Feedly has been one of the most popular feed readers in the wake of the Google Reader shutdown, but the service is having a rough morning. A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack was launched on Feedly late last night and has continued all morning. According to the Feedly blog, the company is working to mitigate the impact and bring Feedly back online, but it's slow going.

Update 1: Feedly says the attack was neutralized as of 3:07PM PT. Everything should be getting back to normal now.

Update 2: A second wave of DDoS attacks spun up on June 12th. These were neutralized as of 11:30AM PT.

2014-06-11 09_52_13-Feedly down_ Current outages and problems _ Down Detector

The attack is being perpetrated by criminal elements that are attempting to extort money from Feedly in exchange for stopping the attack. Feedly has refused to pay up and is working with its infrastructure providers to reduce the impact of the attack, and with law enforcement to investigate the incident. No user data is believed to have been compromised or lost as a result of the malicious activity.

A DDoS is simply a way of flooding a web server with requests from multiple clients until all the resources are used up and things get crashy. So refreshing Feedly every few minutes isn't going to help. The company is working to get things operational again. As of the last update at 6:25 AM PST, Feedly was working on changing some infrastructure around to get back online.

[Feedly Blog]

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  • veRdiKt

    Who would DDoS Feedly LOLOLOL

    • SimonPieman

      Funny that "heroes" like GeoHot that hacked Sony are OK, but these guys aren't.

      Breaking news, there is no difference. Hacker are hackers.

      • xHabeasCorpusx

        Oh so DDosing a company that wrongfully persecuted a teen, to make a point is no different than DDosing a company in the hopes to extort money?

      • WhyWai

        is DDoS some form of hacking? I thought it is a method of server overloading with bots?

      • fh

        DDoSing is NOT hacking.

      • boonesimpson

        Like with most things, there are "good" uses and "bad uses"

        Just because someone is stabbed with a kitchen knife doesn't mean all kitchen knives are weapons that need to be banned (in spite of absurd rules being discussed in other countries.)

        I don't like ddos attacks being used as protest, but I can usually understand WHY they are doing it, which is different than it simply being criminal extortion which it was/is with feedly.

        You are on a android blog, "hackers" are what have made android great, both within google and especially outside of it via the dev communities.
        If you have ever rooted,used a rom or used ANY exploit you can thank a hacker.

    • Nes

      Everyone is getting DDoS'ed these days. I'm not sure it can be fixed, hope they can find a way to stop this extortion trend. Too cheap to do, everyone is vulnerable.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Oh so that's why I had no notifications about new articles for so long now

  • Raymond Berger

    I never could get into Feedly TheOldReader just seemed so much more intuitive.

    • Did I just do that?

      ...and now no-one can get into Feedly. :-D

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS


    • John

      Feedly is free though.

      • Raymond Berger

        TheOldReader is too, for up to 100 feeds or so? I never reached the cap so I don't know.

        • John

          Ah. That's cool. I guess it wouldn't work for my 1200 feeds (eek).

  • bhake

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • firesoul453

    Thats a shame. Why don't they use the tools most website do to prevent this? But I really don't care too much about what happends to them. They made it clear they only care about money.

    • Mkvarner

      Cause it costs way more than they can afford.

      • firesoul453

        If they are hurting for money they are doing something wrong.

        • durr…herp derp?

          What an extremely narrow view of the world you have...

          Success is not instant or guaranteed, even when you do everything right.

          • firesoul453

            If I was making a ton of money and living on a streets then I'd be doing something wrong.
            I'm saying how can they be that successful and be hurting for money. They were selling subscriptions significantly faster then they expected. Their popularity amazed everyone.
            Did they spend all the money on cheese or something? If they expected their growth to continuously expand as such and spend accordingly then that would be doing something wrong.

          • Matthew Fry

            Doing well and doing well enough to be able to afford enterprise level network security are very different things.

          • firesoul453

            If they are not big enough to need massive enterprise level servers, then you don't need to buy that level of DDOS protection.

          • dobbsy

            Isn't this the company that charged HUNDREDS of dollars for a lifetime membership and then sold out? Twice! Wonder how those suckers are feeling now.

          • Matthew Fry

            Probably feeling sorry for the Feedly team being a victim of extortion.

          • Kesey

            How did they sell out?

  • http://tsurufoto.com/ Aaron Tsuru

    Why attack Feedly??? It's a fucking RSS reader man!

    • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

      Extortion apparently.