Update: Excuse me, this isn't actually AgileBit's first swing at the whole 1Password for Android thing. The team previously released a version that it allowed to grow so out of date that it chose to develop and release a new one built from the ground up. The Play Store link for the previous release has been taken down.

1Password keeps all of your login credentials encrypted and safely tucked away under the protection of a single master key, and now the cross-platform service has extended out from Windows, Mac, and iOS to make itself available to Android users. Like LastPass, 1Password wants you to stop using the same password across multiple sites. In the process, you can save yourself the effort of memorizing everything or having to manually sign into apps and websites.

Password6 Password7 Password8


The Android app is free until August 1st. After this, it will switch over to being a simple reader client for your online vault, and you will need to make a single in-app purchase to unlock the ability to edit things. The team hasn't decided on pricing yet, but the iOS version of 1Password goes for $17.99, and single user licenses on Windows or Mac start at $49.99. However you look at it, using the app will be an investment, so it doesn't hurt to take advantage of this free period while you can. Hit up the link below to get started, and take a look at the source link for the full list of features.

Source: AgileBits blog

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    I've been waiting for this for a very long time. Fantastic.

  • HiDEFF

    1Password stores encrypted information locally vs online like LastPass, correct?

    • Nes

      Yeah. They also support dropbox to sync your encrypted files. I really like the concept, but the apps are too expensive. 50 bucks for pc, 18 for iOS, god knows how much for android.

      • SimMac

        It's 39$, if you want to purchase it for mac, use the coupon MACPOWERUSERS and you will get another 10% off.

      • Neo Thomas

        I am using Enpass Password Manager and this app will give the answers of all your questions. Enpass saves all your information locally only on your device no where else not even on its servers.
        The app also charges an acceptable price $4.99 for lifetime license not like Lastpass that take $12 every year. For desktop version you need too pay even a single cent and get full features for free. Enpass is available for Android, iOS, WP 8, BB 10, Mac and Windows PC.
        I bet you can't no other app will give you these features that Enpass does.
        - Free Desktop version.
        - Multi sync support Dropbox, Google & One drive.
        - Freedom to save every kind of information.
        - Much more...

  • TheSparks

    So does that mean we have to pay to unlock the premium features after August 1st, even if we download the app now?

  • Your Mother

    just 5+ downloads? is this legit?

    • SimMac

      That is shown this way because its new, after a few days is should show the real download-number.

    • mantra2

      Yeah, they sent an email to beta testers that it would go online today. It's legit.

  • Spasillium

    Talk about taking way too long. I used to use 1Password religiously when I was on iOS, couldn't find an alternative when I switched to Android until I came across Safe in Cloud, which is now my new go to. WE COULD'VE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL, AGILEBITS!

    • alamarco

      Looks like you didn't search hard enough, or at all. 1Password Reader has been out for years and while it didn't feature a full feature load, it did the job. Abandoning 1Password was your choice, not 1Password's fault.

      • billykent1972

        And you should realize a reader isn't an alternative to the full app before replying to a post that you half way read.

        • alamarco

          What's was wrong with the Reader? If you needed a new password you could just generate it on the PC and sync up with the Reader via Dropbox.

          Other than generating new passwords, the Reader was perfectly fine as an app. Again, abandoning 1Password is the users choice. The Reader was sufficient enough where any user who loved 1Password could make due.

          Don't blame the company for your own choice.

          • billykent1972

            Reader is just a reader, your reply to Spasillium makes no sense, you can just use reader and do these other steps...moving on..

          • alamarco

            Based on your lack understanding anything, I'd say you lack reading comprehension.

          • alamarcoJERK

            wow, WTF. You must be AgileBits employee. I need to generate the password on a computer? What if I am on the road without a computer?

  • poutnik

    And why not use KeePassDroid? it's also cross-platform having a KeePass2 app on Windows and Linux... Has a Firefox and Chrome plugin... It stores data localy, but I use it in conjuction with OwnCloud (my personal cloud) and FolderSync... works flawlessly... and is totally free...

    • Nes

      I wonder how it fares against KeePassDroid? I know KeePass is open source but the apps look... dated, to say the least. And the firefox plug-in, does it work with firefox for android?

      • poutnik

        Well, the look is outdated, but if it delivers functionality... And no, I'm not aware of the plugin working with Firefox for Android. But I'm using it for so long, that it's not a problem to switch between apps and use clipboard... I have a quick launch shortcut for the KeePassDroid (using AntTek Quick Settings Pro, but whatever you choose...)

  • droid4lif3

    So its free but on August 1st I will have to pay to continue using it. No thanks keepass is better and free.

    • SimonPieman

      Indeed, that's not free, thats a bait and switch lock in.

      Nice try. What kickback did AP get for this "deal"?

  • PuzzledObserver

    "Through August 1, everyone can try our premium features for free". I suppose this means after that date, the In App Purchase will kick in. In this case, no thanks! There are similar open source alternative:
    Keepass2Android Offline: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=keepass2android.keepass2android_nonet

    Or the cloud version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=keepass2android.keepass2android

    • si3ge

      i made sure to get in on the passwordbox deal which gave a lifetime subscription for 10$. looks like this isnt a subscription fee but 50$ is kind of nuts.

      • RebekkahBooseyesu

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  • Harold Goldner

    B-Folders does all this; is free on Android; you only pay for the desktop version once.

  • Girish Verma

    Glad i bought mSecure for .99 Cents on sale. Does everything for me.

    • Allice Willard

      I bought mine for 10 cents :D

  • David Peterson

    Holy crap! I bought the mac app when it was on sale once and love 1Password ... I have suffered with the old app for so long


    no offense to anyone but why are so many people obsessed with using password managers with steep prices? i use different password for each websites and still remember all of them and my passwords are at least 25 characters long with special symbols etc.

    or the convenience here is the auto-login feature that you can use with that featureless in-app browser? if thats the case i'd rather use chrome saved passwords.

    or i'm missing something?

    • Reginald Spence II

      If I hit my head on a rock and lose my memory, then my wife can help me log into stuff. :D


        If I lost my memory I'd rather just start a new life with new accounts.

    • si3ge

      personally for me its all convenience. i must spend at least an hour or more a day just logging into things. PasswordBox (chose this cause of the lifetime deal AP posted earlier) makes that a lot quicker and simpler. sometimes even if i know the password i try typing it too fast cause im bored of having to do that crap so often.
      it also helps when you setup a new computer or recover from a format. all your saved passwords are back!
      it also detects apps like Netflix for droid and automatically handles that login for me instead of making me struggle with the hunt/peck keyboard since swype doesnt do well with emails and passwords.
      the droid passwords are a bigger problem than you think when youre a crack flasher but i guess titanium backup might also help with that too.

  • mightymightyme

    Interesting, but I'll stick to Last Pass.

  • alamarco

    Agile is a great company so I'm glad this is finally out of beta for the masses to use. They have great support and constantly push updates. I'm a long time 1Password user since my iPhone days and this app is a god send. The 1Password Reader did its job, but this app is much nicer with an updated UI.

  • mantra2

    I've been beta testing 1Password 4 for Android for months now and have been using 1Password for OS X for years. It's a fantastic app, well worth the somewhat overpriced apps.

  • amerist

    I have used SplashID and 1Password both for several years. Then my work cut off access to Dropbox when they installed a Barracuda web proxy. There goes my 1Password sync at work. As someone who uses Mac, PC, Kindle-droid, Chromebook, and iOS devices, it's imperative for me that whatever device I'm using, I can get access to my password vault when needed. Dashlane was the only solution that fit. I have RW access to the vault on all devices except the Chromebook, and there are well-behaved plugins for all my browsers on both PC and Mac. I get all this for one price, unlike splashID and 1Password. The downside to dashlane is the annual fee but if I were to keep my 1Password updated on all devices every time they came out with a new paid version, I'd actually be ahead. I didn't like that 1Password used a different chrome extension on the PC than the Mac so if I used Extension Sync in Chrome I could only ever get Either the PC or the Mac browser extension to work but never both at the same time. Dashlane doesn't let me store a pin number in a debit card record the way 1Password does. I'm hoping they fix that soon.

  • exadeci
  • http://jpmurray.net Jean-Philippe Murray

    Too bad I ditched them to Passwordbox on the last sale at Stacksocial...

  • dobbsy

    i bought 1Password a few years ago at, I believe, $40. When I bought it, I assumed it was a lifetime license. Nope. They charge for upgrades. Bloody ridiculous.

    i got in on the Password Box lifetime deal for $10 not too long ago and am waiting for them to fix their Import from 1Password option as it doesn't work as it should.

  • dobbsy

    Oh, and I just confirmed: they want me to pay $25 to upgrade the license that I paid them $40 for a year or so ago.