Do you want most of the HTC One's features in a device that's not quite as expensive? Then meet the One (E8), HTC's newest smartphone. Between the plastic (oops, sorry, "polycarbonate") body and a separate model with dual SIM card slots, it's clear that this handset is aimed at developing markets. The announcement post for the phone doesn't mention a specific date or price, but my money's on "soon" and "upper mid-range."


First of all, the E8's screen is 5" and 1080p, the same as the One M8. The processor (Snapdragon 801) and RAM (2GB) are also holdovers from the flagship model. The E8 has a slightly curvier take on the One body, complete with front-facing speakers and relatively large bezels. There's just one rear camera, but it's 13 megapixels, which may actually be preferable to the One M8's dual-camera setup for some. The front-facing camera is a "selfie-friendly" (ugh) 5MP shooter with a wide-angle lens. The non-removable battery is 2600mAh, about average for this size, and 16GB of internal storage can be augmented with a MicroSD card. Available colors at launch are white, black, red, and blue.

Software is the same Android 4.4.2-Sense 6 combo from the One M8, with all the usual bells and whistles. (Check our review of the One M8 for a full rundown.) HTC is already pushing a modified Dot View case for the E8 model. Availability will start early this month for "select markets." The dual-SIM version will probably be reserved for India, Hong Kong, and similar places where such phones are popular, but the standard LTE version may make it to the US eventually.

Source: HTC

Beijing, 03 June 2014 – HTC, a global leader in innovation and design, today
unveiled the HTC One (E8), a gorgeous, lightweight device, designed to attract the
fashion pack. A vibrant twist on HTC’s iconic flagship design, The HTC One (E8)
introduces new materials and bold, stylish colours to the award-winning One family.
Complete with Motion Launch™, HTC BoomSound™, and incredible imaging
capabilities, thanks to the 5MP front-facing and 13MP rear-facing cameras, the HTC

One (E8) exudes originality without compromise.

Peter Chou, CEO, HTC said: “The HTC One (M8) sets a new smartphone standard
and now we’re taking it in another exciting direction. Combining style and substance,
the HTC One (E8) represents the incredible experience people expect from a HTC
One device with a look and feel that’s unlike anything else out there today. If you’re
looking for the best flagship smartphone experience, but want to stand out from the
crowd, this is the phone for you.”

Break the mold with a fashion-forward smartphone

The HTC One (E8)'s distinctive design aesthetic makes it the perfect companion for
the fashion-conscious, with an elegant dual curve design that looks great and sits
perfectly in your palm no matter how you hold it. The beautiful 5-inch device features
a full HD, borderless display for a cleaner viewing experience. Encased in a light yet
robust polycarbonate unibody, the HTC One (E8) comes in a vibrant range of colours
and finishes for those looking for a trend-setting smartphone.

Elegant design, inside and out

The new HTC One (E8) takes the entire smartphone experience to new heights. The
dual front-facing speakers and latest HTC BoomSound™ technology creates
unrivalled sound, with rich tones, powerful bass and crystal-clear treble, combining to
create a rounded, immersive sound.

Michael Crider
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  • Adi

    HTC One E(conomy) 8!

    Looks really promising though.

  • Luca

    I like them all! gotta catch 'em all

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Looks better than M8, smh

    • No doubt…

      The real question here is will it be available on TMo (Jump!) and will the hardware be similar enough that ROM devs can easily build in support?

      (Rumors elsewhere state this will be available "worldwide"....)

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        Maybe they'll put an older Snapdragon iteration or at least a lower clocked one, I don't see how else they could alternate the hardware (well maybe lower ram) so there shouldn't be problems with that. And HTC will release the kernel source anyway

        • Well, hopefully true, but…

          So long as @baadnews can unofficially (or even officially) support it in IC, it's almost an "upgrade" from the M8 at rumored specs (same except "better" camera).

  • Mandeep Singh

    How much cheaper its gonna be in comparison to the m8 ???

    • Karan O

      49.99$ less at best! it's not going to be that cheap it's just like the Scheap version of m8 and i'm pretty sure that they putted a crappy 13MP camera just to show that how great the ultraPixel is !

      • DonEmu

        Just $49.99 for moving from their expensive and hard to make metal finish to far cheaper and easier to produce plastic as well as no more custom ultrapixel hardware?


        If this is really for more developing markets it will be $100 cheaper

        • DMagnet

          Yeah, at least $100 down make a lot of sense... if there's no metal housing, the material cost shouldn't be as high! The next question now is: does anybody know where this phone is available to buy online!

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        So you are saying that this phone is the iPhone 5C of Android world

    • j

      450 outright apparently, a huge discount. Will depend on where you are of course

  • DonEmu

    I would have made it one sim slot and the flash dual led.

  • br_hermon

    If you ask me, This thing actually has pretty impressive specs. I just want to see this in the US and see how much it goes for.

  • atcchris

    I hope it does indeed make it to the US.

  • Sky

    lol so this is what the M8 SHOULD of been ..smh
    this looks way more promising than the M8 itself.

  • qpinto

    watch this camera be better overall than the ultramegapixal thing on the current M8

  • PuzzledObserver

    Should probably cost half price of its aluminium ancestor.