The Gear Fit has its share of problems, but it's still easily the best of Samsung's wearable watch-style devices so far. And one of the best reasons for picking one up over the larger and technically more capable Gear 2 models is the lower price. Now Amazon has given Samsung smartphone owners even more reason to lay their money down: a considerable discount on the Gear Fit.


Right now Amazon's price on the Gear Fit is $168.84, just a tad over $30 off the $200 retail price. This doesn't appear to be a sale or promotion (though it could be for Father's Day Weekend), so we'll assume for the moment that Amazon has simply lowered its price. We haven't seen the price drop at any of the other big retailers, which usually happens when the manufacturer lowers its across-the-board price, so perhaps Amazon simply has some stock they'd like to get rid of. Amazon Prime subscribers also get free 2-day shipping. A few Amazon resellers are offering it as low as $160.

Remember, the Gear Fit and its larger siblings are only compatible with Samsung devices, so without one you'll be buying a very pretty watch/pedometer/heart monitor and not much else. Here's the full list of compatible phones and tablets from Samsung, though newer models may also be compatible:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy Grand 2
  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Galaxy Note 3 Neo
  • Galaxy Note 2
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy S3
  • Galaxy S4 Zoom
  • Galaxy S4 Active
  • Galaxy S4 mini
  • Galaxy Mega 6.3
  • Galaxy Mega 5.8
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)
  • Galaxy NotePRO (12.2)
  • Galaxy TabPRO (12.2/10.1/8.4)

Amazon - Samsung Gear Fit

Michael Crider
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  • ltredbeard

    I'd actually consider this if it was open to non samsung devices, but as it stands NOPE.

    • Cam

      Same. Definitely would have considered this after my second Up24 went belly-up.
      When will these companies learn, inclusivity pays better than exclusivity. You're limiting your market.

      • SheenaJeetyib

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        • jeazus crahst

          Your aunty is a whore !!!!!

          • ltredbeard

            Maybe she is just a cam girl.

    • southerndinner

      Considering how there are so few non Samsung Android devices, this hardly matters to most.

  • Arthur Dent

    A bit off topic, but Samsung related... The wife and kids just picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 for me at Best Buy for $279. I'd consider that a heck of a deal.

    • Yunzhe Jie

      any father's day gift should be considered a heck of a deal :) Have fun with your new device!

  • Suman Gandham

    Form factor is more appealing than the average smart watch... but Tizen? GTFO, Samsung ;)

  • Steven Brumfield

    It's just so damn ugly :S

  • vgergo

    I have a feeling it's going to get even cheaper after the 25th of the month...

  • Obama loves his tranny wife

    I would pay $30 for it.

  • Steve Freeman

    If the heart rate monitor was more accurate, and fully functional pairing wasn't limited to other Samsung devices (which I don't have, and am not buying), I would definitely get this, if for no other reason than to use while working out or out on my bike. However, since it isn't, and it isn't, and I'm not.