If you chat it up on Facebook often (hey, it's OK, we're not passing judgment), then good news is afoot: you can now send videos over the messaging service. Only short videos need apply, however – you'll have to keep it under 15 seconds, much like Instagram. Users take videos directly from within Messenger's camera feature, which makes it easy to grab a quick vid.

And when you receive a video from your friends, you can show your enthusiasm and support with Messenger's other new feature: BIG LIKES. These are for when a regular like simply will not do. Seriously, they're huge.

Update: Looks like this is good to go in the "stable" version of Messenger now, too. HUGE THUMBS FOR EVERYONE!

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Of course, these are just beta features. If you're not yet part of Facebook's beta program for Messenger, you can get in on the action by joining the Google Group and becoming a tester. Then you can send short videos to everyone you know telling them about how much you love the new features.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • _artem_

    It's almost a month on beta 6.0.0.x.y already

  • https://twitter.com/#!/thrikulam thrik

    If you're talking about those Blue Likes, they have been around forever. Guess your dislike of FB messenger prevented you from knowing :P

    • spacekobra

      No, they change size.
      It can be any size from small to big now.

      • https://twitter.com/#!/thrikulam thrik

        so... it's not shown in the picture above? lol

        • Joachim Løkås

          It is bigger than normal, also you hold the like button and it goes bigger and bigger.

          edit: looks humongous on pc. http://imgur.com/MXmS5Bv

          • https://twitter.com/#!/thrikulam thrik

            Hmm, just got the new beta, and I see what you're talking about. Think they should change the above picture to show the different Like sizes, as the one above is just the standard size.

          • Gian

            It does not work for me. The like remains the same size, both if I long press the botton or if I short press it. And it is the same size it's been for lot of days, as far as I remember. My version is
            By the way, the image you posted, is from a desktop browser...

    • Daniel Traynor


  • andy_o

    That camera view seems nice, but they screwed it up with the implementation. There is a very heavy crop of the full frame of view. It's not only cropped vertically (to convert the portrait orientation of the phone to a landscape view, but also a bit horizontally. If you turn to the front face camera (N5 here), you can barely fit your face at full arm's length, and if you turn your phone to landscape it's even worse.

  • Franta Nesveda

    Can people who don't use the beta version play the videos I send them from the 6.0 beta?

    • adolflow


  • Daniel Reina

    FYI, sending video only works on Android 4.3 and up. (It's said in the Google Group)

    • adolflow

      My moto x is on 4.4.2 and still can't shoot videos from the latest beta...

  • http://www.geordienorman.com/ George Byers

    "If you chat it up on Facebook often (hey, it's OK, we're not passing judgment)" Maybe thats because all my friends are on either facebook or iMessage -_- Option 2 you sorta can't do on an android phone.... I would use hangouts, but one little problem... NOBODY uses it Google really blew it with hangouts, nearly every device has it installed but nobody uses it, reminds me of chaton....

    • Dmitri Smirnov

      Don't know who this "NOBODY" you refer to is, but I'd say that fair share of people do use Hangouts. The fact that all your friends use facebook or iMessage says a lot more about you, than about state Hangouts is in.


    my n4 crashed on switching on the camera and changing the orientation from portrait to landscape
    go home facebook you're drunk

  • adolflow

    I don't think it's available to everyone yet, my moto x on 4.4.2 can't shoot video from the app (and I'm on the latest beta)...