If you've ever wondered who the heck that actor was, a Play Movies info card might have been able to tell you. However, support was previously limited to the US and a few other territories. Starting today, info cards are working everywhere Play Movies is available.

These info cards aren't part of Google Now, but they have a similar contextual thing going on. Simply pause the video, and info cards will appear at the edge of the screen with information about the actors in the scene, the film itself, and even the soundtrack.

While info cards are now available worldwide, not all movies in the Play Store have them. And of course, there are still plenty of countries that don't have access to Play Movies at all just yet. Maybe one day.

[@Google, Google Play Movies]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • jpelgrom

    Will the text on the cards also be localised, or just stay in English?

  • Rishi Arora

    get your shit together IFTTT, this isn't an apk download post.

    • Morten Ulveseth

      Off topic, but can someone explain to me, how I follow the link from IFTTT to relevant articles? I find I have to manually open the browser and go to AP and find the post. Can someone let me know what I have missed? :)

      • Rishi Arora

        Not sure what you are doing wrong.. I use http://feeds.feedburner.com/AndroidPolice as source feed with matches filed set to '[APK Download]' and then > PushBullet > push the link.

      • http://tonybullard.com/ Tony Bullard

        There's a few variations of the Recipe, and some of them don't deliver the link correctly.

    • IFTTT

      Fuck you, lazy bum.

    • http://tonybullard.com/ Tony Bullard

      I use the IFTTT recipe also, but there's no reason to drag AP's comments section down into the issue you're having with IFTTT. Bring it up on a IFTTT forum, not here.

      I'm sure the AP writers are beginning to loathe ever posting about IFTTT since every errored post's top comment is now about IFTTT, rather than the subject of the article.

      • Rishi Arora

        haha.. fair point.

  • guyfromtrinidad

    Google Play movies is available in my country, yet the YouTube video you use in the example above is not. Hilarious.

    • s427

      Yup, same here (Switzerland). Nothing beats a good old screenshot.

  • Travis Jennings

    There's no reason that Google can't give you this info for movies that you're watching outside of google play. Similarly to how Shazam or IntoNow does stuff.

    Well, actually there is one reason, $$.

    • emperor43

      well, is there a recognition algorithm running live or was the video already processed and contains just metadata and annotations ? i would think they've done the work once and then included it in the video stream with only the card data being dynamic