The hype machine for the OnePlus One continues to accelerate, and since part of its charm is that it runs a customized version of CyanogenMod, it's only natural that the creators are quick to release the necessary source code. While the device and build repositories for the phone's unique "11S" ROM aren't available yet, you can download the kernel source code here. Talented ROM developers should now be able to build a standard AOSP or CyanogenMod release. Need something to flash a custom kernel? How about TWRP.


The timing couldn't be better, since invitations to buy the phone are now going out, including to our own Artem Russakovskii. (Yes, gadget bloggers have to buy their own stuff - our review unit went back weeks ago.) Not all the invitations have been sent out (hopefully), but those who have received theirs can now pay and order their device: 16GB for $299 or $349 for the 64GB version. That means that the first production phones should be heading out soon.

A rock-bottom $299 starting price, specifications that meet or beat most flagship phones, and software from CyanogenMod has created impressive demand for the OnePlus One, but the manufacturer's decision to sell only to invited customers has created ire in the community. Invites are given to customers who participate with the OnePlus forum, engage with the company's social media team, or enter contests like the controversial "Smash The Past" promotion. Those who purchase the phone can then invite others to buy it as well. While low production numbers from an ostensibly new manufacturer would be understandable, the invitation system has left many potential customers frustrated.

Source: CyanogenMod GitHub

Michael Crider
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  • master94

    Cool, but the phone's invite system is getting boring now. Was fun at first

    • CasperTFG

      Exactly, you shouldn't have to participate on a chat board to get a device. Just sell the damn thing.

      • Rami

        Agree.... no time to go around in forums to bla bla about the device, just take my money then i will bla bla about it

  • Daniel Traynor

    Wouldn't touch it!

  • Rob Cook

    How long until there is a port for the Nexus line? There are a few interesting things that 11S has that 'stock' CM doesn't which I wouldn't mind seeing on my N5.

  • John M. Kuchta

    Let me know when I can get that sweet, sweet invite, and I'm in!

  • BC

    Maybe when production starts in full swing, it will be a phone I will consider...Until then I will pass as long as the invite system is in place. It looks like a great buy, if only more were readily available for purchase.

  • jman69

    Marketing gimmick. Make enough phones "at cost" for only a few. I am gladly paying twice as much for a LG G3 or Samsung Galaxy S5 Premium than the OnePlus.

    • Howard Bamber

      Bet you not paying cash but contact.

  • https://plus.google.com/+TroyLeonard Troy Leonard

    I wouldn't take one if it was free. Capacitive buttons, even if they can be disabled are out dated and annoying. I am looking at you Samsung!

  • ins0mn1a

    i decided to stop paying attention to 1+. if they put the phone on the market i might get it, but until then i am out. and i actually didn't mind all the banter and silly campaign (was no worse than most marketing campaigns), but when they started with the invite bs, that was that. you want me to troll social networks marketing your product? sorry guys, but if you want to buy my soul, that's gonna cost you a lot more ;).

  • Alexandre Leites

    So, bloggers receive the gadget to review and have to post it back after? I trought they give it for marketing purpose.

    • Howard Bamber

      They do keep them along with free flights to launches. Free hotels...

  • internet guy

    franco or bricked and im sold

  • housry23

    So I just wanted to jump in here and say that some of the invites are going to so called early supporters. These are supposed to be still active early members and their system would "automatically allocate invites based on 1: Join date, 2: number of posts, 3: Recent activity. I meet all three of those. I didn't get one of these invites. In fact, there are people with less qualifications getting invites and posting it on the forum and I am not. It's really frustrating. I guess since I didn't make posts kissing their arse, I'm not good enough to get an invite. The invite system is understandable and probably needed until they can ramp up production, but it should be fair.