Last Updated: June 18th, 2014

It's a card. Yippee.

Update: We've now gotten the Pokemon Master package from Google as well, and turns out there are actually 10 cards inside, not 1. The updated image is below.


If you remember Google's April Fools Day promotion that scattered digital Pokemon in maps all over the globe, you'll remember that it was awesome. Google also allowed those who had found all 150 Pokemon (with or without #151, Mew) to submit a form for a special prize. It looks like the prizes are finally making their way to the winners. Reddit user "tinygrump" got one and kindly posted a photo. It's a letter and a business card certifying the holder as a "Pokemon Master" at Google Inc., calling back to the original Google Maps video.

Come on Google, I know that this is all part of a free giveaway, and perhaps it's a bit petty to expect anything more. But the traditional prize for a Pokemon trainer is a badge. A Maps pin with a Pokeball in the center would have been more appropriate.

Source: Reddit

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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii


    • Fabian Pineda


    • Eduardo

      This is gonna sound really selfish but I'm glad!
      I spent a few hours just looking for that bastard and ended up giving up. I would've been really pissed at myself had it been something awesome

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Well, it's still a dream that came true for the true pokenerds, especially since you get "acknowledged" as the "pokemon master" by Google itself. Kind of an achievement for some people, I guess

  • Pascal Welsch

    "A Maps pin with a Pokeball in the center would have been more appropriate."


    • Wanda John


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    • SheenaJeetyib

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  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    This is what I assumed it would be, since the initial commercial all but stated it outright.

    Still sorry I missed out.

  • Arthur Jolivet

    I had the 151 in times but receive no mails or other : arnaque !

    • acejavelin

      Same here... Had all 151 in plenty of time, never got an email or any kind of notification. Lame

      • WORPspeed

        Same here. Still hoping that I get one since Google has all my info anyway...caught MEW in the GOOGLE maps app, so they know I have him. They know where I live (or otherwise someone else is hacking into my Google NOW and is suggesting routes for me to get home throughout the day)

        So yeah, gief business card pliz

      • Jess L

        Ditto. Had all 151 and never received a email or ping.

  • ShahinTr

    Pahaha!! Now I'm glad I didn't participate. 😂

  • WORPspeed

    As lame as it is.....It is totally NOT LAME AND I WANT IT!!!!

    I caught Mew, this better arrive on my doorstep within a few days from now....

    (barring the 'POKKIEMON' bit I am totally serious)

  • Badouken

    Still so bitter about this, I got all 150 the first day and didn't get this... Because I didn't throw that you had to find Mew (even though i looked at its Location... Just didn't zoom in enough!)

  • Nathan J

    It's just a business card. Shouldn't be that hard to fabricate, for those who felt left out.

    I think a better badge, than a Maps pin, would have been a Google pin (the rainbow word logo in the upper right corner of the card). You know you'd wear it everywhere. I would. It would be great PR for Google to give those out for this and other similar promotions.

    I'm actually surprised Google doesn't have something like Apple, like when you buy an Apple product, you get a sticker for your car or whatever. Google should be giving out Andy stickers with Nexus devices so Android fans can show their support. Google isn't Apple but it would help with brand recognition a little.

    • DrakeTungsten

      Damn, now I want an Andy sticker. I bet someplace like cafepres already makes them.

      • bonk

        Google handed out Andy stickers at Chicago Pride last year or the year before. He had a little pride flag. It was adorable.

    • Jess L

      1 for feeling left out since I found all 151.

  • Brendan

    Hey, I just asked about this last night!

  • Jess L

    Lame cause they never pinged me and I found all 151. #disappointed

    • clovervidia

      Same. I never even heard about that G+ post about filling out the form until weeks later.

  • Eker


  • TopXKiller

    I wanna be the very best, / Like no one ever was.

  • snsethy

    I still have my chromercise finger bands.I loves me some pokémon but this was too involved.

  • redmafia

    Joey Tribbiani was like 'Hey I found 187 and didn't get the card. Lame'

  • Davis Hernandez

    was it so hard to sneak a $20 play store code in there? lol

  • ozzysong

    April Fools...

  • Kiefer Jackson

    There's a reason why they call it "April Fools"

  • Dean Politis

    This was part of an April Fool's prank. So maybe the lame prize was part of the joke.

  • Victoria

    I don't know why, but I expected more from google

  • Kingu Prima

    no nexus8 as a present ? :D

  • Android Developer

    There was a form to fill? I missed it...
    Too bad. I thought it was automatic and just found all (ok with the help of the internet, but still...).
    So the prize is a card and a letter?

  • Anonymous

    Considering that many people just used a list of all the locations compiled on Reddit to get this done, I'm glad they didn't give away anything prestigious, since this took almost no time or skill at all to complete.

  • ew

    Ha! Fucking losers, expecting to get a reward for having no life.

  • Christian Cebrian

    Can anyobe post a high resolution version of both the letter anf the card so that I can modify print one for myself?
    I got all 151 pokemon but never knew you had yo send a message through their google+ page until a week later (I blame AndroidPolice for not posting that 😝. You know guys? People do rely on your posts to find awesome stuff and you kind of are our only nexus to tech news. SHAME ON YOU.

  • Timtim Jenkins

    lol, was just wondering what the prize was earlier today and saw this... :P

  • Steve Freeman

    An even better prize would have been a plastic Pokeball that flips open, and out pops the Android guy (does he/it have a name?).

  • jonard

    Got mine :)