Agent 47 is back, but this time he's a bit less animated. In fact, he and all the guards he's going to strangle are game pieces in the new Hitman Go from Square Enix. This is a strategy game that aims to keep all the core strategic elements of the Hitman games while making it more playable on a mobile device.

Hitman GO is a puzzle game that pits you against an assortment of dangerous enemies. It's up to you to guide Agent 47 around the board to assassinate the necessary individuals and reach the objective. It's the same thing you do in regular Hitman games, but with a more stripped down interface and simplified controls.

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The graphics in this title are distinct to say the least. It's a really neat scale-model look. Agent 47 and all the targets are tiny statues sliding around little game boards. The game is paid, but also includes in-app purchases. It looks like these are mostly for hints and early unlocking of later levels. So, maybe not too egregious.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Matthew Fry

    I'd love to see an AP review of this.

  • abobobilly

    I like the art work.

  • James Aaron Anteola

    first game that i know of to use tilt shift technique for miniature effect. will wait for an AP review before purchasing.

    • http://www.overvprojects.nl Alexander Overvoorde

      You can already find reviews for the (equivalent) iOS version. It's a great game.

  • h4rr4r

    I love the new playboard thing, skip to end of article before reading and see IAP and done.
    Only thing better would be if you guys put that at the top.

    • Brendan

      That's been there like forever.

      • h4rr4r

        I meant since the new IAP thing was added to google play now playboard shows it as well.

        • Brendan

          Oh. I misread IAP as something else...

  • Mayoo

    I now want a Commando Android port

  • Guest

    That man from icon...looks like a Slenderman :P

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      Except his head isn't white and he has a face? Why don't you go stab a 12 year old?

      • Dario

        Disgusting response.

  • polesmoker99

    I played a fun demo of this, but 5 bucks PLUS IAP? Make up your mind, Square Enix. At least I hope it pops up on Amazon so I can use my some of my 2000 coins.

    • flosserelli

      Developers must not realize how double dipping turns off many potential buyers. Or they don't care.

      • polesmoker99

        Seriously. If I'm paying 5 bucks for a game, it better be the full fucking game. Unless the IAP is to hire a real Hitman to take out the developers for being bad at pricing, this is just greedy and stupid.

    • Dennis Ulijn

      Normally I hate it as much as the next person here, but 5 dollars (4,49 euro) isn't too much for such a well designed game that is not made by an indie developer. Of course it could always be cheaper, but on a home console this would easily cost double, triple, maybe even quadruple this price. So is the fact that you play the same game on a 40"+ screen worth that increased price?
      IAPs... If in-app purchases are of the pay-to-win kind in a multiplayer game i understand your negativity, but as far as i can see you can choose to pay for ways to show how to finish levels or play levels that you haven't unlocked yet. I don't think that is really that bad. It's too bad that these sort of things need to be included, but it's a mechanism to be able to make games harder without putting casual players off...

    • Michael

      At least on iOS, the IAP are totally unnecessary. They basically let you unlock levels without progressing through the game, as well as level hints. Moreover, I'm actually not sure where to go in the app to find the IAPs. There's no menu begging for cash or anything like that.

  • John Smith

    it would be sweet if the figures got holes through them or their heads/arms fell off

  • https://sites.google.com/site/livingroomhush/ Alessandro L

    Cool visuals, in between Autocad e Hopper.

  • Sravan Kumar

    Copied fron iTunes:

    Top In-App Purchases
    Complete Walkthrough₹ 920
    Unlock Chapter 3₹ 60
    Unlock Classic Chapter 1₹ 60
    5 Hints Pack₹ 120
    Unlock Chapter 4₹ 60
    Unlock Chapter 2₹ 60
    12 Hints Pack₹ 250
    25 Hints Pack₹ 420
    that means, we have to pay for each chapter separately.

    • Cheeseball

      No. That's just for early unlocking. If you play the game through, you don't need to use any of the IAP, unless you're not skillful.

    • Dario

      No it does not. I read posts from the iOS reviews and those are cheat unlocks for the chapters. Normal gameplay can unlock those chapters. Now whether it is grinding or 'taking your time' is up to what you believe from these reviews. It doesn't seem too intensive or needless grinding.

      So basically we have a full game where you now pay for the cheat codes we were used to having in our old Genesis and SNES games. Sorry guys but I find this complaining about 5 dollar games with IAP cheats a bit too much. So they are monetizing cheats and some direct content. I could care less.

      • Dipshit

        *Couldn't care less

      • primalxconvoy

        It depends. If we give Square the benefit of the doubt, then your point is valid (and I hope more companies do it this way).

        However, if they take the path oft travelled, like Shamesoft and EA have, then this is potentially "pay to win", with levels designed to grind players down to purchase, rather than characters' levels to go up and progress.