Each smartphone comes with a gallery app, but considering how diverse the Android smartphone landscape is, the one you end up with varies from device to device. If you want an identical experience across devices, the best approach may be to turn to a third-party app, and while you're at it, you might as well choose one that's spiffy and straightforward. QuickPic is one of our top picks in this area, and now the app's developer has opened up a beta community for testers and dropped a new beta release for them to get their hands on.


Now this isn't a Play Store beta. Instead, the developer has made the apk available as a direct download. Here's the change log for 3.5 beta 2.

What's new:
-Add support for Picasa
-Add support for 500px 

There are new features and a redesign on the way, but in the meantime, be a dear and help test things out. A link to the beta community is available below. Just be sure to include the device name, Android version, QuickPic Version, how to reproduce it, and screenshot (if you have one) when submitting those bug reports.

QuickPic Beta Google+ Community

Source: +GeoffreyRHsu

Thanks, Andrew.

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  • BoB1673

    Used thisnall the time when I used stock android

  • cabbieBot

    I've been using this as a gallery replacement app for years now, it seems. My only quibble is that if you click on a picture sent via MMS and it loads it up in the viewer, there is not an option to save/share in the viewer. I don't actually know if it's possible...every other pic viewing app seems to treat them the same way. I only see "Details", "Set As", "Show in map" and "Settings" when I tap options. See the festively decorated independence day tree below that was sent to me. Regardless, QuickPic is great and I'll be trying out this beta for sure.

    • Guest

      i have so much trouble with the pic uploading on AP disqus threads...

    • David Spivey

      Well, strangely, that's be cause the image viewer software sees the image as a file already saved to the device. The MMS software stores the file somewhere. then the filename of the saved picture is then sent to QuickPic or whatever program you use. You would need to "view" the image with a file browsing program (maybe X-plore or ES File Explorer) to locate the image on disk, then you can move/copy it where you want. Alternatively, if you use the standard Gallery, you can choose "Details" from the menu. That will tell you where the file is stored under "Path:". Then use any file browser to move/copy the file where you want it.

  • Eloy Antunez


  • BoFiS

    Awesome, QuickPic is my default and favorite gallery software on Android, nice to see them integrating in Picasa! yay

  • Sigmund

    Eeeeeek, Picasa no!! DX ... I hope QuickPic will no auto-sync the photos or my data plan will explode by itself!

    Anyway, it's my default gallery in all my devices, is lightning fast!

    • David Spivey

      Sync and viewing are separate. I do believe most of these types of apps need to sync thumbnails as you view the images, but that's just to save time looking through them.

      • vgergo

        I won't feel the speed up while it's syncing the thumbnails of my 124,375 photos from picasa...

  • redsmith

    OT: ", and screenshot (if you have one) when submitting those bug reports."

    The OCD in me makes me wonder why the color of this sentence is different from the rest of the text.

    Why? Why???

    Back on topic, I LOVE QuickPic.

  • Jbg

    He actually talked about a huge update on /r/android on reddit. Posted pictures of what we will or might be getting in the future. I'm sure someone can find it

  • DirkBelig

    Love QuickPic because it handles animated GIFs, but if they're going to add external site they should have Flickr and Facebook. I used to use JustPics as a gallery but Facebook integration broke and the developer simply abandoned the app.

  • Matthew Fry

    Maybe it's time to go back to QuickPic. The gallery apps were so awful in the Android 2-3 days that QuickPic was the only reasonable option.

  • Niall Murray

    Give me dropbox and Facebook integration like gallerynext! Then I can have the easy ui of quickpic and the sync features of gallerynext.

  • http://twitter.com/jdrch jdrch

    Do the beta builds update in-app, or do I have to manually download a new version every time?

  • ColonelCockman

    Just checked it out. Still completely rubbish. Like every Android gallery app unfortunately. Admittedly better than the two stock apps provided by Google on my Nexus 5. They're just a testament to Google's disconnect with reality. Thanks Google, I really want all my cover art in my photo app. What a mess.

    As for this beta of Quicpic, it doesn't even support sorting by location (geotagging), let alone nesting by date and location. But you can see the name of the image files including extension. That's real helpful.

    EagleEye is probably the best of a very poor bunch. Try that before Quickpic.

    I recommend Android developers take a look at the stock iPhone app, and improve on that - which you'd think wouldn't be hard given its own blaring ommissions. But as it stands I'd take Apple's bare bones stock app over anything I can currently install on my Nexus 5.

    • Jason McKay

      You can hide folders from the general view. I hide all cover art folders and random icon folders that get picked up.

    • LG71

      You can just hide music folder. Google does not read your mind.

      • ColonelCockman

        If it did, it would know I wouldn't want every image on my phone in the gallery. It would start with the Photo Roll as default.

        • LG71

          What are you talking about. Sorry, apps don't know where your images are so yes you have to tell it what to include and exclude. It's easy monkey can do it. If you like apple and that's fine, go trade your Nexus 5 for an apple. Done deal.

          • ColonelCockman

            Sure it is, but my main point is even after you've done that, it's a really shitty app, and the alternatives aren't great either.

            I already have an iPhone and a Nexus 5, and have tried several Android gallery apps, none of which are even as good as the stock IOS app out of the box, and I wasn't a big fan of that until I saw the rubbish served up on Android.

            IOS has its own problems, especially its atrocious file management, and in the case of the photo app, it's the rendering of thumbnails rather than full images. But that's another discussion.

            All I'm saying is jumping ship from Apple to Android can be rather jarring if you're expecting freedom.

          • LG71

            My answer to you is simple. learn how to develop software and make your own the way you like it and than share it. Don't expect for freedom to come to you. I like to have control of my devices. They are all rooted and in my full control and that's what I call freedom.

            btw I don't know it happened, but some how I was replying to a newest update for qickpic app and got into an old thread. :-)

          • ColonelCockman

            Exactly, if you're not happy with your fridge, just learn how to make one, and then build it yourself. So simple, really. We should all become whitegoods designers.

            Oh yeah, if you don't like Android, just design your own OS and then share that. So simple.

          • LG71

            Yup, that simple. If you can't find what you like then build it yourself. Most of the developers on Android build for themselves and share it so we can use. Thanks to them.

          • ColonelCockman

            And yet there still doesn't exist a decent photo gallery app that's on par with the stock IOS Photo app. How strange.

          • LG71

            Yes, it does. This app is perfect for me and millions of others. It looks like you are alone on this one. Everybody is entitle for their own opinion and I'm going to stop at that.

          • ColonelCockman

            Greatly prefer the IOS App myself. I guess it's just a matter of how discerning you are about aesthetics.

          • LG71

            There is no need to insult people. Don't be an arrogant iSHEEP. I tried to be nice.

          • ColonelCockman

            What is an iSheep? Is that something that iAndroids dream of?

          • LG71

            Just use apple search. you will find it. Just follow your leader to the grave. Go to your iForums and enjoy the "smaller" life and try to catch up.

          • ColonelCockman

            Dude, I bought a Nexus 5. That maker me an Android owner.

            It's not my fault most of the software is a rough as guts. Apart from that, it's hard to be a diehard fanboy like you when you know the main purpose of Android is to enable Google to collate information on you. You only have to enable Google Now to have your nose rubbed in that. I can live with it - just - but it's really fucking obnoxious.

            So please, enough with the lame Apple barbs. Android has three things going for it: it's cheap; you can sideload apps, and it has proper file management. On the downside, the entire OS is pretty much spyware.

          • LG71

            This is my last comment to you. You have a choice to go with either apple or google. Don't really care. btw if you didn't know, apple collects as much info about you and your usage as google does. So don't think apple is so innocent. Just because you don't see it it does not mean it's not there. I don't use google now and I limit what google collects about me by having my device rooted. The android devices are cheaper ( not cheap) because of open source OS and competition between manufacturers. There most of the time are better hardware than apple's hardware. Having a nexus device does not make you an android owner, it makes an android user. As android community philosophy is to innovate and share, you as a user have a choice to use somebody software or learn how to create one. If you can't , sell your nexus and buy apple device to be happy with it. That is that simple. That is ok to be an apple guy. It's ok. It's all up to you.

          • ColonelCockman

            And I have both. Hope this helps.