In Wordbase, you have to reach the opponents base not by traversing mountains and flanking opposing forces, but with your words. You'll get there one letter at a time, even if you have to fight dirty. It's a licentious linguistic battle, but no one ever said it'd be pretty.

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The game board in Wordbase is essentially a giant word hunt puzzle. However, unlike those games, you can pick out words in any direction and along diagonals – the letters just have to connected to each other in some way. The goal is to create a branch of letters that reaches your opponent's side of the board, but there are also power ups that can swing the match in your favor, and let's not forget you can always go out of your way to maliciously block your opponent's branch.

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You're playing against other people in an online competition, but you can also invite and challenge friends. Wordbase lists in-app purchases, but it doesn't look like there's anything untoward going on. The game just offers a premium version for a few bucks. You can get in on the war of words for free, though.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Rohan

    Not available in my country -_-

    • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

      Where are you from, Rohan? Wordbase is available in every English and Spanish speaking country

      • leaponover

        Why does it have to be English speaking? English is a global language. Everyone is trying to learn it. I'm an EFL teacher in Korea and can't download this game. It just makes no sense....

  • Ali

    "Not available in your country" D;

    • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

      Hi Ali, Wordbase is available in every English and Spanish speaking country as of yesterday. We're working hard to make Wordbase available elsewhere very soon :-) Stay tuned on our blog if you like: http://blog.wordbaseapp.com

  • Jez

    Same here...

  • Calvin

    Pretty wonderful eh. Unavailable in any country other than the US of A?

    • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

      Not at all, Calvin. Where are you from? Wordbase is available in every English and Spanish speaking country

      • Calvin

        Thanks for the notification, downloading it now!

  • knizmi

    Not compatible with any of my devices. Looks like the developer never heard there is a world outside the US.

    • Sinistar83

      Their support email is a .dk which is Denmark, I believe. Not sure why it isn't available outside the US though, maybe email them and ask?

      Also why do the permissions need access to the camera?

      • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

        You're absolutely right, Sinistar83. We're a game from Denmark :-)

        We need permissions to your camera in order for you to take a picture of yourself for your in-game avatar.

        • Sinistar83

          OK. Also what Is the deal with the black squares? The tutorial doesn't really explain it

          • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

            The black squares are mines. We aren't telling about it in the tutorial as we want you to discover for yourself. However, if you'd like to see the black squares in action, here's a link: https://vimeo.com/94355755

    • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

      Hi knizmi, see our comment above. Wordbase is available in every English and Spanish speaking countries. Stay tuned on our blog: http://blog.wordbaseapp.com

  • Owen Finn

    Available in Canada. Just downloaded it. First two games, my opponent started with a 3 letter word, I countered with a 7 letter word, and they resigned...

    • Matt

      I haven't had a single game resign yet. I'm surprised! If they resign they resign.. best bet is that you build a list of people you like playing with and challenge them to a game on a weekly basis.

      • Owen Finn

        Now it won't connect to the server at all...

        • Matt

          Bummer. I did have one point where it flashed a red message and said 'your move cannot be sent to the server at this time'. It did a bit of weird stuff in the main menu with games appearing and disappearing and then 10 seconds later everything was fine. Been playing today with no problems.

        • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

          There shouldn't be any server connection issues, Owen. Feel free to contact os through the support-button within the app if you encounter any errors. You'll find it if you take a screenshot within a game

  • Damian

    Why the hell developer can't publish it to everyone? Some dictionary license bullshit? My first lang isn't english, but sure I would give it a try.

  • Simon JB

    I might be stupid, but looking at the screenshots of the game none of the words chosen by the opponents seem to make any sense, in whatever way you want to read them.
    At least not in any language I know of...
    You would think for a word game they would choose real examples to show of the concept ! :)

    (the app is not available in france either ; or at least it doesn't work on any of my 3 android devices...)

    • RyanWhitwam

      Those are probably real. Because you can pick letters in any direction, the patterns are hard to discern after a few moves.

      • Matt

        Yeah because the game board is constantly changing you don't have much to go by visually as the game progresses. You could complete a 50 word match and there are only enough characters highlighted to make 10 words. I can't really comment on the screenshots though.

      • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

        You are absolutely right, RyanWhitwarm :-)

  • Paparazzi

    Can someone post the apk here?
    Thanks :)

  • Fernando Pena

    Looks a lot like the game "Letterpress" (only available for iOS).

  • http://bit.ly/breathlesstao Breathless

    Not compatible with my Note 3, it says. (Or perhaps just not available in Hungary either.) ... lol

    • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

      Which version of Android are you running? Wordbase only supports Android 4.0.3+.

  • Eirik Corneliussen

    Looks like it's not only available in the us. I live in Norway, and it was available to download and play for me.

  • Nick

    whats all the complaints about only us.. works for me in the uk on Note 2

  • Roh_Mish

    This item is not available in your country.

    • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

      If you live in an English speaking country you're able to download Wordbase now, Roh_Mish

  • donnie

    apk pls

  • Ua-dk

    Works in Denmark
    In settings you can choose between

  • KiljoyMcCoy

    cant install in Ireland it seems

    • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

      You should be able to install in Ireland now, KiljoyMcCoy

  • Dakota

    These types should always have am option to play solo against the "computer"

  • Matthew Fry

    This game looks fun. Wish I had friends...

    • Matt

      Random player.. :)

    • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

      You always have the opportunity to play a random player in Wordbase ;-)

  • Abner Mbaka

    Dick move making it only available in the US

    • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

      We've launched in every English and Spanish speaking country now :-)

  • Sarah Login

    Cant install in NZ either.

    • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

      Sarah, you should be able to play Wordbase now. Try again

  • Matt

    It's available in Australia. Played about 30 games so far. It's a really tough and strategic game when you have a good opponent. Every time you say to yourself 'HAH I have you!' (my premature victory speeches are always a little more vulgar than that..) you come back to the game to realise you're only one move away from losing the game. This game, I like.

    • http://wordbaseapp.com Wordbaseapp

      We're glad to see that you find Wordbase challenging, Matt! Awesome! Keep on battling :-) More features soon to come

  • Jakob Mikkelsen

    The game is now available on all markets.

  • bobby

    I'm glad it has the resign option, but I wish it would be listed as a forfeit not a loss as there are players (relet), that are obviously cheating. The two game limit for free is a pain, but you can get additional games by spamming your facebook or by purchasing for $3. I like the game so I bought it. There are times when you go second and are guaranteed a loss, especially when >50% of the board is exploding letters, but generally the second player has a 40% chance of winning, so it's almost fair.

  • May

    in all the games where I have the very first turn i cant click on any of the letters, and yes i start from the base...please help?