Pushbullet is an app that consistently has strong updates that work toward crafting, step by step, a better harmony between your devices (including your computer). EvolveSMS is an app with good design that takes a sharp focus on functionality and making text-based communication easier. It only makes sense, then, that the two would make a great pair.

Today, Jacob Klinker, the developer behind EvolveSMS, announced a partnership with Pushbullet that will - put simply - allow users to receive, view, and reply to SMS messages from their desktop. That last bit is the killer feature - Pushbullet has mirrored notifications to your PC for a while, but the ability to reply to SMS messages is a very welcome addition. The feature is still in beta, but check out the demo video for a quick overview.

Basically, the incoming message is mirrored to the user's PC, at which point the user can pop open a window and type a reply, which will then be routed back to your device, through EvolveSMS, and out to the desired recipient.

To try out the functionality ahead of time, users will need to head over to the EvolveSMS beta community and get signed up for the beta. Users should then bounce over to the Pushbullet community and do the same thing. You'll want EvolveSMS version 1.8.0 beta 1, and Pushbullet version 14.3 to get everything working. Finally, just update the Pushbullet extension from the Chrome web store.

Source: Jacob Klinker (Google+)

Thanks, Derek!

Liam Spradlin
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  • Randy Hoopes

    Still needs work only in beta

  • CerealFTW

    Just got my first computer yesterday and was looking for something to send texts from it. This is perfect, thanks for the heads up!

    • dazweeja

      As others have said, MightyText has been doing this for ages and it's not beta. It also has a cool Gmail extension to go with the normal Chrome extension.

  • Will P

    Always had issues with MMS and Evolve. Hopefully they are fixed now cause this is sweet

    • http://kennydude.me/ Joe Simpson

      MMS through third party apps is ridiculously difficult, and next to impossible to work on all devices consistently. Sorry.

      • Bud Lutz

        MightyText handle's MMS just fine....in fact, too good. It's been my biggest problem with the app. I don't want it to sync MMS, but no matter what I do, it always ends up saving my MMS in their gallery. Can't stand that since I use it on my work computer the most....

        • Matthew Fry

          Oh they can read MMS fine. They just can't send MMS. I tried it last night on my Note 3 on T-Mobile. No go.

          • ProductFRED

            Add me to the list of T-Mobile Note 3 users with MMS problems in Evolve. Also sucks that no third party texting apps can send and receive MMS over Wifi Calling. The stock app has some kind of authentication that other apps don't.

      • Brendan

        Textra has worked fine with all kinds of MMS on everything I've ever used even MMS over WiFi. Only ap other than the stock HTC app that I've seen able to do it.

    • http://www.vinsonimages.com yamaha83

      same here. could never get group texting to work consistently with evolve

      • Seth Messer

        same; on my VZW motox, no group messaging with evolve. the pushbullet/evolve combo is so much more reliable than motorola's connect extension/setup. just wish evolve worked reliably for MMS/group messaging.

  • Bud Lutz

    And this is the point where I will finally try PushBullet again....I have issues with MightyText, but have managed to use it up until now. Hopefully this is the solution!!

  • Booyabobby

    Hell yes. Pushbullet just keeps getting better.

  • jamaall

    Two words. Motorola Connect.

  • Faisal Hussain

    Doesn't PushBullet + Mightytext work like this, right now?

    • br_hermon

      I didn't even think you needed Pushbullet, I thought Mighty Text alone did this. (Though obviously PB can do considerably more)

      • Faisal Hussain

        Absolutely correct. I have both for other reasons, but MightyText on it's own is enough for handling texts.

        • DJRiful

          Exactly, so what with this news article then? Nothing new.

          • br_hermon

            Nothing new, but an additional option for users. Not to mention that not only can those with Pushbullet now have MightyText functionality, but already have an additional number of features MT users don't have.

          • Andreas Mikarlsen

            everything is nothing new. its new in the way you can do everything trough pushbullet thats what the new is about. not that this is a new thing.

          • RebekkahBooseyesu

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        • Jason

          With MightyText, you have to send it onto their servers which is then pushed to your phone/PC. For some people, they feel safer that their info isn't going through a third party.

          • S Mahmood Alawi

            so does this!!

          • BobLoblaw

            The reply is definitely going through a third party, as it has to go through pushbullet's servers to get to your phone.

    • Sac Bunt Chris

      Does Mighty Text work with Hangouts? I've been having trouble with it lately.

      • shonangreg

        The two didn't work for me. When I got my S5 and was prompted to use Hangouts, I naively thought I'd be able to see my SMS messages on other devices with Hangouts. Not true. MightyText had been working with the normal SMS app on the phone. I could see and respond to SMS on my phone, tablet, or desktop (via a browser plugin). Hangouts actually broke the device-independence that MightyText already provided.

      • https://plus.google.com/u/0/108482452903817442299/posts Andrew Bone

        Works fine for me.

    • solbin

      Yeah, I loved using mightytext, but for some reason I had a massive battery drain on my phone while using it. Hopefully this will work better for me.

  • Blair Ginley

    This is awesome since I use both already anyways. And mms has never been issue for me luckily

  • FrankJL

    to the debs of evolve you guys rock! i support.

  • MJ

    I have been able to do this with Google Voice (via the browser) like forever but they haven't updated their mobile app in ages nor integrated it with Hangouts yet. Google, what are you doing with Google voice? Hello? Hello Google?

    • jamaall

      Google is not responding.
      Would you like to close it?
      No. Okay.

  • Matt Derrick

    Air Droid has already been doing this and much more for a long time now.

    • BobLoblaw

      Do you have to manually connect every time for Airdroid to work? Last time I tried it you had to do that which seems like too much work for me.

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    I read the headline and that was the first thing that popped into my head was MightyText

  • Mlibbey

    Can I choose which browser the pushbullet notifications come up on? I have about 5 computers all syncing chrome but my family members use half of them from time to time, obviously I dont want texts showing up tot he computers they are using lol any help?

    • hackRme

      use profiles on chrome...

      • Mlibbey

        those dots made me sense some sarcasm but i honestly didn't know there were users on chrome lol thanks though.

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    Does anyone know if you'd be able to do that with WhatsApp?

    • Rodrigo Chiong

      AFAIK, Whatsapp hasn't opened an API or service so other developers can plug into it and send messages. MightyText stated a few years ago that it intended to add that functionality, but last time I tried it was nowhere to be found..

      • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

        What a bummer. My girlfriend doesn't trust hangouts anymore since many times we've had a serious delay receiving messages from one another, so I'd love to use Whatsapp through a real keyboard (without having to pop my usb one into the phone lol). Thanks for the info.

    • Niall Murray

      There is an app and add on that can do that but it requires root and it isn't perfect.

  • Captain Canada

    "Continuity". Lol

  • guns

    Even airdroid can mirror notifications and can send sms !

  • Jonathan

    two of my favourite apps just got better

  • Mayur Harkison

    this is awesome, but will i able to reply to whatsapp messages?

    • Emir Kaymakoglu

      I'm also wondering this. Is there any way to do this?

  • Renan Lazarotto

    I've been happily using Motorola Connect for a while and, before that, I was using AirDroid to do the same. But I'll give this a try, since I've never used any of the mentioned apps and both look amazing.

  • Michael M.

    The only one thing I am not OK with is that I have to use browser and browser extensions for this. I won't use browser for staff like this ever. Cause First I do not want to launch it every time. Second. Even in hidden mode, browser extensions are not so system-integrated and not so pretty looking things like native apps. That's why Apple's integration with NORMAL desktop app iMessage looks much much better for me right now. But in any case I can't use it cause I prefer android and windows.

    • Niall Murray

      There is a desktop app too!

    • dazweeja

      I suggest you try it. I use MightyText (similar to this) and because it uses Chrome extensions, it hooks right into the OSX notifications system. The notifications are as pretty as any other and appear in an overlay in the top right of the screen just like other system notifications.

  • WilkinsonJ

    If this is any smoother than Motorola Connect for the Moto X, I would use it. I love Moto Connect but it sometimes takes up to 3 minutes to move a message from my PC to my phone, and they're even on the same Wifi network!

  • David Lima

    I'm very suprised that Google hasn't aquired these companies yet

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      They have no purpose in buying Pushbullet because it basically uses the same never-released feature of notification syncing across devices that Google showcased last year on I/O. As for the files... well, maybe to have their own AirDrop

      • Bob Loblaw

        The feature was released and pushbullet uses it, the issue is individual app developers need to support it and very few do.

  • https://plus.google.com/+MichaelBond codemonkey85

    I couldn't help but notice this line:

    "I know the guys over at Pushbullet have some really high aspirations for where they want to take this concept, so everyone can look forward to that!"

    I wonder what's on the docket? I've been hoping that Pushbullet could use the same notification functionality that Android Wear is set to leverage, so that effectively any desktop using their app / extension can function similarly to a Wear device.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Great, now add calling feature in there and Apple can suck it!

  • Joe

    One word: Mightytext

  • JMoney

    Wish they would have partnered with Textra

  • Tuck Choate

    Is there a way to initiate a text with this? Sometimes I want to start a conversation, not just reply to someone.

    • Julio M

      As of now, it offers you a way to deal with notifications you receive, not creating new ones. But I wouldn't be surprise if that's what they push next.

  • someone755

    Nobody wants a phone yet everyone wants a phone.
    It's like the joke of naming your dog "Stay". Then you say "Come here, Stay" and he loses his mind.