that most of the storage is for video and photo's and only like 3 gig is for apps.
    i would like to learn more about this.

  • John Smith

    Doesn't matter the cost..RUN from this company. If you have any problem, they will ignore you completely. I've sent numerous emails over 10 days and they only responded to the first one (asking for more information which I immediately provided). They are a typical Chinese scam company. Do not do business with them. You'll be sorry if you have any issues.