If you've ever wanted cloud storage that you don't have to pay for each month, well, you have had no shortage of options for years. But here's another one. Lenovo has launched an Android app that taps into its new Beacon storage device. This way it can serve files to your Android phone or tablet alongside your TV and other electronics.

Lenovo1 Lenovo2 Lenovo3

Android devices actually get a better deal than TVs, which must be physically tethered to the Beacon using an HDMI cable. Handsets can pull the data down from anywhere, including outside of the house. The catch is that you need to have the Windows Beacon software installed to manage access permissions. Depending on what your home setup is like, that catch could be quite the deal breaker.

The Lenovo Beacon is powered by an Intel Atom processor and supports up to 6TB of space (which you have to supply yourself via the two offered USB ports). The media center portion of it uses XBMC. It's still finding its way into stores, but you can get more information at Lenovo's site below.

Lenovo Beacon

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Archer

    That is one ugly app

    • Matt

      I didn't know it was actually possible for an app to look *worse* than if it were designed for Gingerbread.

      • Chris

        It's almost as if they went of out their way to make it look ugly... Google pretty much hands you the design guidelines and layout. They should have stuck with that.

  • Blue Sun

    "which much be physically tethered" ?

  • Blue Sun

    I had to do a double take because I thought it said "Lenovo Bacon"

  • mauric

    I guess this is the end for Motorola if this is the new design used in their next phones. Google why oh why did you sell it!?

    • AbbyZFresh

      Google cares about selling services, not phones. Motorola Mobility only sells phones.

  • Gus70

    I think I'll stick to my Synology NAS.