2014-06-10 00_37_52-E3 Digital Ticket (pay what you want and help charity)

Humble Bundle is doing something a little different to celebrate E3 this week, and that's good news for anyone who wants to save a little cash. The special E3 bundle contains over $100 worth of games and content, but most relevant to our purposes here is the Android download of Anomaly 2, which is a cool game that costs $5 all by itself. You also get it on PC/Mac/Linux.

2014-06-10 00_36_27-E3 Digital Ticket (pay what you want and help charity)

The deal is pretty much the same as other Humble Bundles – you pay what you want with the cash being split between Humble Bundle, the developers, and charity (the ESA Foundation in this case). A few of the items are add-on packs for various games you have to already own, but there are some standalone games too. The bundle includes a month of Twitch Turbo (the game streaming service) so you can watch the E3 live stream ad-free.

There is only one title in the premium bucket this time, but it's pretty cool. If you pay above the average, the bundle includes the Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection on Steam. So let your Android heart lead you to Anomaly 2, but your generic gaming heart can still enjoy all that other stuff. You've got about two and a half days to decide.

[Humble Bundle – Thanks, @louiedog]

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