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If you're not familiar with Xiaomi's Mi2 (Also called the M2s or the Xiaomi Phone 2) hardware, you're probably in good company. While the company's phones are wildly popular with tech enthusiasts in China, Xiaomi has almost zero presence outside of the country. Still, they seem to have at least a few fans in the larger Android community, because the Mi2 model now has official CyanogenMod support. You can download the first nightly builds under the "Aries" codename now.


The Xiaomi Mi2 was first released way back in 2012, but even so, the advanced specs and rock-bottom price tag mean there are probably more than a few people still using it. With a 4.3" 720p screen, a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, and 2GB of RAM (a big deal in 2012), it should run the KitKat-based CyanogenMod 11 like a champ. Users may also be interested in a more standard Android experience (since Xiaomi's MIUI software is heavily influenced by iOS) or access to Google Apps via Gapps, though some Google services won't be available on the mainland.

As with all nightly builds, prepare for a few hiccups as the ROM developers work out the kinks. The Mi2 has a user-accessible dual-boot system in the recovery, or you can flash a customized recovery for a more standard experience. At the time of writing, there is only one nightly build available.

Source: CyanogenMod Wiki, CyanogenMod Download

Michael Crider
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  • Jorge

    MI2S was the enhanced version of MI2, which has a snapdragon 600 and 2gb of ram. It's a very nice phone indeed.

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  • Dalibor Kollár

    "While the company's phones are wildly popular with tech enthusiasts in China, Xiaomi has almost zero presence outside of the country."

    What? Number of MIUI Rom installs is not directly representing the number of phones, but here's some statistic anyway: http://stats.miuiandroid.com/?loc=countries

    • My name is….

      You are wrong on so many levels.

      1) Those numbers are really small.

      2) Official presence outside of China for Xiaomi? (what the author meant btw)

      • Dalibor Kollár

        Those are number of installs of the Rom, not official numbers of sold units. I've pasted it just to illustrate that Xiaomi is known in many countries. You can easily buy it through e-shop almost anywhere on the world.

        No, it's not selling in tens of thousands in the US or Europe, but numbers of units sold in China alone shows that it's far from "enthusiast gadget".

      • Connor Tumbleson

        I built that Stat site, when I worked at MIUIAndroid almost 1 year ago. There hasn't been a new stat application included since then.

        The only new installs being added to those stats are the ones that install old versions, so that isn't a good indicator of numbers.

    • http://iron2000.blogspot.com/ iron2000

      Besides China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Xiaomi had set up shop in Singapore and Malaysia.

      Coming soon is the Philippines.

      • awaaas

        And Indonesia too, there is Xiaomi's booth at Indonesia Cellular Show 2014. They said that they will begin distributing in August here.

  • kekkojoker90

    they plan to ship over 80 million of smartphone this year and they are only for tech enthusiasts?

  • Raptor111

    All thanks to the Devs behind it M1cha and Linuxx. It was a great phone and with CM it became awesome.

  • Megaman03

    And here I am, waiting for CM on the Xiaomi Mi3 :I


    M3 is what am waiting for.


    So does that mean CM finally supports dual SIM officially?


    I've by a M3, but I haven't received.
    I'm looking forward to.