Update: Xperia Blog has confirmed this update is, in fact, Android 4.3. I can confirm that T-Mobile does, in fact, suck at changelogs. The version has also been tweaked to 10.4.C.0.814.

It might not be the latest and greatest anymore, but the Sony Xperia Z on T-Mobile is still getting some update love today. That mysterious Android 4.3 update that was pulled a few months back still isn't back, apparently. Instead, you get some small tweaks.

2014-06-02 10_26_03-Software update_ Sony Xperia Z _ T-Mobile Support

T-Mobile will be pushing the OTA to devices throughout the month, but you can also use Sony's desktop companion software to manually install the update. It's pretty hefty, clocking in at 312MB. T-Mobile's docs don't list a bump to Android 4.3, even though 10.4.C.0.808 is more than large enough for that. It's still possible this is Android 4.3 and T-Mobile just sucks at changelogs.

The only new feature listed is the option to do a master reset using the hardware keys. The software tweaks include interface changes and the merging of several Sony apps. We'll see what happens when it starts hitting devices.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Suddenly carriers and OEMs starting roll outs during WWDC day lol

  • Jephri

    T-mobile has been holding up all the Sony software updates. Come on guys, get us some Kit Kat magic!

  • Paul Schinider

    That's good about Sony Xperia Z to update their interface to create good work on Sony Xperia Z

  • ash

    It would have been better if AP might have posted screenshot also.

  • black

    Will this update make my phone waterproof?

    • njp

      really you think a software update is going to make your phone waterproof my gosh I feel sorry for you

  • suzyq

    since my update the battery is being drained as i watch it. Ive turned off everything apart fromthe power. what else can I do ??? help

    • tima

      Same here.

  • Ad Cy

    Can I turn my tools wigets and my settings page back to black? if this is the interface update they can keep it.

  • Darrell Pruitt

    Got the update a couple of days back. Was so excited(yes, hell has froze over!), that I went for it, forgetting the fact that I'd lose root in the process. Kingo Android root has worked well for me up until 4.3. Kinda regretting that decision.

  • Darrell Pruitt

    Thought we were getting kitkat.....?

    • Kevin Schimes

      We are, whenever T-Mobile gets off its ass. Sony had pushed that update through, but T-Mobile has a terrible certification program to throw their apps in and make small changes at a snail's pace.

  • Darrell Pruitt

    .did anyone else have trouble trying to figure out how to customize your screens? I discovered it accidentally by placing both thumbs on the screen, one on either sideand up came my option to add widgets or apps. also I was so excited to get an update that I lost root lol!

  • Jason Bosher

    Ever since update my phone freezes up on Texts messages and the screen is not as bright as it used to be on the lowest setting now I have to have the brightness feature turned all the way up just to see my phone in sunlight