Customized Moto X phones are already a good deal, considering that the standard models are the same price as their retail counterparts, or just a bit more if you want one of those swanky wood backs. But there may be a more practical reason for you to use the Moto Maker service: a bit of free insurance. A Reddit user recently broke the screen on his(?) Verizon Moto X, and after letting Motorola support know, he got a code for a free replacement phone on Moto Maker.

We reached out to Motorola for confirmation of this policy. The representative confirmed: "yes, we do offer a one-time free repair or replacement for broken displays on Moto X's." Motorola's support page doesn't explicitly state that they'll replace a customized Moto X with a broken screen, which normally falls under "physical damage" not covered by hardware warranties, but it does mention the replacement phones. Here's the official text from Motorola's support page:

What service options are available for my phone?

For most phones, Motorola offers an Advance Exchange program. This program will provide a replacement device and a prepaid Fed Ex label to send your malfunctioning phone back to us. Normally, requests placed M-F before 5 pm ET will ship within 48 hours.  If a holiday falls during the week, this may take up to 96 hours, or 4-days.

There is no fee for this program for an in-warranty device. Cost may be incurred for out of warranty, or devices that display liquid or physical damage. This program requires you return your defective device to Motorola within 5 days of receiving your replacement device. Return shipping cost will be covered.

In cases where the Advance Replacement option may not be available, due to the age of the phone or part availability, the service time may be slightly longer. The good news is that these cases are handled by our Repair Specialists. Once you submit a Repair Request, they will be in touch with you to discuss available options and time-frames.

Custom Device, Customized Service

If you have a Moto X Customized Device, submit a Repair Request to receive a Service Redemption code and prepaid shipping label. Use the Service Redemption code to design a replacement device at Motorola.com/designit.  The time-frame to receive your new customized device will display at the time the order is placed. Once you receive the device, just ship your original device back to Motorola, using the shipping label provided.

Once a Repair Request is submitted, please allow 4 business hours for your prepaid shipping labels and Service Redemption code to be emailed to you.

According to the Reddit thread, customized Moto X owners have been able to do this as far back as four months ago and as little as one month ago, so presumably Motorola is still honoring the service. That's just downright cool, and just one more reason to buy a phone from the Moto Maker portal over a carrier store. Here's the link for the service portal.

Keep in mind, this only applies if your customized Moto X is still within the warranty period, one year from your date of purchase. (At the time of writing, all Moto X phones should still be within this timeframe.) After that, you'll have to pay up to $175 plus taxes for Motorola's repair service.

Source: Reddit Moto X - thanks, Joe Coppola!

Michael Crider
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  • http://blog.tonysarju.com/ Tony

    Good Guy Motorola.

  • h1ghland3r

    Motorola is teaching how to work ;)

  • Cory S

    "Cost may be incurred for out of warranty, or devices that display liquid or physical damage." I'm confused. Isn't the definition of a cracked screen physical damage?

    • silaslenz

      I guess ypu didn't really read the article?

      "Motorola's support page doesn't explicitly state that they'll replace a customized Moto X with a broken screen, which normally falls under "physical damage" not covered by hardware warranties, but it does mention the replacement phones."

      • ProductFRED

        They'll give you a Razr V3. V3i if you're really lucky.

  • wge

    Just to confirm, this happened to my brother and Motorola replaced it, no questions asked.

  • CalvinGoetz

    Can verify this works. If they keep this up going forward, they'll be on the top of my list of OEMs for sure

  • n0th1ng_r3al

    So I guess my Motorola Dev edition isn't covered? Damn.

    • Christopher Stevens

      I dropped my Dev edition last night and cracked the screen. The Live Chat representative said she couldn't waive the fee but suggested I contact the repairs team directly

      • n0th1ng_r3al

        IIRC it's $199 to fix the screen.

  • Sean Cummins

    Dear Samsung,

    Eh? Ehhhhhhh!? Please?
    But for real, I tried to use the Samsung support page because I was willing to pony up the cash for the official Gorilla Glass and it was the largest pain in the butt to use.

  • marsdta

    thats pretty cool. just yesterday i broke the screen on my nexus 4. was hoping to sell it to pay for the moto x+1 in a couple of months

  • UniBroW

    The insurance is super cheap as well and the deductible is quite reasonable, if the Moto X +1 has qi charging I'll probably dump my Note and get a Moto

  • Guest

    Can also verify this. I had an issue with the 4.4.3 update (last Thursday) that they couldn't fix, gave me a code to use to get a new phone and they gave me ten days to return the old one. They wanted to give me time to transfer my stuff off it.

    Good Guy Motorola indeed!

  • GuidZilla

    Moto did me a solid as well back in February. I had cracked the screen of my first custom X about 45 days after purchase. They voluntarily let me customize an entire new device, shipped it free, and paid for my shipping to send the original phone back afterwards. Fantastic service.

  • sk102704

    I just got my replacement X 2 weeks ago 7 months after buying my first one. They gave me no hassles, let me design a totally new phone, and had it to me in about 48 hours.

  • David Li

    HTC also has amazing support, exchanged my phone a month ago, but they charge $29 for an Advanced Exchange. It's nice that Motorola is now offering it too, and for free. These two manufacturers are also the best at updating their phones.

    • Marcell Lévai

      HTC and updates? Ahahahahaha no.

      • David Li

        My unlocked m7 got KitKat before everything but the moto x.

        • Marcell Lévai

          One device? YAY! Check the last three years please, thanks.

          • David Li

            Yea I know they sucked at updates before, but since HTC Advantage, they have been pretty good, even updating the Mini and Max devices. They are now more transparent than any other manufacturer with their update site http://www.htc.com/us/go/htc-software-updates/
            They even updated some of their older devices to fix heartbleed.

  • dogulas

    That is pretty awesome. It would make it the first time I can comfortably use my smartphone as its naked self, without having dumb insurance on a the phone (and no, I don't want the M7 or M8).

  • http://TechDissected.com/ Cliff Wade

    This isn't just for cracked/broken screens. It's actually for most any issue you have with your device. I had an issue with my front camera, and as I was typing this, FedEx just showed up with my replacement device. So if you have any issues with your device at all, now is the time to replace it.

  • Stacey Liu

    How the fuck are these guys even making money? Like, I'm seriously blown away.

    • godutch

      It must not be very expensive for them.....

    • rxbot

      I'm guessing you are joking. Motorola has lost money since google bought them. I think I read last quarter loses doubled from the previous quarter.

  • Cory

    My Moto X fell in a port-a-potty on Sunday, you think they'll cover that?

    • Andrew

      Did you get it back?...

      • Cory

        I guess it immediately sank and I left it down there.

        • Matthew Fry

          That shit sucks man.
          I'll go.

  • LSH99

    Still can't figure out why I haven't gotten one of these yet. Bravo, Motorola.

  • Rmetz527

    I just had mine replaced about a month ago because my moto x was cracking along the side near the volume rocker. I was expecting a fight, but they immediately sent me a code to design another one and sent it out. Then I just used that same box to send my old one back to them. Will consider Motorola again next time I buy a new phone!

  • usamaisawake

    I knew this but I went and bought the additional coverage such that I can get 3 devices if something happens within 2 years of purchase date. (I work in an environment where I thought this would be an issue). In fact because the phone is so pocketable and easy to hold this phone has been in the best shape of all my phones (which includes all Nexus phones). I love this little guy and I am looking forward to the next Moto X. Nice work Motorola, keep it up.

  • Matthew Fry

    I wonder if this is a CYA thing for something they don't want getting out. Of course, it could also just be a 'good guy Motorola' thing too.

  • deadpenguins

    So, because I was an early adopter and got my moto x through vzw before they offered a custom X, I cannot take advantage of this offer? Please, someone tell me I'm interpreting this wrong...

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    They keep raising the odds that my next phone will be a Motorola.

  • hoosiercub88

    Yup, I was shocked and awed a few months ago when my brother shattered his olive/orange X and Moto was all, that's cool.. No problem.

  • Magno Dias

    I have bought a Motorola Moto X here in Brazil, near the lauch date, the price was R$1.200,00 , then the screen cracked 2 times, and even within the warranty period I needed to pay R$700,00 for fixing the screen, because Motorola didnot allowed to use the warranty

  • John Underwood

    Too bad this replacement service doesn't extend to the Moto G.

  • BolognaFlavored

    I submitted a repair request for a malfunctioning speaker and got a free replacement almost immediately. Great move by Motorola.

  • pearlerboy

    Been there done that... Amazing service from motorola.. You can even chat with their agents you don't have to call.. A happy loyal customer in here

  • Josh

    I actually can confirm that they do this more than once. My fiancee broke her phone, they sent a replacement, then she did something to the screen, not sure what, but they are still sending another one. That's two within 4 months.

  • Guest

    I go for MotoX then :D

  • Adek Zakk

    Shut up and take my money! :D

  • Shawn Medeiros

    Yep, Moto has great service. Was having issues with my head phone jack on My Moto X. Brand new phone was there the next day.

  • red014

    Worked for me last week.

  • Beakler

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    UNLIMITED Minutes, Texts, and Cellular Data plan for $25 per month. UNLIMITED Minutes, Texts, and Wifi Data $10 per month

  • Debb Gray

    Just to double check, this DOES NOT include a regular, non-customized Moto X? Hoping it does...

  • Kai

    Do you need to have bought the warranty for this to apply?

  • mom of teenager

    SOOOO glad I saw this post, I was just about to order a replacement screen, but now am getting a replacement moto x custom for FREE!! Motorola is AWESOME!

  • jer bee

    i tried 2 times and both times i was told there will be a charge. Dave: Okay. What we can do for you is to replace your phone but since there is a physical damage on the device for replacing your phone there will be charge for it..... Only cracked screen. Dont know who you contacted but i cant find anyone willing to do it.

  • Day Late

    Just tried to get this awesome deal but Motorola says they stopped this program yesterday 618. Customer service was really awful. No explanation why the don't offer this any more, they just kept saying there would be a $199.00 charge to fix my screen. Day late and a dollar short.....

  • amit jangra

    hi guys.. i have a moto x n its upper glass is cracked , can i give it for repair in free warranty offer...

  • bradslack

    Hi Brad,

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Most Motorola products do come with a standard one year warranty barring any physical or liquid damage. Cracked displays are considered physical damage therefore there is a charge to replace the screen.

    Motorola can be able to replace the device however there will be cost incurred to the replacement program since physical damage is NOT covered of warranty. The fee for Moto X with physical damage is $175 plus applicable taxes.

    Although there is much misinformation and rumors circulating, it has never been covered under our standard warranty to repair broken screens for no cost. For all of our products, physical damage is not covered under the limited warranty. If repairable, physical damage will be replaced for an out of warranty cost.

    Please feel free to chat back if you have further questions; we are open 24/7 to assist you.

    You may also call our Motorola Android Customer Service Department at 800-734-5870during Mondays to Fridays 8am till 11pm and Saturdays and Sundays 10am till 7pm CST.

    You can also check our support site for further assistance by clicking this linkhttps://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/home/

    Best regards,
    Motorola Chat Support Team Customer By Email (Brad)08/05/2014 08:59 AMThank you for clearing this up. I will post your reply onto the sites that
    are incorrectly referencing this information to clear up future issues.

    Brad Slack
    On Aug 5, 2014 7:52 AM, "Motorola Global Reply" wrote:

  • Brian Dillinger

    Moto is now saying this never happened and wants 200 bucks to fix mine..... Can anyone provide updates to this?

  • tommyinnyc

    motorola rep just said : "We did offer free replacements, however only as promotion and this ended last 07-17-2014." so i assume this is not possible anymore? unless someone knows a work around?

  • PdxHomeBrew

    Update: This promotion ended about 2 months ago.

  • WC

    Just as a heads up: One month ago I bought a new, 2nd Gen Moto X. This past weekend I dropped and cracked the LCD screen (the glass and body itself show no damage). After speaking with Motorola customer service via online chat TWICE, they at both occasions informed me that physical damage is not covered. $125 flat cost to repair. Awaiting an RMA ticket to be made.

    EDIT: I informed them of this article and they stated "there was much rumor and misinformation". Basically, they said this article and others like it were B.S.

    • lil

      I too chatted this morning with a rep who told me the same, even though I sent him this article. They want $145. First screen crack I've ever had on the many Motorola phones I've owned. The Moto X 1st gen seemed to be a little more sturdy, didn't crack after one rather gentle drop like the 2nd gen did.

      • WC

        Sorry to hear that. Fortunately from what I've heard, $145 isn't too bad for a brand new replacement compared to iPhone 6 customers...

  • JD

    So yeah, no, this is not the case. Had my X+1 for about 5 weeks and it fell out of my pocket while I was getting out of my car, spiderwebbing the top corner. Fortunately I had the additional accidental replacement warranty so I'm only out $40, but yeah - they aren't doing free replacements anymore. On the bright side, even without the warranty a screen replacement is $135, which is the deducatable on most warranty programs anyway.

  • Brandon Watkins

    Yeah this isn't true....I talked to several motorola employees on the phone, only to finally be told by a manager that motorola made no such claims. And that they would not be honoring this Agreement, due to the fact that motorola themselves never actually stated it.

    • WC

      Wait, so they replaced your phone free of charge? Some users, including myself, who dropped and cracked their screens had to shell out ~$125 for a replacement. Can you elaborate further on your situation?

  • haifa

    Is this applicable for moto x phones purchased in india.. I got a moto x in july through flipkart. Yesterday my phone fell down and the screen is cracked but the touch works perfectly.. Can anyone clear my doubt pls..thank you.

  • haifa