The Sony Xperia Z2 is a great device out of the box, but let's not kid around, a certain number of people are going to want to root and flash it if for no reason other than spite. The task requires a good custom ROM to turn to in place of whatever unbearable software the phone shipped with, and fortunately the latest version of CyanogenMod, complete with Android 4.4, is now one such option available to Xperia Z2 owners who just can't bear to let things be. It's offered as a nightly under the name "sirius," a codename for the Z2 that frankly gives the word "Xperia" a run for its money.


Hey, I get it. I've been there. I'm not going to try to talk you out of flashing that ROM. Heck, I'll enable you. Here's a link below. Flash your favorite custom recovery, and have yourself a blast. Just know that this is not stable software, and anything could happen. Don't come to us when smoke starts pumping out of the device or, more likely, the GPS no longer gets a lock.

Xperia Z2 CyanogenMod page

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  • SAD Me

    I have the Sony Xperia z1s and sucks I can't root it.

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      Should've gotten the international Z1.

  • Jason

    Is this even out in the US yet?

    • jonathan3579

      Nope. My local Sony store said it'll be available in August.

      • bungadudu


        The rumors are that the z3 will be launched August/September..

        • jonathan3579

          Which kinda makes sense considering how late Sony has released all their phones stateside. No wonder they're having issues with the market...

          • Ambroos

            In the US maybe. They're selling well in the rest of the world (and sales are steadily increasing).

          • Don Gray

            The sad thing is they do well here too. That's why it's a kick in the balls that they take so long to come out. I really wanted to get it, but what's the point?

          • jonathan3579

            Yeah, that's what I meant. I would have happily bought the Z2 had it gotten a proper release here but releasing it right before the upcoming flagship is just bad for business.

      • Tony Byatt
        • jonathan3579

          I live in Houston and I've had a couple conversations with them and there's some things that struck me as odd. They don't have a store here and recommended we meet up and they do not offer a warranty or assistance with a warranty of any kind.

          • Tony Byatt

            Pretty sure they're legit...

            But I do understand warranty concerns...

          • jonathan3579

            I definitely know they're legit but it seemed strange that there wasn't an area where I could see the products. It just felt like buying a phone from craigslist which doesn't particularly scream professional to me. The lady was very friendly but ultimately the lack of warranty was what pushed me away.

    • Tony Byatt
  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Is Tablet Z2 next!?

  • Anon

    Stock Sony UI is pretty good, still doesn't mean I don't want to root it!!!!!!


    I wonder if this includes the Camera firmware. It's the only thing stopping me from moving to CM - the Camera is just fantastic on the Z2.

    • William

      No it doesnt. It has both a broken camera and a broken touch screen(after reboot).


    Why must i to change my cell phone rapidly?

  • Alex van den Hoogen

    Although I love to install custom roms on my phone, which is the international Xperia Z, I noticed that since about a year or so development completely stalled. The main reason seems to be the disintegration of CM at that time, which also resulted in OmniRom. Although Omni is great, there development for the Z also stalled within several months and they are using outdated binaries, which makes the system feel sluggish all the time.

    Currently I'm on an AOSP port for Yuga, which is one of the best custom roms that I have ever had on my mobile device. The dev is a great guy and seems to solve problems in no-time, for example; he had 4.4.3 ported over in two days after the AOSP release.

    Thus, in conclusion, I am currently a bit skeptical about existing projects that keep on adding devices, like CM, AOKP, PA or Omni, because most of them only get a good first release after which projects seem a tad abandoned.

  • SimonPieman

    There isn't much unbearable software on the Z2 (or any other Sony phone), they are very good in this respect. Some of their stuff is better than stock Google.

    If there are apps you don't like, freeze them in App Manager, and they won't execute and will disappear from the launcher. It's almost as good as removing them, as modern phones have oodles of storage, 100k for an frozen app is no big deal.

    No rooting or warranty breaking needed.

    • Johnson

      That's a good point - I've reclaimed some RAM by freezing a bunch of them, and uninstalling others. Does this also stop g-maps from tracking you?

      I would also like to get rid of the glaring red triangle for "Background data restricted" in the notification bar. Any thoughts on that?

  • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

    Nice! My Z2 arrives today :)

  • alex

    If CM for Z2 allows moving apps to SD card, then this could be a very good reason to switch.

  • andromint

    Sony has a pretty good stock ROM compared to others with really good battery backup.