Glass Explorers have faced an unyielding torrent of discrimination from their clear-faced peers ever since Google first introduced the device to its first batch of eager early adopters. Wearers have been banned from certain restaurants and public areas, with people expressing concern over the ease with which Glass allows people to record others. With such a glaring civil rights issue taking place in modern day America, The Daily Show sent correspondent Jason Jones to investigate for its June 12th episode. The result was a five minute long bit that further persecutes people who wear Glass.


As you might expect, Jones is immediately dismissive of the idea of wearing a $1,500 face computer. As the The Daily Show is prone to do, it addresses real concerns under the guise of humor. Can the Explorers really blame people for being concerned about their privacy? And is it really all that difficult to understand why people are put off when you're more-or-less walking around looking like this?


I'm not going to give away any more of the clip before letting you view it. Here, see it for yourself.

It's worth noting that The Daily Show failed to mention how the Glass display glows when it's recording, an indicator that the people around someone wearing the device are able to see. It's no matter, as the show invited Sarah Slocum to be one of the interviewees. She's the woman who recorded herself getting kicked out of drawing hostility at a bar for wearing Glass, an event she did and does continue to refer to as a hate crime. The event was controversial, and if you'd rather not be reminded of it, a YouTuber has uploaded a version of the clip with her presence censored out.

So, did The Daily Show nail it, or was the video horribly misguided? We'll let you guys be the judge of that one.

Source: Comedy Central

Via: 9to5Google

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • staknhalo

    Before anyone gets offended, if the Daily Show can take the piss out of Republicans on a daily basis, and you praise them for it - they can take the piss out of something you like too (Google Glass).

    I personally loved it 😂

    • Smashley

      Well but, I mean, Republicans amirite

      Enjoyed the clip as well.

      • Elizabeth Johnson


        ☭☭☭ ☭�☭☭ ☭☭☭ ☭�☭☭ ☭☭☭

    • Dario

      You nailed. Android fans need to lighten up a bit. "Oh you just don't get Google Glass, blah blah blah". Like teen angst. I am different and you just don't get me. It is a work in progress and deserves all of the criticism it is receiving now. Sorry but this just highlights the hypocrisy of fanboyism when they complain about stuff like this..

      • Catherine Adams


        〓〓〓 �〓〓〓 〓〓〓 〓〓〓 �〓〓〓

    • Guest

      I guess I missed the part where Google Glass is demonizing a group of people, trying to make all other people live according to it's religious teachings, and catering to the corporations under the guise of "state's rights" which they clearly don't care about.

  • mustbepbs

    Nail on the head as far as I'm concerned.

  • darkdude1

    "Glass display glows when it's recording" - I saw a video where the display glow wasn't actually that clear and whilst you are outside it's barely even visible. Not that it bothers me, in public you should assume you are being recorded at all times. I found the video funny to be honest, it was more of a jab rather than a full on misjudgment.

  • MyLeftNut

    I loved that the one woman said "They just got really angry as soon I started to record." Seriously her lack of awareness and the fact that she can say that sentence followed by "it's a hate crime" with a straight face is exactly why some people dislike Google glass wearers. The answer to your question is in the same sentence. I don't condone assault or theft of any kind but I can seriously understand why people who might otherwise be ambivalent about the technology itself might dislike the people using it.

    • http://blog.tonysarju.com/ Tony

      Then they should hate on every cell phone around them that might be taking a picture or recording a video then because it is no different.

      Actually it is different, because with Google Glass you can actually tell if the user is recording/capturing just by looking at it.

      • MyLeftNut

        Well of course it's different. Don't be silly. Just because they can function in the same way doesn't at all make them similar when the form factor makes all the difference in context. People just so happen to target Google glass because the technology makes it easier (relative) to record surreptitiously and so the paranoia level is heightened. I can guarantee you that the same people who object to Google glass would also just as loudly object to a person recording them with their phones.

        Also, not sure if you understood my point but here it is again. It's not the technology engendering strong feelings but the "explorers" using them. The difference with cellphones is that they are so prevalent in society that we have actually developed a set of social norms and decorum about their use and most people expect you as a user to abide by them. People don't automatically assume you're recording them with your cellphone unless it becomes obvious in one way or another. That same level of trust isn't afforded to Google glass wearers. Google glass is too young and partly because there are no unspoken rules on what is and isn't socially acceptable, the people using them are pushing the boundaries. So to the people who care, the natural position isn't to question whether or not you CAN record them but to assume that you ARE recording them because the technology makes it easier. There's bound to be resistance.

        ps - The blond woman in the video remarks, quite confusedly, that people became angry AFTER she started recording. That stunning lack of self-awareness just can't be taught. The most important argument that Google glass is bound to raise is between the user's right to record and the public's right not to be recorded without consent.

        • Matt

          This was carefully cut to appear that way. Sounded like she was talking about being assaulted and that she informed them she was now recording, making them angrier

      • qw

        Most idi0tic argument ever. A smartphone is like a normal camera. You need to hold it up to take a pic. A glass is not. You wear it on your stupid face all the time.

        • http://blog.tonysarju.com/ Tony

          Right, because nobody in the history of camera enabled smartphones has ever taken a creeper shot without the other person knowing.

          Cell phones can be concealed in hands, used discreetly to take pics when it looks like the user is just reading an e-mail. Google Glass can only be on the users head WITH a notification light letting everyone know it's recording.

          So the next time you want to make a simpleton comment like that, it's best you run it through your brain first.

          • cause honestly

            So, people are already using current technology to surreptitiously take photos and that's why nobody should be bothered by this new technology that can potentially make it easier?

            And honestly, that recording light is circumventable.

            So the next time you want to make a simpleton comment like that, it's best you run it through your brain first.

    • shonangreg

      She's the infamous glasshole that would give Google Glass users a bad name even if the others were all just socially awkward geeks who weren't trying to bother anyone. Er, wait a minute . . .

  • Daniel Collins

    I don't want your damn pictures!!! Why would I want your damn pictures?

  • Nogib

    The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, and everyone associated with it can and should die in a fire to make the world a better place. Sick and tired of hipsters who think it is actual news.

    • irishrally

      Humor sucks.

      • Satan’s Taint

        So does your Mom.

    • Dario

      Actually more news worthy than CNN, Fox, etc. Sad fact, get over it and stop blaming the hipsters.

    • MJ

      You think The Daily Show and everyone associated with it should die yet you don't seem to even understand what the show is about. Dude, no one thinks the Daily Show is an actual news program (but it sometimes can be more informative then most actual TV news programs). The show is a satirical (and critical) look at how the mainstream media reports the news.

    • bolski

      Wow, taking it a little too seriously aren't we, wishing death on someone? That's a little extreme, but whatever floats your boat.

    • mustbepbs

      Hipsters? Do you know how long The Daily Show has been airing for? Probably longer than you've been alive.

      • Yeah, hipsters.


        A lot of 18-year olds on this site, you think?

        • mustbepbs


    • Nicholas Ruiz

      Probably better news than a lot of outlets. And hipsters as a word continues to become more and more diluted in terminology...

    • Satan’s Taint

      Aww, I bet if they spouted right wing bullshit, you'd have a boner for them.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Some gems from our friend Nogib's comment history.

      "Bergdahl should have been left to die."

      "Ah, so you are going to always be like blacks and refuse to ever put down the freaking victim card? Get over yourselves." (in response to a gay principal coming out at a school's gay pride day.)

      "Agreed! I've seen far more blind prejudice exhibited by blacks against whites than any other. On the ignorant liberals pretend it doesn't exist."

      "So this woman was going too fast on a wet road (3mph over posted limit may not sound like much but since the car hydroplaned it was clearly very wet and not optimal conditions) and her father wants to claim it was the car? Okaaaaaaaay. Way to stretch it there dude instead of just accepting it was a tragic accident. And if she happened to have too much junk on her keychain weighing it down, that isn't the car makers fault either!" (on a woman dying after her key fob popped out of a defective GM vehicle when it spun and hydroplaned.)

      "I've never read it. And honestly, who really spends their time reading poetry? Only a loser would." (in response to the death of Maya Angelou.)

      "I would have been overjoyed had the police showed up and just executed each and every one of those worthless protesters." (on protestors at McDonal's HQ)

      "Instead of lawyers, what Shakespeare should have said is "Kill all the Muslims""

      "STATISTICS are what say blacks are responsible for most crimes. Numbers do not lie."

      "The only good muslim is a dead one. The sooner the filth is eradicated from the face of the Earth, the better!"

      "Fact: the world would be so much better if every camel-jockey was DEAD."

      "It was so much better when the rag-heads were too preoccupied with killing each other."

      "Welcome to the new liberal America where it is a crime to be white." (in response to Donald Sterling's remarks getting him in trouble)

      And that's just a taste!

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

        And ladies! He's siiiingle!

        I assume.

      • Bruna

        wow.. being a white straight male sucks that much huh? You poor Nogib.

      • MJ

        Yeah, we are all idiots for feeding that dumb ass troll...

      • lljktechnogeek

        "Why is it the greatest champions of the white race always turn out to be the worst examples of it?"
        -Garth Ennis, Preacher

  • Simon

    Rory Cellan Jones from the BBC made himself look equally silly with his "review" of Google glass, quite clearly not understanding the product at all.

    • FrankJL

      Or maybe his assumption or review was geared towards a certain demographic. Just because YOU understand it or think is valuable in real world contrast is not reality. I tried them on. Completely useless. You look like an idiot looking at the display. It makes you look abnormal like you have eye problems.

      • Ryan Steddy

        IIRC his review only consisted of recording. He didn't mention the notifications or overlay at all. Which I agree with Simon; he didn't understand the product.

    • daniel sutton

      i have the same feelings. the video it takes are kinda cool because of the perspective. But it is very underwhelming. I've tinkered and flashed roms but google glass just never felt interesting to me. I've worn my roommates for about five minutes and just lost interest. I would never have made it 6 weeks like his review. But I don't think he made himself look silly by any means.

  • igloobunny

    It's satire. Nobody should take offense.

  • FrankJL

    No they get it! truth of the matte ris google glass is a stupid idea that solves nothing but ad to googles bottom line.

    • nofearofimaginarymen

      I disagree. There are lots of things that google glass can and will do that do solve things. The medical implications for this are huge!! The ability to do sonography and camera guided procedures without having to look away from the patient is huge. Have a difficult airway in a patient? Intubation becomes much easier. Driving somewhere and need navigation? Now you can get those directions without taking your eyes off of the road.

      The thing is that some of the same critics glass is getting, people said about smartphones. Why would you get something that takes you away from the real world? Why would I need a computer in my pocket when I can just use my computer? How do I know people aren't recording me?

      Despite what others say, there are practical uses for google glass. It is a great idea that society hasn't accepted yet. Give it time and people will either get used to it or it will fail. In time we will see what it is.

  • bolski

    The point is that some of this "Explorers" don't get it. They think they have the right to just go in anywhere and just start recording.

    Now, I don't condone going after them and attacking them. However, if I saw someone recording me, or it appeared they were recording me, with their Google Glass, I would kindly ask if they are and if they are, I would then kindly ask they would refrain from it. I would then just walk away and move out of their line of site. However, if they would persist in following me, then there is a problem and it would be time to have a more serious discussion on the matter at hand. Because, at that point in time, they are not respecting my wishes and that is an issue. At that point, they are, in the words of Google, being a "Glass-hole".

    Otherwise, I myself wouldn't plunk down $1500 for this. I have better things to spend my money on.

    But overall, I found it quite funny. I couldn't stop laughing.

    • Guest

      I sure to hope you've never bought a tabloid, as the rich and famous deal with people chasing them down all day long. You have no right to privacy in public.

    • AgentBaphomet

      Though, I'd love to get Glass (I won't if it never goes down in price). I completely agree with you on this. Following someone and recording them after they ask you to leave you alone, is harassment plain and simple.

  • Cesar

    I found the bit rather humorous.

  • Satan’s Taint

    "As the The Daily Show is prone to do, it addresses real concerns under the guise of humor."
    It's a fucking comedy show, that's what they do. Jesus, you act like it was an actual news report.

    • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

      My point is that instead of just saying anything for a laugh, Jason Jones is actually bringing up real concerns people have. Someone could easily watch him and think he's addressing BS points when he's actually not.

  • Droidweb

    People need to pipe down on all this "someone could be taking a picture of me" stuff. Technology has evolved to the point that if I wanted to discreetly record someone I could, and I darn sure wouldn't be using Google Glass (or pay $1,500) to do it. I really don't care enough about the average passerby to want to clutter my photo gallery with images of them. Sorry.

    • jealousy reigns.


      Someone wants to creep? Yeah...a hell of a lot cheaper ways (and less obvious ways) to do it than with Glass.

      Think they "look douchey"? Don't get a pair.

      The complaints from the haters are amusing as hell (and very telling; people crying "civil rights!", or "dangerous!" are only proving their ignorance).

      Always good to have a hot topic that lets us skim through the comments section making mental-note of who isn't using their brains.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      It's the difference between knowing / suspecting and not knowing / not suspecting. It's only a difference of knowledge, but that difference has huge practical implications. People are more stressed, defensive, and anxious when they know or suspect they're being monitored against their will or without their consent. People do not like to be watched when they don't want to be watched. Personal space is hugely important to some people.

      However, if you do not know or suspect you're being watched, even if you are, it makes no difference to you. The stress, defensiveness, and anxiety don't manifest.

      Obviously, covert but active (as opposed to passive, like traffic or security cams) monitoring without consent is, on principle, worse than open monitoring without consent, but the difference of how the person being monitored perceives a given situation is dramatically different between those two scenarios. Both aren't really socially acceptable. One we have the power to express our displeasure at (Glass). The other, we would if we could, but we don't because we can't accuse / point out what we can't see.

      It's a complex issue, but yes, the notion of someone walking around with a camera strapped to their head has every right to make people uncomfortable, even in our highly-connected, always-on world.

      • Gibscreen

        You used too many words to argue "ignorance is bliss." ;)

    • b

      A punch in the face, will solve your glass problem.

  • Owen Finn

    I thought this article was being sarcastic. I'm disappointed that it isn't.

    • Alfuh

      Just had to reread it because I also thought it was written with sarcasm. I figured it was trying to mimic the Daily Show tone, but now I'm confused. It has to be sarcastic... right?

      "With such a glaring civil rights issue taking place in modern day America, The Daily Show sent correspondent Jason Jones to investigate for its June 12th episode. The result was a five minute long bit that further persecutes people who wear Glass."

      Really? Persecutes?!? This can't be serious

      • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

        Can't be serious? You're right. It isn't.

        • Alfuh

          Well I blame Owen and the fact that I'm easily persuaded ... unless you think I should think something else... ;(

  • Nick Marowsky

    I don't get why people are so crazy about glass when you can get a $20 button camera on Amazon. But then again I don't understand a lot about people, so whatever. Still love The Daily Show.

    • Creepers don’t buy Glass


      That's like...*way* cheaper than Glass....

  • Comment123

    Did any of the "Explorers" record the interview? It would be fun to see some of the outtakes.

  • Jeremiah Payne

    People holding a phone and texting could be taken as taking a picture. If your phone's camera is pointed in the general direction of some people they will get mad.

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    "the Glass display glows when it's recording, an indicator that the people around someone wearing the device are able to see."
    Anyone got an image what this indicator may be, because frankly, I can't imagine this indicator being that obvious, certainly not at the other side of the street, for example.

    • Matt

      Well to be fair from the other side of the street I could be recording you with my cell phone and you wouldn't know it. The only time I've run into glass it was out of battery. Not sure what that says about privacy concerns 😀

  • hyperbolic

    I actually not sure which side I am..

  • Cuvis

    I think there's a lot of really stupid hysteria surrounding Glass, as there tends to be about any advance in personal electronics (when I was young, Walkmen were a new thing, and god damn, you should have seen the wailing and gnashing of teeth about those). However, the Glass users don't help themselves with hyperbole like "hate crime".

  • Matthew Fry

    I really dislike the Daily Show. It is unfunny and belittling.

  • Corry Holt

    I'm not going to spend 1,500 bucks on for glass. though I do want one.
    However, Photography is not a crime people. Your being recorded by 10 cameras at all time wherever you go. So what if someone is recording on glass. I think this is more about people being upset because they dont have $1,500 to spend on one.

  • stealthvoodoo

    Funny thing is, if it were iGlass everyone would probably be stoked to be recorded by it.

  • Kevin N

    I have Glass and I thought that was great lol

  • Kevin N

    I have never recorded any strangers and when I go into a public place I take them off. Mostly because you get people that stop you and want to know more about them. I don't mind but sometimes I'm in a hurry and would rather be left alone. I have never been asked to remove them. It could be because I am respectful of others. I did have one person ask if I was recording them, I said no and she said why don't you think I'm pretty!? She was pretty hot:)

  • J

    I thought calling themeselves "explorers" is laughable. By definition its to explore a new or unfamiliar area. If finding a new curry house is included in that defintion then fine I guess.

  • Android Developer

    AP, can you please make an article of similar devices, like the one of Epson ("Moverio BT-200") ?

  • pudink

    This is ridiculous , people do not stand against the idea of surveillance cameras and all that tracking stuff , they even enjoy check in apps and overuse them most of the time , yet they feel invaded when someone wears a google glass.

    My take on it is , they feel they can not stand against surveillance cameras just because they are run by the government and they think you shouldnt mess with the governmen , yet they can assault a citizen just because he/she is "a citizen"

  • Chuck McGinley

    There's no hysteria surrounding me with Glass. I just simply can't take you seriously when you are wearing it. You are a solution in search of a problem. And if I see the light on without my permission you get a smack in the face hard enough to knock them off your face. And I'm a certified tech lover. Hell, I even design ASICs and FPGAs for a living, and it does not get any geekier in the tech job world than that! Take those ridiculous things off your faces. They're technology in search of a solution and idiotic at best.

    But this reference should help do the trick:

  • itsgonnalast

    If this backlash continues, I believe Google will (be forced to) remove the camera from Glass before it comes out of beta. I wouldn't mind because I'm interested in using Glass for navigation more than anything else.

    • Matt

      I think the camera with facial recognition or a 3d camera system has a chance at being a killer feature. Although Google has said no to recognition, that seems to be the coolest sci-fi feature

  • Grigori Som

    Nailed it.

  • Seriously

    The Folks At Android Police Don't Quite Understand Humor [Blogpost]

    • Matt

      Nah man, Daily Show is rarely about pure humor, usually they are pushing an agenda to a demographic that doesn't respond well to argument. In this case they were clearly pushing an anti Google glass message to their audience. The amount of positive interest these things generated when they came out suggest that the public would not be so violent towards them if not for news media. The real question is why does the media hate Google glass? I really don't have a good answer to that other than they clearly do.

      • Seriously?

        I rarely comment, but when I do it's always about pure humor.

      • True Story

        The media hates Google Glass, because you are an asshole whole molests children at night.

  • Danilo Carvalho

    I don't totally get why people feel "violated" or whatever if a stranger takes a picture or films them in a bar or a restaurant...
    If I'm out in public I'm probably not doing anything I wouldn't want people to see... so film away, I really don't care.
    If i'm home and someone secretly films me through a window or something, THAT's creepy.
    That being said, if i had a Google Glass I would try to respect people's feeling about this issue, even if I don't understand it. But if I had Glass and I was at bar having a fun time with friends and I felt like recoding the moment, I would and I don't think other people should be able to stop me.

  • Cassady Rojic

    While calling it discrimination is worthy of some ridicule, folks need to realize that one of the women interviewed was physically accosted. People went beyond whatever comments they were free to make, beyond asking the proprietors of the bar/restaurant to ask her to remove her Glass or leave. Instead they pushed and grabbed her, then snatched a 1500 luxury consumer good off her face; this could be prosecuted as anything from battery, aggravated assault, or strong arm robbery.

    I might not like your RayBans or Rolex, but I'm not free to yank it off your body.

    Also you have no right to privacy free of audio/video surveillance in public spaces, this includes businesses and residences to a lesser degree.

  • The Daily Show

    The Folks At Android Police Don't Quite Understand Comedy.
    PS. No one gives a fuck about Google Glass.

  • juanito

    yep google glass is kind of pointless for 99% of what you do.. there is that 1% though where i am hiking mt everest or doing some crazy wind surfing... but will they stand up to the cold or are they even water proof? lol

  • S. Nitka

    I own a Glass. The bit was very funny. And it's true - it's a very expensive cell phone on your face.

  • Revisited

    Listen I'm fine with people wearing google glass but the one thing I think should be illegal is wearing google glass while driving or operating heavy machinery or any situation where a mishap could potentially put other people in harms way because google glass would be a super big distraction same as cell phones with the only difference being that cops can tell when people are using their cell phone while driving for instance, but the google glass user would look the same whether the glass is off or in use

    • klepp0906

      I think people should be able to understand that themselves and make informed decisions. Making everything illegal is just retarded. Not like your going to see every tom dick and Harry riding around with these on. They are expensive and have limited use.

      People always need to cry about something. How about crying over the liberals who won't support going back Into the Middle East (should have never left, job wasn't done and now look). If we won't nuke them we need to kill so many by conventional means they get with the program.

      And yes, I've already volunteered for my 4th deployment.

  • klepp0906

    People need to get over themselves. "Oh nos! Someone took my picture" seriously?! God forbid technological progress gets stunted due to morons living in the past.

    Want a picture of me? Enjoy it! I know I would.