Google translate can be tricked into providing some hilarious results, but for average queries, it generally does a really good job of translating and offering additional information like synonyms and usage types. It looks like Translate on the web is learning a couple of new tricks though - recently, Google flipped the switch allowing Translate to show usage examples and word definitions. Various alternate translations (sorted by frequency) still appear on the right, while the new bits of info appear in a column on the left.


The additional info may seem like a minor addition, but it's a feature that could be very useful to those in the process of learning a language. Seeing a word in its context is always helpful in getting a handle on what it means.

The functionality, as mentioned above, only lives on the web for now. It's easy to imagine that it will come to the already powerful Translate app for Android at some point in the future, though. For now, the app only shows synonyms. To check out the new functionality for yourself, hit the link below.

Google Translate

Liam Spradlin
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  • slurivariv

    Great! Testing it now with Japanese > English. I think it's limited to nouns (for at least Japanese). EDIT: Nevermind. It showed a synonym for できる as 可能.

    • black

      why are you shouting "edit"?

      • slurivariv

        ... you're wondering why I chose to use capitals?

  • Martin

    This works.. But the food thing (ingredients) is still missing for me..

  • derk


  • huafoley

    I have to say this: it is a great feature. I found out this morning and I was extremely pleased. Good job google team. Thank you with all my heart!

  • Android Developer

    Cool feature. I've always wondered why they didn't put it.

  • Tijmen

    Awesome, there was so much empty screen estate. I can appreciate a clean look, but this is way better.