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Kingsoft, makers of the popular productivity app Kingsoft Office, today announced that the Android app has reached 210 million users around the world. To mark the event, the app has been rebranded to WPS Office and given a new icon to match. The announcement comes on the heels of the app's update to version 6.0, which introduces "over 100 feature updates and enhancements," including a revitalized interface, support for 44 languages, and - in Kingsoft's words - "much more."

The app can view, create, and share office documents on any Android device running 2.1+, and offers collaboration features like edit tracking and comments. It can also auto-save and encrypt documents, share presentations to DLNA devices or over WiFi, and of course integrates with popular cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.


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If you're already a Kingsoft Office user, grab the update below. If not, there's never been a better time to give it a shot.

Source: PR Newswire

Liam Spradlin
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  • bungadudu

    Cool, but Hancom Office blows this and everything else out of the water.

    People with Samsung note pro tabs knows what I'm talking about..

    Maybe you guys should do a review of it :-)

    • Jephri

      I looked it up. 3 star rating on a 17$ app. Sounds amazing. Or not.

      • bungadudu

        :-)) maybe it's too advanced for the idiocracy..

        Anyway in the playstore there's just the "word" app...
        The full suite is free on Samsung appstore and comes pre-installed on the Samsung pro tabs. You can check there the ratings or on see the discussions on xda.
        It's like full Microsoft Office for android!

        • Jephri

          Love the passive aggressive smiley

          • bungadudu

            And I "love" how on Internet everyone try to psychoanalyse others when they've got nothing to say..

            Was just a suggestion after I tried most of the office suites on Android. Hancom for me and (based on xda) all the others who tried it, is better than everything else.

            Thought it would worth mentioning and maybe help others who are looking for a complete office suite...

          • Jephri

            Suite story bro.

          • Jephri

            Sarcastic quote marks are also quite nice.

    • Nathan J

      Maybe they should. It looks polished but they only show the word processor.

      $17.77 USD is about what the other paid Office suites cost. QuickOffice was good until Google bought them. Now QO is crap. Not sure if the old Pro version is still around. It was good. What makes Kingsoft/WPS stand out is the price. It's completely free. So if you can't or won't pay for an office suite on Android, you can get one for free that is, well, it's pretty good. If a paid app is better, that's not surprising, they're making a nice pile of money and can afford to support it.

      Only thing that comes up with a search for 'hancom' in the Samsung App Store however, is a 'Picture Quiz Challenger.' Maybe it's only for tablet users? Alas, only my phone is a Samsung. My tablet is a 2013 Nexus 7. Kingsoft works great on phones. A tablet Office suite should be expected to be good, but to work on a phone? That's kind of special.

  • DarkWarrior

    Is it possible that there is no "Search" option in document in new "WPS" office?

    • Michael Vieux

      It's called "Find"
      It's in the View Menu, slide the dropdown bar all the way to the left.
      The last item.

  • BugDroid

    Great app! Is there a way to add a print function for Android Kitkat users please?

  • Jk Jeeks

    Doesn't work with ART. Previous version works like a charm but force closes and hangs on the latest update.

    P.S Apparently they're deleting comments and bug reports about the app not working and sort.

    • http://www.geordienorman.com/ George Byers

      I don't see how this is their problem. It's your problem for using an option inteneded for developers...

      • Jk Jeeks

        I wouldn't mind that the app won't work on ART since its experimental but the fact that the developers are ignoring bug reports bothers me, as if they don't really give a damn about the app.

  • Guest

    Installed Kingsoft a few years ago. I then recieved a delivery status notification msg in my gmail....saying that my email to some @chinatax.gov.cn address didn't deliver. I of course didn't attempt send an email and thought it had something to do with kingsoft..so I deleted it.

  • larryx

    I love this software; good price, works, no bloat, what more can you want?