When it showed up at a cost of $50 a couple weeks ago, Motorola's new Moto Stream Bluetooth-to-analog icosahedron-shaped stereo adapter wasn't exactly priced to like. It does have some neat features like NFC, apt-X support, a battery, class 1 Bluetooth (greatly extended range), and an A2DP profile with support for up to 5 simultaneous Bluetooth connections, so it doesn't have to constantly re-pair. But, $50 is an awful lot when there are many cheaper products with similar (and in some ways superior) functionality on the market, so it might have made buyers a bit apprehensive.

If you were on the fence about it, prepare to get off: this $25 off coupon code slashes the price of the Moto Stream in half, making it a pretty great deal, actually (I know I picked one up). Just enter PC7!3!RAK on the cart page and you'll be set to go.

Update: The coupon no longer works, so this deal is over.


The Stream is backordered for a little over a week (I imagine it's going to keep moving in that direction, too), and shipping is $4, but otherwise, there aren't any "gotchas!" here. It's a sweet deal on a pretty neat little product. There's no information on when this code expires, so move fast if you really want one.

Motorola via SlickDeals

David Ruddock
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  • Andre.GE

    i wish i could get this in canada! does anyone know a way?

    • mcnegro


  • obsidianfirefly

    Extra 10% off with code JUSTBECAUSE10

    • cabbieBot

      10% off code works on top no problem, thanks!

      • Andrew Beard

        Weird, totally didn't work for me. I showed both promo codes but got the same NOT APPLIED message when both were entered.

        • Felipe13

          Doesn't work now, you are lucky if it did earlier. Maybe they caught the mistake.

    • brnpttmn

      Any tricks for getting this to work? It tells me the 50% off promo is "not applied" when I add the 10% off.

      • Kristina Richard


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  • mikebel3

    I'm getting shipping at $10.95. Anyone else seeing this?

  • Erstam

    I'm not sure that the 26.49 I just payed for this after shipping is still worth it since I already have 4 smaller cheaper devices that do the same thing, but the colors!

  • Anthonydotcom

    Balls! It's on back order already. Thanks anyway for the tip!

  • Anthonydotcom

    Was anyone else actually able to purchase one? I can add it to the cart, apply the discount, and review the order. But when I go to place the order it says that some items in my cart are no longer available. **insert sad face here**

    • Bunklung

      Same here :(

    • CeezyCollins

      It's back up....just bought one.

      • Anthonydotcom

        Thanks! I just signed back on and got one. $31 total isn't bad.

    • Felipe13

      It's back up, I was able to snag one.

  • Michael Tran

    The 10% doesn't stack anymore does it? I can't get it to work.

    • Felipe13

      Yea, I just got one to work at a time. Whatever though, It was only $2.50.

  • afazel

    I guess there's no microphone in there =-/

  • lordkeyenes

    Sold out. Akkk

  • Dwezal

    just did it, only thing is you have to use 2 day shipping....11 bucks. other than that code worked.

  • ScratchC

    Is this any good? is there a similar option thats better?

  • Ian Huey

    Looks like the code for 50% off is no longer valid.

  • frafri

    god dammit. I bought it for 50 !!
    I love it though :D

    • jj14x


      • frafri

        typo what ?

        • jj14x

          not you - me. Please ignore