There are more than a couple Gears to choose from these days, but not that long ago, there was only one. That awkward piece of tech is more affordable now, though it still hasn't dropped down to the price many people would like to pay for it. That makes now a good time to pay some attention to Best Buy. Today the retailer has refurbished versions of the original Galaxy Gear going for just $89.99, a price that's on the better side of $100.


Though Samsung has new models in the field, it hasn't forgotten about the smartwatch that got the ball rolling. The Galaxy Gear received an update that switched it from Android to Tizen starting at the end of May.

$90 is a far cry from the gadget's original $300 price tag, and at this lower rate, maybe now's the time to give the device a look. The price applies to all six colors, and each comes with free shipping. Here are the links.

Refurbished Galaxy Gears at Best Buy:

Jet Black

Mocha Gray

Wild Orange

Lime Green

Rose Gold

Oatmeal White

Source: SlickDeals

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Brad

    Too bad these can't run with anything but samsung... I'd get one at that price.

    • ather akber

      yea i sold my gear fit since i switched to htc m8 :/

      • Brad

        Too bad it doesn't have a custom rom.

    • OniKyanAE86

      You can install a custom rom like the "_null rom," which allows to pair to any device. This rom turns the watch into a full android device and comes with a custom kernel that unlocks the second CPU core from the Exynos 4212 CPU (that was locked by the factory at one core running at 800MHz for battery life) to let it clock back to its normal 1.6GHz dual core. With the built in Voltage Control application in the rom, just a simple underclock back to 800MHz or less, you get normal battery life and you are set. You can also install regular android applications and much more. I use mine on my Note 3 and HTC One Max and works fine to make and receive calls, notifications, control my music, and much more. Also with proper settings to the CPU speed and couple other things, I usually get about 3-4 days between charging the battery...

      • Julia David

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        • oscar garcia

          So what what are you doing here go and enjoy your money, life is too short.
          Unless you are a fraud and you are lying about it then keep posting spam...

      • Michael

        I dont think you can flash an android rom if you upgrade to Tizen.

        • OniKyanAE86

          That I know of, everyone says to not flash the Tizen update if you want to have Android on the Galaxy Gear.

  • derk p

    why on earth would they make this only for samsung? they are really preventing themselves from selling more?

    • Skander

      Because they are pushing for deep integration, touchwiz is way too different from anything so the gear is deeply integrated with it only - it also works with the upcoming tizen phone (samsung z)

      • TopXKiller

        You are FoS

    • John Smith

      they want to sell phones.

  • FrankJL

    even at that price it is still a no buy

  • GraveUypo

    needs to be as cheap as free for me to buy something i never wanted and probably will never use (smartwatches in general)

  • http://www.smsnetwork.org/ Mikael Jakobsson

    Samsung Galaxy Phone has bad battery time frome early updates if the clocks has the same bad battery time is will never be to any use, and block the clock to just one phone is the worst man can do if man wanna try to sell it.

    • John Smith

      my head hurts after reading that.

    • OniKyanAE86

      What Samsung Galaxy Phone are you referring to? I have had them all from the Galaxy 1 up to my current phone the Note 3, I have never had any issues with battery life.... Currently my Note 3 goes about a little over 2 days between charges.....

      • Chris

        You must not use it very much. I have to charge my Note 2 every day, and I use the 9300mAh zero lemon battery.

        • OniKyanAE86

          I use it all day long, calls, internet, texts, remote desktop (connecting to other computers at work to fix issues (I work IT)), emulation on down times and during lunch to play games. I disconnect my phone about 8:30AM, by 6:00PM when I'm out of work I still have about 74% left on my battery..... I have the stock battery......

          • Chris

            "connecting to other computers at work"

            Yeah so it's being charged. There is no way in hell any phone goes 8:30am to 6pm and has 74% left unless you turn off wireless.

          • OniKyanAE86

            Sorry to burst your bubble but how can I charge my phone through wifi? I use VNC and other remote desktop apps using wifi to connect through our network to other computers when I'm out and about in the building fixing issues.... there is no physical connection that I use. All I can say is learn how to use Android and how to set all the correct settings within the phone in order to get better battery life.

          • Chris

            Can you share how then? Are you rooted? What can I change? I have auto brightness, connect to wifi all day at work, have service, blah blah blah. All the normal stuff. I don't have a ton of stuff installed, and anything I don't use or that shows up on wake lock detector gets uninstalled.

            Please share your wisdom. If you had my battery, your phone would supposedly last you a week without a charge. I'd love that.

          • OniKyanAE86

            Not a problem, before working IT for about 1.5yrs now, I was a Sprint Service Tech for over 6yrs so I know a thing or two about phones. Yes my phone is rooted, but I haven't had to underclock the phone or anything to get better battery life out of it. I root my phone so I'm able to customize it and run a few apps that require root like Titanium Backup. So with that out of the way there are three major things that will cause bad battery life on Android phones which is certain applications and the other two are hardware.
            First do not use applications like Advanced Task Killer, Battery Saver/Doctor, Network Booster, and so on. These applications probably did good back in the day when Android first came out, but they now do more harm than good. Android has been updated since around Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and even more with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) where it can handle itself in managing active applications/tasks and getting better battery life. For example just a couple days ago my boss' Galaxy S5 was having a bunch of issues like his phone slowing down, freezing, and battery life issues and I noticed these type of applications installed on his phone. I had him remove those applications and gave him some tips on which settings he could change to get better battery life. He now doesn't have any issues and he told me that he can go for about a day and a half between charging his phone. So stay away from these type of applications, most of the time they are just placebos. From all these applications, the most ridiculous stupid apps I have ever seen are the Network Booster apps, there is no way an application running on your phone can cause the cell tower or phone to give you a better connection, no way in hell! Even some regular applications can cause battery life issues. If all of a sudden you phone is not lasting as long as it used to after installing an app or two, uninstall the last few applications going down the line until the issue stops, you can find out which application was causing the issue that way. You will have to play detective to find the culprit.
            Next are the two major components that use up the most power on a phone, the LCD screen and the radios. Auto brightness is a good option, but lets say if you are indoors most of the time, I would set the brightness to about 1/8 or as low as you can comfortably see the screen properly. This will give you a static level of brightness instead of the screen brightness being all over the place. If you need it brighter turn it up, but keep it as low as you can when you do not need it to be bright. Already the screen is very bright and efficient with the AMOLED technology, since it has no backlight like regular LCD screens, with the AMOLED technology, each pixel creates its own light. That being said, another tip is to use dark color backgrounds and if applications allow the option, chose the dark themes. For the ultimate battery saving wallpaper, use a black screen. The LCD uses more power to put out colors so when the AMOLED screen's pixels are black, it is not producing any light at all, that is why the color black looks so... black and uses no power. This screen technology is awesome and it has one of the best contrast ratios for a phone screen. Then there are the "Smart Screen" features, they are cool and impress everyone, but if you want the phone to last you longer, turn them off if you are not using them. How does the phone know that you are looking at the screen to keep it on, or to scroll, or pause video's, well the front facing camera is always on looking to see if you are looking at the screen, big power drain. Also turning off Air Gestures helps too if you don't use them. Only motion control options I need or use is Air View, Air Command, Motions, and Palm Motions. Again if you don't use those turn them off. Only two other options to help out with the screen is the Screen Timeout setting, set it to 2min or less and the Auto Adjust Screen Tone option helps save power too.
            Next is the radios in the phone, number one tip is if you are not using them, turn them off. There are now 4 different radios on modern phones, Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, and the phone's modem/radio for making calls and transmitting data. For Bluetooth and NFC, if you are not using them turn them off, plain and simple, that's two less radios using power. Next is the phone's modem/radio, major thing that will cause the use of more power is reception and use. First off lets talk about reception, depending on how good a signal you have, the better the signal the less power the phone has to use to keep the connection. Distance from towers and buildings come into play as they affect signal greatly. If a building you are in is made out of metal, brick, or concrete, expect your phone's battery to not last you a long time. Since higher frequencies that CDMA radios use have a hard time penetrating those surfaces/materials described. So if signal is low, what does the phone do to keep the connection? It applies more power to the radio in the phone to keep the connection. I went into my local Motor Vehicle Division a couple months ago and their building is all metal, the two hours I was in there took my battery from 91% to 14% just waiting in there, oh and I could almost cook an egg on my Note 3, the radio was working overtime in that metal building! One last tip for reception, if you do not have 4G LTE or spotty 4G LTE, turn off the LTE radio and leave it CDMA only since the same applies to the LTE radio trying to get a connection from the tower and using more power to keep the connection or look for it.
            Last radio to talk about is Wifi, again if you are not using it turn it off. If you do use it like me, go into the WIfi settings, press "Menu," and select "Advanced Settings" where it says "Keep Wifi on During Sleep" select "Only when plugged in." What this does is that when the phone sleeps the Wifi will turn off and when the phone turns back on, the Wifi will turn on again. When the phone is plugged in to charge, the Wifi will always be on which is fine when plugged in, but when you are not charging, having Wifi on all the time is a big drain on the battery. Oh almost forgot, certain applications "Sync" data when they need to or if not, all the time. By going into the "Accounts Settings" you can go and disable
            applications that you don't want to sync, in some you can even go further as to picking what type information you want it to sync.
            Oh one more thing, when setting up other emails other than Gmail in your phone, go to the Play Store and look for the email app for the Email client you use (ex. Yahoo, look for Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Live or HotMail, look for Outlook.com, etc). You do not know how much battery life you save by using these email client apps. Exchange email, set it to "PUSH" in sync settings! Oh, and for goodness sake, do not set up your Gmail within the Email application, that F'n drove me crazy seeing it on phones, use the Gmail app for your Gmail, it will save you battery life, trust me! Hopefully this helps you out or any one else out there. Its just all about knowing your phone and knowing how the settings on the phone will affect the battery life of your phone, good luck!

          • Chris

            Thanks. Most of these things I knew, but I did learn some. I will apply some of the brightness settings, and look for rogue apps. Wake lock detector, greenify, and the settings "battery" screen don't tell me anything besides "android system" is second only to screen in battery use.

        • danbayne

          I also have a Note 3 (and am in IT) and get a full day of High Usage out of it. I've been told battery life on the Note 3 with KitKat is a lot better than battery life on the Note 2....

  • Kevin Welch

    I'll admit Im kind of temptued to see how well it pairs with a nexus 5, seems you can root it and run nova launcher on it

    • alexcue

      I don't believe you can do that from Tizen, but I'm also not sure whether you can use Kies to downgrade the firmware to get it to a flashable state.

  • John Smith

    the smart thing to do is wait until after Google I/O and/or July 1 and see what Android Wear has to offer in full detail ie LG G watch, Moto 360. otherwise you are just pissing away $90 that could be applied to a watch with an open platform of the future - and not a dead-end closed platform.

    however - i do think the OG Gear is a great looking watch. i love the front screw accents!

  • Michael

    My Experience
    If you come in expecting a full android experience you will be disappointed. Im completely happy now using it as a watch with a more convenient way of checking messages and caller I.D.

    In my opinion the watch is much better looking that the Moto or LG ones.

    Smart watches will always be hampered by the small screen.

  • Guest

    My Experience
    If you come in expecting a full android experience you will be disappointed. Im completely happy now using it as a watch with a more convenient way of checking messages and caller I.D.

    In my opinion the watch is much better looking that the Moto or LG ones.

    Smart watches will always be hampered by the small screen.

  • Michael

    My Experience
    If you come in expecting a full android experience you will be disappointed. Im completely happy now using it as a watch with a more convenient way of checking messages and caller I.D.

    In my opinion the watch is much better looking that the Moto or LG ones.
    http://m.imgur.com/wVw6Ae2 <-

    Smart watches will always be hampered by the small screen.

    • Marcelove

      I respect your taste and opinion saying that you prefer Samsung
      smartwatch over Moto or LG... But if we had a poll about which device is
      the prettiest, Samsung would place the last position, far behind all
      others... Samsung should invest some of the huge pile of money spent in
      advertising & publicity at design, cause they are like the following
      meme when they choose a design for any of their devices:

      • Michael

        Thank you for the reply.

        I think it's the style I prefer. For me the MotoX round screen is a turn off, sort of like wearing a pocket watch on your wrist. The L.G. looks odd because of the way the band is woven through the watch.

        • tintin.92

          BTW it's Moto 360, not X :)

      • Martin Cohen

        Everything you say is your opinion, but nowhere do you say that.



  • Zakhmi Dil
  • Kawshik Ahmed

    Remove Tizen and make the Galaxy Gear an 'Android Wear' device then it will be a great deal