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There's a new Netflix app in town, and strangely, it doesn't have anything to do with streaming movies or TV. Nope, this is an official fan app for Orange Is The New Black, Netflix's original series about inmates in a women's prison. There aren't any clips or news articles in Orange Is The New App (har har). Instead it's more like a meme generator that's specific to the popular show.

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Pick a pre-made photo card and add your own message, or insert your face into a mugshot or a "pornstache." Ready-made cards are also available for the terminally uncreative. Once you've got your card just like you like it, you can hide it in a digital cake and slip it through the bars on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or old-fashioned text messages.

This is a fun little distraction, but it does show that Netflix (or at least the promotional team for Orange Is The New Black) sees Android as more than just a delivery service. Let's hope that forthcoming Netflix shows like the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe extensions will also get the expanded treatment. If you haven't seen Orange Is The New Black, you can binge watch episodes thanks to the new auto-advance feature in the main app.

Warning: I haven't watched the show, but according to Play Store reviews, it contains spoilers for the newly-released season 2.

Michael Crider
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  • Cristian Borsa

    It's a great show. Think Oz but with lesbian sex and better social critique. The funniest lines come out of the blue, like when someone was explaining the internet and Google to an elderly inmate and at the end she asks: "But people are still stupid, right?"

    • NinoBr0wn

      lol Orange is ALL the way on the other side of the spectrum from Oz, but yea, really good show.

      • Matt

        Yeah, I was going to say. Orange is the New Black has very little in common with Oz...both are set in prisons, but the similarities pretty much end there. Oz had very little of a funny bone and delved pretty deeply into the societal and systematic problems of the prison system.

        Orange is the New Black is basically a workplace comedy set in a prison, though the character development and dramatic arcs do add a lot to the show. Still, they go in two very different directions...it's like comparing ER and Scrubs because they're both set in hospitals.

  • tlogank

    Oh gah, those screenshots...

    • Salvador Paniagua

      Hey, at least the battery got some juice left!

  • http://androidintvfilm.tumblr.com/ wade_county

    Morello is a Nexus warrior. She's using a Nexus One.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      glad i wasnt the only one who noticed...

  • Demetrius Beasley

    People still use lookout?

    • Kcls

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Em Wood

    Would be great if I could get it in Australia.

    • Markus

      ...or Norway. APK anyone?

      • petusalem

        APK would be highly appreciated.

    • petusalem

      Indeed. This time Google sucks big time. This app is available for iPhone globally.

  • Andre Onuki Dos Santos