There is apparently a sport called "soccer" (sometimes confused with football) that is somewhat popular in various places around the world. For those who are particularly serious about getting the perfect kick, BallTune claims to be able to measure the pressure of a soccer ball simply by watching it bounce with your device's camera. Truly this is the future.

FIFA regulations require a ball to be inflated to between 8.5 and 15.6 PSI, but getting it just right can allow for better control. Different equipment manufacturers ship balls at different pressures, but BallTune lets you see where a particular one is just by bouncing it while pointing the camera that way. As the ball bounces, it eventually comes to a stop and the app uses the estimated range over time to determine the pressure.

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BallTune claims accuracy within 1/16 of an inch as the ball bounces and 1 PSI. If you've got a soccer ball around, go ahead and give it a shot – the app is free.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • https://www.twitter.com/Darkaeluz Darkaeluz

    it's not "confused", It is football, only in USA is called soccer ¬¬

    • Guest

      American editors... what can you do?
      Or should I say 'Murican?

      • Franco Rossel

        I don't even like football (soccer for the US), but it's common knowledge that it's the most popular sport in the planet. Its very selfish to change it's name to accommodate another, lesser in popularity, sport.

        • Sorian

          Unless you think you can persuade the NFL to change to NAFL.

          And to clarify, I'm not a fan of Football or American Football.

      • Jephri

        Yeah those Americans, such losers. They don't know anything about sports. That explains why they suck so much at the Olympics. It also explains why the NFL is the number one revenue producing sports league in the world, right before MLB and the NBA.

        • qn

          LOL. You must be an American. Who else would place pure revenue over a large audience?

        • Hum

          "It also explains why the NFL is the number one revenue producing sports league in the world"

          That's because Americans are morons.

    • EH101

      Get your facts straight please; the British 'named' it soccer before Americans did.


      • https://www.twitter.com/Darkaeluz Darkaeluz

        and? they still call it "football" even if they invented the word, they don't use it, only people on US use it

        • EH101

          Basically I'm saying stop whining. Football was football in the US long before soccer became any sort of popular here. If you're going to cry about the word 'soccer', go complain to those who literally made up the term and, at the very least, know where it came from.

          • g

            Yes, but then they'll say, we dont call it that. Go talk to the idi0ts that do.

    • qb

      Americans should just call American Football what is - Rugby for pussies.

  • HellG

    One Nation Called It Soccer - Okay that ONE nation happens to be america but still...
    The Rest Of The World Calls It Football - I think we see who confuses which with which...

    • bigray327

      You all would be playing "soccer" in lederhosen, if not for that one nation.

      • req

        LOL. Americans actually believe it was they who won the war. Fuck, you schools really do produce dumbfucks. PS, most countries never fought in WWII like most of Africa, South America and parts of Asia.

    • Franco Rossel

      You are talking about the nation that doesn't even use metric. They have their customs, and they won't be changing them anytime soon.


    I think the yanks will find picking it up and throwing it in might be the only way they get any points this year :)

  • Guest

    How can this possibly be accurate? Especially with varying surfaces with various densities on which the ball is bouncing, camera model differences, height of user, etc...

    • Guest

      I don't really know how they manage to do it, but I had test with different surfaces and several ball models, it's still pretty accurate! (~1psi max).
      Some things are not done to be explained. Well done guys.

  • Mr.BumScratcher

    Its football!! What Americans do is called rugby I think,

    • Random South African

      No...Just no... Don't insult rugby. No crash helmets are involved and there are no forward passes.

      • Guest

        See below

  • Daniel Collins

    They made this video with iMovie…
    Beautiful app, bad name. Now I am going to "tune" my balls guys! Just give me a sec!

    • beomagi

      Are you going to record them bouncing for analysis?

  • http://www.twitter.com/alessandrouk Alessandro Moraes dos Santos

    Foot + Ball and 11 players = Football
    Soccer the name is hilarious Só-Ker = Po-Ker = Poccer
    Soccer is NFL
    World is Football or Rugby hehehehe

  • Fellwalker

    Only in America could a game that is played primarily using the hands be called football.

  • Luke

    We call it soccer here in Australia as well.

    • vfb

      And you suck at it, as well.

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