Sure, you could pick up the Nexus 5 from Google Play, but the N5 eBay deal is back. Just like last time, it's $384.99 for a Nexus 5 with free shipping and no tax, unless you're in New York.

2014-06-09 11_00_27-LG Google Nexus 5 32GB D820 GSM Unlocked Android Smartphone White 652810119429 _

Unlike last time, this deal is for the white Nexus 5 only. It's still a 32GB model, though, which is listed on Google Play for $399, but then you have to pay tax and shipping. When all is said and done, you're probably saving about $50, depending on location. There is also reasonably cheap international shipping, which may or may not be a deal based on import charges.

This is one of those limited stock deals, so hop to it before the N5 is gone.

[32GB Nexus 5]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • nickg85

    really wish I could find something like this on amazon, I have $300 dollars in gift cards from work.

    • Sruly J

      Sadly the money making apps I have on my phones only pay out in Amazon gift card. (On the bright side, I did get a free $520 laptop [with cash back], so at least I got a good deal on a website)

      • master94

        Which apps. All my ones pay in play credit

        • Sruly J

          The only ones I keep now are SmartPhoneMate, and mobile performance meter

        • Sruly J

          Although I also have PayPal paying apps like tooyoou and cash pirate (earned $17.50 in 2 weeks so far from cash pirate)

  • sayed mohasin

    Thanks Android Police. Just placed my order.

  • Badouken

    Rumors be damned! I hope a new nexus phone comes out this year... also on verizon...

    • Pootis Man

      Highly doubt Verizon is ever getting another Nexus phone.

      • Badouken

        Well with Verizon teaming up with Google on a "set of projects for 2014" or whatever... But not holding my breath at all... Better chance at achieving world peace...

      • AD1980

        As a Verizon Galaxy Nexus owner, I hope Google never again makes the compromises necessary to place a "Nexus" on their network.

  • matteventu

    Big news!!!

    http://www.gizchina .com/2014/06/09/meizu-vp-li-nan-confirms-flyme-open-sourced/

  • Matthew

    I want the red one but I'm here in Toronto, Canada... can't wait for my deal

  • Tenki

    Stupid question, but when we buy it from eBay is there still the Google warranty? Like if I have a problem I send it to Google?

    • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

      No. Only the LG warranty. I ordered one from this seller and the screen was really yellow. Called Google to issue an RMA and they said "Sorry buddy, return or go through LG." Only orders placed through the play store are warrantied via Google.

      • Tenki


  • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

    I picked one of these up three weeks ago during the same promo. The screen was real yellow so I returned it. Yes some say that it's normal, but not to my taste and quite obvious when parked next to my LG Optimus G Pro.

    • Myamo

      It goes away with time. I had mine on with a white full screen on full brightness for two days and it was the correct color after that. And for those that say that it's just because you get used to it: The first day I had accidentally the black navigation bar in the bottom (not complete full screen) and when I turned the phone around/upside down there was a yellow stripe after the navigation bar. It went away as well with time.

      Granted - you shouldn't HAVE to deal with stuff like that. It was annoying, and I don't blame anyone for returning their units.

      • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

        I heard of people doing that as well and having a positive effect. I didn't want to take my chances and cut my losses. Picked up a Z2 through an active Ebay daily deal in white which is what I really wanted all along. Still <3 LG phones.

  • suzu

    why always tax in NY O_Q


    I am waiting for iphone6.
    where can i buy it?

  • Zakhmi Dil