Anyone who has ever tinkered with a Moto X has likely noticed that the popular TWRP recovery didn't offer an official version for this device. There have been some unofficial ports based on the v2.6 branch of TWRP (v2.7 is the current one), but now there's an official version for all your modding needs.


Flashing or booting a custom recovery is usually the next step after unlocking the bootloader on a device. This allows you to install any ZIP file you want, make full system backups, and sideload updates. TWRP also has a full touch-enabled interface by default. In short, it's pretty cool. TWRP v2.7.1.1 is available for all versions of the Moto X as a flashable image file, however you're on your own getting the bootloader unlocked. That can be tricky with the AT&T and Verizon versions (the others have an official method).

The Moto X is nearly a year old now, and a successor is expected in a few months. It might have been nice to have TWRP early in the device's life cycle, but better late than never, as they say.

[TWRP for Moto X]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Corey Watford

    Wow...sadly a little too late...because I couldnt get ever Root my X, and install pie controls etc, the Nav buttons burned in-Darn Amoled displays, sent it back and grabbed a Nexus 5

    • Bob

      Developer Edition FTW.

      • Corey Watford

        Well if Motorola didn't make it in that awful Panda color, I would have caved and grabbed that.

        • ProductFRED

          Put a case on it. Problem solved. To me, being able to root the phone is more important than the color, especially when both halves are neutral colored.

        • Modified67

          Pretty sure Panda isn't a color. Perhaps a color scheme...

        • Scott

          Are you on Verizon? That's the only carrier that doesn't have an unlockable bootloader. I know the ATT branded ones did as well but there's no reason to buy it over the GSM unlocked version... which has an unlockable bootloader and is fully compatible with ATT.

          • Dan

            It's unlockable, just not through Motorola

  • Renan Lazarotto

    Don't see why I would ever need this (again). On my last phone before the X (a Lumia 710) I only needed nterop-unlock (root with another name) to uninstall certain apps. On the X, I rooted it but turns out that I didn't needed root at all - I could've just disabled the apps I wasn't going to use and it was as good as if they've been uninstalled. Also, it is a LOT late now, don't you think?

  • OhYeah!

    Wish someone would crack the bootloader first. Maybe this can be incorporated into safestrap but I don't know what that actually accomplishes.

  • Matthew Toomey

    Off topic - can we talk about a DE for the MotoX + 1?

  • TedPhillips

    IMO generally speaking, as devices age, custom recovery is more important - not less.
    allows for the community to pick up support as the manufacturer drops it.