Update Wednesday isn't over until Google says it is over. Hell, we might even get an update Thursday and update Friday if Mountain View feels like it. The newest update from Google is the YouTube app, which has hit v5.7 with at least one much needed improvement.

What’s New

This version of YouTube finally lets you manually select the quality level when a video is playing. Before, pressing the menu button would let you choose between HD/HQ and off. Now the gear icon pulls up a list of resolutions from 144p to 720p (it seems to top out there). There's also an auto mode. I imagine that will do HD. We're still poking around for more improvements and will update if we find any.

2014-06-05 00.53.54 2014-06-05 01.09.26 2014-06-05 01.13.02

Left and middle: New – Right: Old


The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Rather than wait for Google to push this download to your devices, which can take days, download and install it just like any other APK.

File name : com.google.android.youtube-5.7.36.apk.

Version : 5.7.36 (Android 4.0.3+).

MD5 : ea3a4988771d64b4564cc4f5945fe035.

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[Thanks, Jonathan A.]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • aNYthing6

    Even though most high end phones have 1080p+ screens. Makes perfect sense.

    • Justin Foster

      This is more geared towards slower connections

    • Javier

      Tell me how u distinguish the difference watching on 5 inches

      • aNYthing6

        You can definitely tell the difference between a 720p video and a 1080p video, regardless of the screen size.

        • Tyler Humphreys

          Youtube videos are so heavily encoded even a 1080p video downscaled to 720p would look better than native 720p.

          • David Li

            What? No one watches unencoded video (few cameras shoot in RAW to begin with). I think you mean compressed. An uncompressed (high bitrate) 1080p video downscaled to a low res would still look better than native low res.

          • Tyler Humphreys

            Yes, compressed would have been a better word choice.

          • Ian Santopietro

            Every camera shoots in RAW.

            Not many store that way.

        • nothing

          You definitely cant tell the difference between a 720p video and a 1080p video, regardless of the screen size.

          • Primey_

            I can. It's easy. You might want to get your eyes checked

          • someone755

            You look at the button and the difference is there. OMG
            It does show on bigger screens. Anything below 5", your eye has to be like 10 centimeters away from the screen (which isn't good).

          • h4rr4r

            Then you need an eye exam. On larger TVs 720p upsampled can look ok, but you can tell the difference side by side.

        • Marcelove

          My god... And worst is that 60

          • Bluewall

            Are you retarded ? OF COURSE you can see the difference between 720 and 1080.

          • McKnightBlade

            Thank you haha... I've seen 2k and 4k and that is where the big deference is.

        • Marcelove

          My god... And worst is that 60 individuals gave you thumbs up,and probabily because they think the same as you...

          I can bet that you think that 2K screen resolution from the new phones are incredible better that 1080p screens right? Oh, independent of the screen size right?

          This is exactly the point why Samsung and other companies release new phones almost every month of the year: there is always lots of people that always are fooled by fake adverting like you and the other 60.....

          • Alberto

            Try to watch a YouTube 720p video on the Nexus 7 (2012), now watch the same video on the 2013 version. There are imperfections watching it on the 1080p screen that were not visible on the 720p screen. The same, althought not that noticeable, happens between Nexus 4 and 5. And I imagine it will be much, much more noticeable watching a 720p video on a 2560x1600 screen like the ones on Nexus 7 or Galaxy Note 10.1 2014.

            If you can't see the difference you might as well buy 10" tablets with 720p screens...

          • someone755

            I tried. No difference between 720p video on the 2013 and 2012 N7.
            And yes, I have a sub-720p 10.1" tablet. 1024*600, to be precise.

      • Leonardo Baez

        what about 10.1 inches tablets users.

      • Nate Brierley


    • joser116

      The AT&T Galaxy S4 plays 1080p YouTube for some reason, while the T-Mobile one does not.

      • Ricardo Neves

        My international HTC One M7 also has 1080p option


        Maybe it's a staged rollout

        • joser116

          What is the Drive file for

          • Ricardo Neves

            A screenshot :)

          • Ricardo Neves

            Sorry I'll post a proper screenshot


            how come my nexus 5 (tmobile prepaid) doesn't have 1080p?
            that means the official phone from google who advertises their phone's 1080p display always play youtube videos at at maximum quality of 720p?

        • joser116

          My comment was from experience long before this latest update.

      • Gordon

        ATT wants folks to hit that joke 5gb cap as fast as possible

        • Ashish

          And T-Mobile doesn't want to fully utilize that unlimited bandwidth.....Yea I can sound retarded too.

      • krazyfrog

        I got the 1080p option when I installed the update. After a while it disappeared and 720p was the max option available, even on WI-Fi.

        • IrishSid

          You sure the videos had a 1080p option?

          • krazyfrog

            Yup. It comes and goes as it pleases, even for the same video.

    • gabrielth555

      I don't understand why my Sony xperia tablet Z will only let me go up to
      720p and my Note 3 will do 1080p .Both on the official youtube app...

  • Logan Graham

    Mediafire link points to zippyshare as well.

  • rasik

    Still no background play :-(

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It's getting closer.

    • thartist

      Try Viral popup. It's a youtube player despite the name, and it features background play: Brought immense relief to my first world problems! :P

      • merman1983

        Was in love with Viral for a while, but was getting crashes and lock ups. The pop out player thing is awesome. I switched to PVStar for background audio, but will try Viral again to see if things have stabilized.

        • Helper

          Try OGyoutube from xda

  • Anthony Q

    Finally!!! Thanks for the apk

  • joser116

    Hopefully they fixed those rampant network errors.

  • David Spivey

    A question for someone who knows: Does this allow you to set one of those resolutions as preferred, so I don't have to push the button on EVERY STINKING VIDEO?!

    • HellG

      Wondering about this too, its a pain to keep unticking HD every time i open the app :/

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        You don't watch in HD? Ouch

        • Alexei Watson

          Internet speeds mean that sometimes that's the only way to watch it at all.

          • Simon Belmont

            Or just bandwidth preservation. Not everyone has unlimited data.

            In fact, for me, it's more about my hardware. My poor old B&N Nook Color running Android 4.4.2 just can't handle HD videos (480p is fine, though).

        • HellG

          With the quality + price of internet in my country + the average wage + no low for minimum wage = impossible to get internet that is fast enough :/

        • someone755

          I can barely get it to work on 480p.
          100 ms ping. A max of 150 kB/s DL, ~90 kB/s UL.
          And I'm afraid I'm not the only one. My entire country is over 90% slow-ass ADSL.

    • Simon Belmont

      Oh, wow. You said exactly what I was thinking.

      Missed your comment until I scrolled down. But, I basically put the same thing above.

  • Marcus Clendenin-Bey

    Looks like they finally allow HD on mobile connections again! I'll take 720p as a step in the right direction

    • Simon Belmont

      Good to know. 720p looks a lot better than 480p on a 1080p screen.

      I tend to stream a lot of videos over mobile. So 720p will be great.

  • fasd

    When are we going to be able to download videos for watching later?

    • Ray

      tubemate Youtube will never do that for copywriter reasons

  • Corey Watford

    How bout a Refresh button for checking for new videos, hate having to open and close the app

    • Your Mother

      I'd like a download option or ability to save videos for offline viewing.

      • Marcelove

        Put the video that you wanna ser at "Watch Later" and chance config at app to it download all videos at tour "Watch Later" list😉

        • pfmiller

          That configuration option was removed several months ago. There isn't any preloading anymore.

  • acer1096xxx

    Can we seriously have the ability to thumbs up/down comments and see the top comments on the app already? I don't understand why this isn't implemented yet considering the mobile website version has this feature...

    • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

      Took them years to add HD streams, even longer for the ability to reply to comments and much longer to view content in HD on a cellular connection, you might have to wait a year, probably more for that.

  • Your Mother

    I want 2k and 4k !

    • WitnessG

      That would be pointless cause theres only a few devices that even have a 2K display and only a few youtubers upload in 2k/4k.

      • Your Mother

        that's what people said about 720p. besides, you have to be forward thinking. 1080p will be obsolete.

        • Simon Belmont

          From far away, your avatar's picture reminded me of John Legere. Then, I realized it was Rowan Atkinson.

          I think I need new glasses. Wow.

          • Your Mother

            lol. that's Mr. Bean photoshopped to look like a rapper, Lil Wayne I think.

          • Simon Belmont

            Yes. Rowan Atkinson is Mr. Bean.

            Loved those Mr. Bean TV shows. Hilarious.

      • Guest

        I think he was kidding. Or at least being sarcastic.

        I don't own anything with a 2K screen either. Let alone 4K.

    • MeCampbell30

      What is 2k? 1080p?

      • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

        2k is 1080+1080=2160p

        • David Li

          While technically yes referring to 2160p, a standard no one uses, 2K typically refers to QHD 2560x1440 which is 4x 720p. 4x the number of pixels in total (area) not the number of pixels horizontal or vertical (length)

        • Simon Belmont

          It's the horizontal resolution we look at for 2K. So, for example with 1080p, we look at the 1920 horizontal resolution, and 1920 is ALMOST 2K.

          With the QHD we look at the 2560 horizontal resolution and it's basically 2.5K. I sort of wish they'd just eschewed the 2K business and just stuck with 1440p (much more precise).

      • Simon Belmont

        Technically 1080p is under the 2K umbrella. But 2K, proper, generally refers to QHD or 1440p.

        It'd be more accurate to call it 2.5K, though. 1080p is much closer to 2K than QHD is.

  • Adam Dominiak

    Background audio. Youtube you've promissed

  • Simon Belmont

    How about letting us select the video resolution BEFORE a video is playing. As in, let me choose the default resolution I want it to be.

    I wonder what the criteria is for "auto" to select your resolution? Network throughput, or hardware capability or some amalgam of both?

  • adi19956

    I've been begging them to do this for ages, but to distinguish between HQ and HD.... So can we not have 480p as an option?

    • Simon Belmont

      Ha. I just noticed that after reading your comment.

      No 480p option. That's really odd.

      • adi19956

        Did they think it would completely ruin the UX if they added two more options? It wouldn't exactly take up the whole screen, and they have them on desktop. I don't understand why they have to be so incremental.

        • Simon Belmont

          Not sure. 480p is a pretty glaring omission, though.

          Maybe a tiny point update will add it. Who knows.

    • Ricardo Neves

      That's strange, i have 480p option. Look at my screenshot above

  • Matthew Gardner

    This is probably a precursor to supporting higher resolutions. If they introduced 1080p as the new default HD without the ability to change it, people on slower connections who would otherwise be fine with 720p would be forced down to SD video.

  • Kolyan24k

    Where the fxxx is background/screen-off playback ?

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Here's what I noticed, 'my subscriptions' has a slight UI update, and the number of videos that are listed was substantially increased, a welcome change as last update it was reduced, I can now subscribe to those channels I unsubscribed from because I couldn't see all new videos as the list was too short, to put things in perspective I could only see new videos posted until a few hours ago, now I can see videos updated few days ago. And let's not forget HD streaming over mobile connections :-)

  • David Li

    Yay I can now watch 720p video on data.

  • meijin3

    Slightly off-topic but I didn't have an ad-blocker and when I went to download the apk I got an ad saying I was attacked by the Hornyworm.apk virus. What the hell? Haha.

  • Billy

    I just opened a YouTube link from Facebook and it didn't initiate YouTube from Web link.

    Have they finally set it as a system default? That has to be new.

  • Aravind Arsenal

    And I have to watch in 360p :(

  • Robert L


    June 2014. Took THAT long to get this to happen on the official app. And only up to 720p - tf?

  • TopXKiller

    I just use Viral :)

  • Renato Moura

    Major thing left unnoticed : global TV volume control using volume buttons when casting to Chromecast (and YouTube app in background), following the behaviour of Google Play music and chrome beta video casting.

    Another thing : different icons and layout for PLAY and ADD TO QUEUE when casting

  • WHO?

    Maybe I missed the play videos in the background update? Thought about that this morning. Has that been implemented as every blog said it was coming months ago.

  • Vinícius Souza

    Two things:

    1. I just saw 1080p option, but it doesn't have any effect. It doesn't stay selected. Just tried to reproduce this to take a screen shot, but it's not showing up anymore.

    2. When listing any channel uploads, it's not displayed anymore when the video was added, like hours or days ago. They must correct this!

  • tim242

    Gotta love malware mirrors posted on this site. You guys should do better.

  • fjleon

    finally Google acknowledges not everyone has 25 Mbps connections. Here in Venezuela the average is 1.0 Mbps.

    • Marcelove

      Brazil here... I don't know how things work there but here internet providers sell you a speed but at many sites, YouTube included, the speed almost never reachs the speed bought...

      • xConjo

        Because they con only assure you 'national speed', so if they sell you 20mbps for example, that will work perfect for servers in your country, but that speed may or may not work as good as in your country with 'international connections' (like Youtube), depending on the company you're using.

    • PoisonApple31

      So its you guys bringing that horrible lag to Halo 4! ;)

  • dudl

    up to 720p cuz 1080p or higher streams are demuxed. streams up to 720p are muxed

  • TheLastAngel

    Now if we only could filter searches by length...

  • SSyar

    Finnallyyy.,.,, ! Google thought of people who dont have Google Fiber connection


    this update brought one small feature that made the youtube app less annoying: while video playing horizontally full screen with immersive mode, pressing the volume buttons to change volume no longer causes the UI to show the navigation buttons and other youtube UI bars,...
    all you see is the volume bar showing volume being adjusted.
    (at least on my nexus 5)

    • Matt

      Now if they could just make Android have a volume adjustment with alpha transparency and that it times out more quickly in an app like YouTube. One of my pet hates..


        Xposed gravity box can help you change the time out.
        Yeah I hope its transparent too.

  • catpunt

    Did they get rid of the activity tab under subscriptions? Why would they do that?

  • Binshad T P Haris

    Finally my most fav in my wishlist... :)Not sure why this took so long..!

  • Carlos López™

    Not allow posting comments in a Stream =S

  • denisu

    Play/add tot queue buttons for playing on Chromecast also changed.

  • abobobilly

    YESS. Android's YouTube app has been missing this feature since eternity now. I am glad that Google FINALLY came back to its senses and added this well needed feature.

    I just hope Google doesn't stop there.

  • deviantartjr

    no 480p, meh ,internet connection in my country is crap

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    No 1080p?

    And seems a rather small update.. AND STILL NO REFRESH BUTTON!

  • Aayush

    I was waiting for this, but still no 480p option for my galaxy grand duos which has a 480X800 screen
    If 480p is available on the desktop computer then why not on the mobile app
    I understand 720p is an option to solve my problem , but here in India internet is slow and expensive and its not wise to waste data and wait for buffering a 720p for watching on a 480p screen

    • primalxconvoy

      Tubemate has got 480 option. I think.

  • Maranello Santiago

    Was able to pick 1080p on a video on my T-Mobile Note 3

    • PoisonApple31

      Could only get 720p on my Verizon Note 3! Damn it.

  • USiT

    It would be nice if it had a auto selection in the menu for all videos. As it is now i have to first start the video, wait for it to load, then select HD, and rewind to the beginning.
    A auto quality under the settings and it would select the best quality for you according to your speed

    Or maybe it has this settings and i have totaly missed it?

  • B MO

    no 480p and 1080p, maybe they disabled DASH?

  • primalxconvoy

    The "Tubemate" app's been able to do this for ages AND download up to 1080p. Best YouTube app for Aneroid, ever.

  • Jamie Hyde

    480p and 1080p are available.

    LG G2.

    • Denis

      could you provide an example of a video that lets you select 1080?

      • Jamie Hyde

        I tried this one,

        A Great Big World - Day 5 - Why'd They Write "Say…: http://youtu.be/2HgC4o3d3ZE

        • Denis

          hmm mine goes to 720 only. perhaps, they enabled it only to some users.

  • http://www.kawingli.com Ka Wing Li

    The version that I downloaded yesterday allows me to play even in 1080p quality.

  • Romario Maxwell

    They should implement KitKat style toasts throughout the entire app.

  • http://lukelarris.com/ Luke Larris

    The only thing I care about with this version is whether it fixes playback being stopped and buffered data being lost when an app automatically updates in the background. So annoying.

  • rolo143

    Until they add the option to play on the background, so I can listen to a music video even when I have the app minimized, then I can die in peace.

  • Adam B.

    Here you go for everyone complaining:

    YouTube added something called "adaptive streaming" last year. Essentially, what it does is, instead of saving each video file as a large single file, it breaks up each video into small chunks, which are dynamically requested by each client depending on each client's network conditions. It allows clients to respond more actively to bandwidth changes and limits, and it also allows YouTube to save on bandwidth. For most users, this resulted in less buffering.

    So every quality level of every video had two versions, a whole-file version and a chunked version for adaptive streaming. Around the fall of last year, Google *removed the whole-file versions of every video for 480p and 1080p, so these qualities are only available to clients that are capable of adaptive streaming*. These clients include the standard desktop Flash YouTube player and the HTML5 YouTube player in desktop Chrome.

    Android's YouTube app doesn't currently support adaptive streaming, which is why the 1080p stream is not available anymore. It's much harder to implement than just downloading a whole file, so you probably won't see any third-party clients implement it anytime soon.

    YouTube for iOS does support adaptive streaming though (as well as explicit quality selection), so iOS users can get the 1080p stream. This might mean Android will get it in the future.

  • Stephen Sisco

    No 1080p option on Galaxy S4... Wonderful. Apparently only flagships from this year have a 1080p option.

  • sid

    I got option for 1080p for a video, opened another, came back, the option is gone:/