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Holy crap, that was fast. According to a flood of tips we just received, at least some owners of Google Play Edition devices are now seeing updates to over-the-air Android 4.4.3. The latest incremental update to KitKat was just published yesterday - some Nexus devices don't even have it. At the time of writing (Tuesday afternoon US) we've been told that the Google Play Editions of the HTC One M7 (2013 model) and the Galaxy S4 are receiving over-the-air updates.

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Thanks, Thomas Mengede, Greg Hesp, and @NotEged!

In addition, the Android 4.4.3 open source kernel files for the HTC One M7 and One M8 GPE devices have been published on HTCDev. That indicates that the 4.4.3 update for the One M8 Google Play Edition is ready, and will probably be going out very soon. We haven't heard anything from owners of the other Google Play Edition devices, all of which should be getting 4.4.3 eventually: the Sony Z Ultra, the Moto G, and the LG G Pad 8.3.

Check your notification bars, folks. If you own one of the devices above and you see the update, drop us a line in the comments (or over in tips) to let us know. We'll update this post with any additional devices.


Image via @NotEged

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Update: The HTC One M8 and the Sony Z Ultra Google Play Editions are being updated as well.

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  • ClarkDV

    I have a nexus 5 and can't get the OTA yet! But GPE devices have it! Damn! Haha

  • lulzer

    What the fuck man... Nexus 5 still waiting and those GPEs already getting it?

  • Anthony Tyson

    Rabble rabble waiting on my n5 ota rabble rabble.

  • WryIchi

    Just checked for updates on my M8, and it showed up. Updating now :)

    • Boba F

      Nexus 5 owners silently weep

    • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth

      Grab the ota

  • http://canerk.com/ Caner Kamburoglu

    Did I just see screenshot of screenshot?

    • Boba F

      Double screenshot all the way.

      • http://canerk.com/ Caner Kamburoglu

        You know what's better than double screenshot?

        • Sam Del Valle

          WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

          • http://canerk.com/ Caner Kamburoglu


          • Sam Del Valle


        • Simon

          *Disappointed that my screen's aspect ratio makes it impossible to make a triplescreenshotception*

        • Boba F

          I like your style.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      You saw nothing!

      • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

        I. Saw. Everything. :v

        • Simon Belmont

          You did. And now we have a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot.

          Inception level three. http://inception.davepedu.com/ .

        • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

          And now we have a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot.

      • Nathan


    • Simon Belmont


      BRMMMMMMMMMMMMM: http://inception.davepedu.com/ .

  • Sam Del Valle

    And just WHY are the Nexus 5 users STILL waiting?

  • NEXUS?

    Upvote this if you're wondering why the hell you bought a Nexus.

    • Blue Sun

      Unlock your bootloader, root your device & take power into your own hands. I backed up my apps, data, text messages etc last night. Flashed the factory image, restored the above backed up files. i'm wondering why you bought a Nexus too.

      • NEXUS?

        I bought a Nexus so that I get the updates first and fast. Simple as that. I also wanted 'stock' Android. Not interested in rooting.

        • Grayson

          If your bootloader is unlocked, there is a simple method to flash factory images on stock devices too without losing any data. That's how I updated my Nexus 5. Not that it excuses Google. They suck at updates, both app and device. Google is a big fan of trollouts. Apple gets it. Google does not.

          • NEXUS?

            I think I'm done with Android. First of all, this update should have come out months ago. So many problems with WiFi/LTE on the Nexus 5, among many other bugs. And now other devices are getting the update before my Nexus? It's a slap in the face to Nexus users.

            I've been on Android since 2011, had both skinned Android (on a Galaxy S2) and stock with the Nexus 5. This slow update schedule and lack of Nexus priority is the last straw. I'm going to put 4.4.3 on my phone whenever it comes then I'm gonna sell it.

          • Mystery Man

            Them tears

          • Jdban

            Seriously, jesus christ

          • me

            Bye !

          • moto x

            I actually am in the same boat as you. I'm going to go back to iPhone.

          • http://artigosparaprogramacao.blogspot.com Mateus Marquezini

            How it ? Without losing any data ? Is it possible on Nexus 4 ?

          • grumpyfuzz

            It's possible on your nexus 4, when flashing the zip file (fastboot -w update mako...) don't type in -w and it won't wipe your phone.

          • darkdude1

            > trollouts

            I see what you did there :P

        • me

          U don't have to root to update a nexus factory IMG. See u guys don't have a clue how use your phones but wanna cry .....

        • fixrex

          dont have to root to flash those image. yeah and simple too. just few fastboot command.

      • Nathan

        You didn't have to backup and restore.

        • Blue Sun

          I might be wrong, but I thought flashing the factory image locks the bootloader, unroots & wipes the device back to the original unboxed condition. Not having to do that would have saved me a few hours, but I was watching tv, so I'm not upset.

          • grumpyfuzz

            doesn't lock the bootloader, but it does unroot and wipe.

          • Blue Sun

            Thanks for the clarification.

          • Nathan

            No. Yes. Not necessarily if you skip overwriting data.

          • xnadax

            You can skip the wiping of your data by only flashing the non-data parts of the factory image. Here's a guide for anyone who wants to try: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=53119168&postcount=1211

      • edjfdhbd

        Exactly!!! I've been running it over 24 hours , works pretty damn good don't u think ;) like the new dialer . well u other guys enjoy looking at your phones waiting for ota and crying here .

        • Blue Sun

          The zip file for the Nexus 5 is now out. So more people can now install it with ease.

    • MrSonicBoom

      The other devices are just testing it for the Nexus devices :P.

    • Pootis Man

      The $349 unlocked price.

    • wideopn11

      Because I already applied the factory image as soon as Google published it. Who buys a Nexus to wait for OTA's? Additionally OTA's usually aren't much good to Nexus owners since we tend to modify parts of the system or kernel which causes an OTA to fail. So like I said, flashed the factory image and profit.

  • Deeco

    The death of Nexus devices, just confirmed.

    • http://dabuxian.com/ Dabu

      Wow, so dead, I'm so switching to superior iOS right away.


      • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth

        Much death

        • Chad S

          Many sorrow

          • Sam Del Valle

            Much Android

      • APPLE


      • Deeco

        Whoah, Steady! You do know I meant the Nexus programme, right?

    • Crispin Swickard

      If the whole Android Silver/Nexus program ends, and will essentially be what the GPE is, I might be OK with it. As long as there are unlockable boot loaders, and all there is a way.

  • Rob Trame

    My M8 just received the update; here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/nBQOsw9.png

    • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth


      • Boba F

        The screenshot lives inside all of us.

        • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth

          I feel it

        • http://batman-news.com Enhdojo

          Those screenshots are the Force!

    • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth

      Awe shit son

  • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie


    I like Android and all, I've got a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 2013, blah, blah, blah.

    But goddamnit if this isn't the saddest thing ever. :v

    Seriously, the next time someone claims that there's no fragmentation on Android or that Nexus devices get updates first, I'm just gonna link them to this article.

    Oh, wait.

    The Moto X got 4.4.2 BEFORE the Nexus 4 so there's that too.

    Seriously, Android is great and all but updates are just a fucking joke. :|

    • M.L.

      Either you forgot /s or you are silly for not being able to wait two days for a bugfix update.

      • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

        Mostly /s, kind of not, really. *shrug*

    • Ali

      It's just been one day. Calm the fuck down.

      • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

        Considering the hype over how Nexus always gets updates and how Android is or is not fragmented, this is still pretty sad. Soooo...yep.

    • Matthew Gardner

      This has nothing to do with "fragmentation", you're just carrying on.

      • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

        Keep on carrying on! :v

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Staged updates. Heard of them? They're there for a reason. Plus, you could flash factory images right off the bat if you were so inclined.

      • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

        I heard of staged updates, I hate staged updates. :| I guess I'm still used to the way iOS updates...you know when I had an iPod touch back in 2010.

        Still, I find it really annoying regardless, despite being able to flash factory images.

  • Churchill

    So, the Nexus are Google's devices but we don't get the update first. Seriously, w t f

    • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth

      You did via factory image

      • Boba F

        Nobody wants to erase their phone to get an update.

        • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth

          There's a way to do it without erasing, in the comments over on that pink Android News site which shall remain nameless

          • Boba F

            True, but it's still a PITA to do. Gettin' real tired of Google's shit.

          • http://emuneee.com Evan

            Can't please everyone. :-/

          • Aooga

            Whoa...wating a whole 2 hours more. You guys are making this way bigger than it needs to be.

  • Guest

    No more news regarding the OTA zip file for the Nexus 4? Quite bad that the GPE gets the OTA before some Nexus devices... :/

    • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth

      All but one

  • Ryan

    Nothing on my Nexus 5 as of 1:47 p.m. PST. Bummer for Nexus owners.

    • Boba F

      That update really tied the phone together, man.

      • His Dudeness

        Well, that's just like, your opinion, man.

      • Walter

        This isn't Nam. There are rules. Nexus line first!

  • ClarkDV

    T-Mobile Moto X has it now too and I'm still waiting -__-

  • RSerda


  • Sgrattia

    So, are they trolling Nexus 5's owners or what?

    • Why Sundar, why?

      Big time. Sundar dont GAF about us.

  • Adam Bennett

    My update turned up about two hours ago. Can't install as I'm on a custom recovery.

  • Drago

    Wow. My locked Nexus 5 weeps.

    Come on, Google. Release the OTA zips.

  • Steve Solomon

    LoL! Geeez people... It'll come! Y'all were perfectly fine waiting up until now... A little bit longer ain't gonna hurt! LoL! ... On second thought maybe I should join the band and start crying cuz my Nexus 4 and 7 have no update... And Moto announced it's being release this week...T-Mobile Moto X users get it first... but I have a Verizon version! LoL! Damn u Google! LoL!

  • br_hermon

    I'm a big Nexus fan. My last two phones and tablet have been Nexus but dang, all you cry baby whiners... So GPE devices got a flip of the switch today. It's not like every single GPE device in existence is now on 4.4.3 while we Nexus owners are out in the cold waiting. We'll probably still get it before they do anyways. It's coming people, any day now. If you can't wait, flash the factory images from Google, which by the way we should consider ourselves lucky to have access to. It's a luxury GPE users don't have. The OTA is rolling out, just be patient.

  • gfere96

    (NOOB QUESTION) I'm thinking about buying the M8, let's say i flash a GPE rom on it, if Google or HTC i guess pushes an OTA for 4.4.4 or 4.5 or whatever, will i get the OTA or do i have to flash the new system image?

    • br_hermon

      I don't know the answer to your question directly, but I inquired something similar about the LG G Pad the other day, flashing it to a GPE device. In that specific instance it looks as if it isn't possible (different files needed). I have to wonder if the same can't be true for the M8 as well.

      • gfere96

        Thanks for the quick reply :)

        • grumpyfuzz

          It works for me on my HTC One M7. Should work on the M8 as well.

      • Björn Lundén

        The LG G Pad 8.3 is different since there is no proper bootloader unlock for it, unlike the m8. With the latter in S-OFF you should be able to flash anything on it, including the bootloader. If it then receives OTA updates is another question though. I've personally never tried it.

    • Acill

      You have to update with a new GPE rom. The best wy to do it if you like the GPE would be a full conversion. Look over on XDA for info on how to do that.

  • Sir Perro

    What the f**k happened to the touchscreen/scroll un the Nexus4 in 4.4.3?????? I can't scroll up/down at the same speed, and the keyboard is annoying now!

    Anyone with the same problem? I flashed the factory image.

    • Simon Belmont

      OH NO! The keyboard is annoying now!

      Is it telling you off color jokes? Is it jabbing you with a pointed stick?

      • Sir Perro

        Using the keyboard is annoying. Touchscreen doesn't pick my presses properly. Same with back/home buttons. Terrible. Ill flash 4.4.2 tomorrow.


    Need htc one m7 OTA zip... :(

  • lulzer
    • Simon Belmont

      Thank you! We have a winner!

      *Ding ding ding!* *Literally throws Nexus 5 at computer's USB port!*

      • Nathan


  • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

    only somewhat related, as a new comer to xposed, how does an update like this effect everything xposed?

  • Yang

    From an Chinese Nexus 5 owner.

  • Navitron
  • SVU: Hannibal

    HTC One M7 T-Mobile in New Orleans downloading as I type.

  • mgamerz

    Anyone notice how banded the S4 is vs the One M7 screenshots with that holo gradient?

  • Yohann

    Not working on my Htc One M7. Screen totally unstable, ->retore...

    • Bryan Morris

      same here... gmail text area blacked out... screenshot renders error... screen glitching in notfiication area and on launchbar...

      Yeah... looks like I'm gonna have to do sommit drastic....

  • Adek Zakk


  • rob damiani

    Not seeing it my S4 GPE. I'm rooted, does that matter or should I still automatically receive the update?

  • Acill

    I dont understand why you all cry about not having the OTA come to you with so many places to just get the zip and be done with it. Just do what I do on my GPE M7 and my 2012 Nexus 7
    1. Click the link here on android police for your OTA zip using the device you want to update.
    2. Let it download to your devices downloads folder.
    3. Once complete, boot into recovery by holding volume down+power. Select "Recovery" using the volume and press power.
    4. Press volume up + power together at the same time and select update through devices internal storage.
    5. Scroll to your phones internal storage and select downloads. Find the file you just downloaded and press power.
    6. Sit back and wait for the install to complete. No data loss, no crazy hoops to jump through.

    • Pootis Man

      Your steps did not work in updating my Nexus 5.

  • Huton Gergö

    And where the hell is Nexus 4????

  • dick

    HTC 1 m7 gpe 4.4.3 yesterday. Nexus sucks

  • dick

    My HTC one m7 google edition 4.4.3 yesterday

  • Toby

    Just got the notification on my Nexus 4

    • Toby

      Here the Screenshot.

  • http://www.mrmad.de/ Pino

    Is there anyone with an update for Z Ultra?
    Seems to be an urban legend. Haven't reed anyone reporting about it. The devs at xda are waiting for links to port it to Xperia z ultra.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It's up now.

  • valapsp

    Where's z ultra files?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Up now.

  • Adrian

    Just update de my m7 and have a lot of bugs, the screen flickers a lot, I'm no longer able to make screenshots and shut down pop up screen doesn't show

  • Gregor Smith

    Took nearly 40 minutes for my update to S4 GPE to install, longest time I've had to wait, thought for sure it was botched. Looking for changes other than dialer now

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/pamela-hill/ Pamela Hill

    My N4 just got the OTA this afternoon.

  • Arxces

    Nexus 5 owner here, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Just got my OTA update. A few hours behind, but no big deal.

  • Mike Ernst

    Received 4.4.3 on my HTC M8 GPE this evening. 126 MB update

  • santod

    Too bad the m7 kernel source is incomplete...

  • Ronnie Reiff

    I got crazy artifacts after flashing on my (m7) ill just wait for update to come around to my device.


    I Need The Update 4.4.3 For My Galaxy note 3 -sm-n900t

  • karizza

    I updated my s4 to 4.4.2 and now its retarded. Lol literally. My service gets cut. My battery dies at 80% and when I turn it on it says 3%. My wifi is unstable. Etc etc etc. I looked if I was able to updatw to 4.4.3 but mine says up to date. Its annoying. What should I do?

  • fixrex

    android just tweet this. what phone is that? gpe? nexus 5? nexus 5+1? 6?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It's a mock.

  • Tom Harman

    Kudos to GPE's devices.

  • PaulMonroeJr

    Got my update today around 4:50 pm EST. I got it OTA today.

  • Hiren Parmar

    I am using HTC One M8 GPE, but I am still waiting for the update to roll out on my device, Its been two days, its out, and its still not updating my decide :(

    (NOW: 6/6/2014 2PM PDT)

  • GreenArrow

    how do i put Android 4.4.3 on my Samsung Galaxy S4 if i have not updated it since i got it.

  • estonian

    International unlocked m7 sense6 ota arrived today.ugliest sense so far,like homo phone now.