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RoboForm is a popular password manager and form-filling service on the desktop, but its Android edition has felt a little behind the times as of late. That changes with the 4.05 update, which adds the ability to fill in tedious form info on any app on your phone or tablet. It's especially useful since the (paid) RoboForm Everywhere feature will sync all your information with the extension on your computer. No more hastily trying to remember the password for the HBO Go account you "borrowed."

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Previously, RoboForm needed its own rather clunky browser to fill in all the relevant information, which is obviously not an ideal solution. Now it runs as a background accessibility service (which you'll need to enable) to work across most, if not all, Android apps. Neat. RoboForm works natively with the mobile version of Firefox and Dolphin, if you install the relevant extension.

Other small additions in 4.05 include the ability to switch between the standard light theme or a new dark one, a file browser/uploader for the integrated RoboForm web browser (though I don't know why you would want to use it now), and a few other changes. RoboForm will run on its own on your Android device, but to sync the data with your desktop or other devices, you'll need RoboForm Everywhere starting at ten bucks a year.

Thanks William!

Michael Crider
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  • Alexei Watson

    Ah totally had my attention until $10 a year.. My current solution might not have the bells and whistles, but at least it's an up front, once off payment.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      PasswordBox and Lastpass are $12/year.

      • alamarco

        1Password is a one time fee.

        Currently the Reader is free in the Play Store, but the newer version with all their features from iOS will be out of beta sometime in June. That'll probably go for $10-20, but it'll be a one time fee.

      • http://www.droid-life.com/ Steve B

        Unless you jumped on the $10 lifetime deal from a couple days ago.....like this guy!

        • SusieBartlettedo

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  • Rachine S Vernon

    If you are a student, like me, you can get it for four years for $19.99. It is an awesome program that I have been happily using for years now.

  • EnvyAndroid

    How does this compare to lastpass?

  • yochanan

    "Previously, RoboForm needed its own rather clunky browser to fill in all the relevant information" Not true. There have been Dolphin & Firefox plugins for a year or two. I've been a Roboform customer for years, app form filling is a nice addition.

  • Cory S

    Does this lag and bug out the whole device like Lastpass does (on my nexus 5 anyway)

    • Matthew Fry

      That's my question as well. If it's an "accessibility service" overlay thingy then it not only lags but disables the one handed gesture (on the Note 3).

    • Fellwalker

      Roborough hasn't been a problem in terms of lag, except for the delay as you type your master password to enable it. I use in dolphin on my nexus 5 and 7 2013. Sorry I gave up on Firefox when it lost text re-flow

  • John Smith

    Why not just use PasswdSafe and set the app as a keyboard input type ?

    • boxtor

      Roboform will take care of logging me into a site. I don't have to remember the URL or have it book marked else where. I select a login item in the Dolphin Addon and it logs me into the website.

  • Chadwick

    What is the difference between Roboform, Lastpass and Sticky Password? I would like to choose the proper one, but I am not that computer literate. Thanks for any insights.

    • Theodore Williams

      I had the same question last year- then said "what the hell" and downloaded Robo's free version. Recommend that you do the same!

      • Chadwick

        I went ahead and tried Roboform and Sticky Password and found Sticky Password better for my needs. But Roboform is fine too. Thanks for advice.

    • ComputerPhil

      Honestly they are all very similar, the main thing that sold me on RoboForm is that it is compatible with the widest range of devices and browsers and they are also the only password manager that currently offers support by phone (as well as online 24/7)

      • Chadwick

        I found that Lastpass is probably the best - they support every platform available probably. But I need only Android and Windows and for this Sticky Password covers my needs as they seem to have better interface which is important to me.

  • Theodore Williams

    I've been a long time Robo user, and am moving from iOS to Android next week. Hope it's as awesome on this operating system!

  • tfb2014

    So excited about this new update and the ability to form fill in apps! RoboForm is the best password manager, once again :)

  • Sha-na-na

    FINALLY!!!!!! Big fan of RoboForm, and glad to see this update!

  • Tim L

    This dark theme is, for the lack of a better word. Amazing! I have issues with brightness causing migranes and this feature has helped immensely while I navigate through many of my sweepstakes websites.

  • ComputerPhil

    Great post Michael! I use RoboForm with multiple devices including an android tablet and I am also very pleased with this latest update, keep up the good work RoboForm!