An alleged system dump from LG's upcoming Android Wear-powered G Watch has been leaked on Twitter by an account known as upleaks, along with a bootloader animation hosted on YouTube pulled from said dump. Take a look:

This is our first look at the bootloader animation for Android Wear, though obviously there's not much substantive information we can gather from it. It looks nice, so there's that. We haven't delved into the dump ourselves, but feel free to download it from the Mega link in tweet below or in the source links at the bottom of this article.

Oh, and yes, there's a new Android log in there. It looks like this.


Here are some watchfaces from the aforementioned system dump:

big_black_text_watch_face big_pop_analog_black_watch_face big_pop_analog_blue_watch_face

big_pop_blue_watch_face big_pop_yellow_watch_face small_black_text_watch_face

small_blue_watch_face small_pop_blue_analog_watch_face small_pop_blue_watch_face

small_pop_yellow_analog_watch_face small_pop_yellow_watch_face style_bg

And here are some status cards (Google Now?):

bg_alarm_day bg_alarm_night bg_alice

bg_calendar_day bg_calendar_night bg_email

bg_now_birthday_1 bg_now_birthday_2 bg_now_currency

bg_now_flight_day bg_now_flight_night bg_now_package_delivered

bg_now_package_shipped bg_now_places_nearby_day bg_now_places_nearby_night

bg_now_reminders_day bg_now_reminders_night bg_now_steps

bg_now_stocks_down bg_now_stocks_neutral bg_now_stocks_up

bg_now_tickets bg_now_timeathome_day bg_now_timeathome_night

bg_now_traffic_high_day bg_now_traffic_high_night bg_now_traffic_low_day

bg_now_traffic_low_night bg_now_traffic_mid_day bg_now_traffic_mid_night

bg_now_translate bg_timer_running bg_timer_stopped

And some backgrounds:

bg_weather_chance_of_rain_night bg_weather_clear_night bg_weather_cloudy_day

bg_weather_cloudy_night bg_weather_fog_day bg_weather_fog_night

bg_weather_freezing_day bg_weather_freezing_night bg_weather_freezing_rain_day

bg_weather_freezing_rain_night bg_weather_full_moon_night bg_weather_hot_day

bg_weather_hot_night bg_weather_mist_day bg_weather_mist_night

bg_weather_partly_cloudy_day bg_weather_partly_cloudy_night bg_weather_rain_day

bg_weather_rain_heavy_day bg_weather_rain_heavy_night bg_weather_rain_light_day

bg_weather_rain_light_night bg_weather_rain_night bg_weather_sleet_day

bg_weather_sleet_night bg_weather_snow_day bg_weather_snow_heavy_day

bg_weather_snow_heavy_night bg_weather_snow_light_day bg_weather_snow_light_night

bg_weather_snow_night bg_weather_sunny_day bg_weather_sunny_night

bg_weather_thunderstorms_day bg_weather_thunderstorms_night bg_weather_typhoon_day

bg_weather_typhoon_night bg_weather_unknown bg_weather_windy_day

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David Ruddock
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  • http://www.westagemusic.com/ Marc

    Is there a way to start this in an android wear emulator?

    • Jovie Brett Bardoles


    • Gregory

      Unlikely. But in theory you can deodex & install most of the apps on a real device.

  • nebula

    dat new android logo!

    • usaff22

      Screenshotted it (is there such a verb)

      • Sam

        Screenshat, lol

  • usaff22

    That new Android logo looks amazing! The old one is archaic, and one of the few remaining remnants of the froyo era. Let's hope this boot animation also makes it to Nexus devices and the new Android version.

    • Lucas Laws

      The old one looked old back in 2.2 days.

      • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows


    • David Cesarino

      I don't think this would go to other Nexus devices.

      You can clearly see this animation is inspired by watches. You can see when the doodles morph into watch hands (minute and hour hands) before morphing into a circular panel.

      This is certainly a watch/wearable exclusive.

      • usaff22

        I guess... but..but..it looks so cool :(

        The current one has become boring lol, it was even in 4.3

      • http://www.daverobertson.me Dave Robertson

        Unless they create a different animation that looks more suitable for phones/tablets. I can't see them using two different Android logos.

        • David Cesarino

          II didn't mean the "android" logo. That will probably appear in all devices, sure.

          I meant the boot animation, as you seem to be implying. Anyway, nobody knows... I only though an animation showing the Sun being replaced by the Moon, and then this morphing into watch hands before turning into Google balls/android wouldn't really fit anything besides a watch/wearable. I mean, it's clearly daytime (time tracking) inspired.

          But sure, I don't know.

          • http://www.daverobertson.me Dave Robertson

            Yeah, I meant two different animations.

    • black

      You mean the word android? Who get's excited about a word?

  • Corey Watford

    android 5.0 here we come!!!

  • Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh

    Here's LG's watch face options http://imgur.com/a/V5Dxu#0

    • Jovie Brett Bardoles

      I personally don't like it, I thought they were evolving their 'holo' blue stuff? and why there are SOOO MUCH technicolor on the display time? wtf, it just burns my eyes.

      • Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh

        That's LG's watchface, I'm guessing you can switch to Google's (which is included in the APK).

        • Jovie Brett Bardoles

          However, it is just fugly -_-

      • nawa

        Don't forget LG is a Korean company. The more colorful the product is, the better it is, in their culture. Same applies to TouchWiz, Optimus UI and whatsoever from Korea.

    • Guest


  • abqnm

    Looks a bit too "Googly" to be just the LG boot animation. Probably the stock Android Wear animation.

    • David Cesarino


    • Björn Lundén

      Exactly what I thought too. Makes it even more interesting. :)

    • Sean Cummins

      It looks a little bit like the animation from the Google I/O experiment page: https://www.google.com/events/io/experiment

  • Daniel González
    • DanSan

      would use it but people are reporting fuzzy quality. thanks for the link though

      • Thomas

        Yeah he made it based on the youtube video rather than the system dump

        • Daniel Koman

          yeah, i used the video because i didn't know about the system dump. i'll update the OP on xda in a little bit.

        • Daniel Koman

          fixed it. check again.

          • Thomas

            Saw it, thanks :)

      • Daniel Koman

        no more fuzzy quality - i fixed it. check the link again.

  • MicBib

    From the assets, here's all the details I could find:

    • Zen mode, seems to disable some or all notifications
    • Airplane mode, likely just disables BT and NFC (if included)
    • "1 bit" assets are all in black and white, mostly likely to support a low-power OLED screen
    • Traffic has the usual drive, walk, bike but now transit is split into bus, train, subway, and plane
    • "Steps" asset, likely for a pedometer
    • Support for Hangouts, calls, and messages
    • Lots of 320x320px desktop backgrounds
    • "Powered by Google" is included so Android Wear likely has the same new requirements as Android.
    • BT file sharing
    • "Remote shutter", looks like you can use Android Wear as a shutter button for your Android phone
    • MicroDeskClock, has alarm buttons, looks like you can use your watch as a night stand alarm
    • "Google Maps Micro", right now only has a launcher icon, likely used just for navigation

    • nawa

      About that Google Maps Micro. If it acted like a compass, turning the arrow as you turn your hand, that'd be a killer.

      • Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh

        The watch does in fact have a compass app, so Google Maps will likely support a compass.

    • usaff22

      Really hope Zen Mode makes it into the next Android version.

  • Mario E Hdez

    Awesome. Awesome to the max.

  • Matthew Fry

    So many circles, too bad the display isn't. Yeah. I went there.

  • aadf

    I thought for a moment that it would say windows 7

  • Aravind Arsenal

    Log?, it's logo:)

  • Gregory

    Somebody please deodex the apks from the system dump.

  • Gregory

    BTW, I had a look at the build.prop from this dump and it has SDK version 20 in it. The latest public SDK is 19 that corresponds to KitKat. The Android version itself is "4.4W".

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Man, all those images are so great! All the cards and especially wallpapers, just gorgeous.