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Fun fact: because of the enormous expense of shooting on location, a surprising number of American television series are shot and produced in Canada. Often when you see "Chicago" or "New York" on the small screen, it's really Toronto or Vancouver standing in as a body double for an entire city. Supernatural's Winchester Brothers are almost always running around British Colombia, and the rolling Wild West frontier of Hell On Wheels is really Alberta. It's particularly cruel, then, that our northern neighbors have been unable to watch TV shows in the Google Play Store. Until now.


Earlier today Google flipped the switch, and Canadians can now download TV shows to their Android devices, stream them on Windows, OS X and Chrome OS, or even zip them over to a Chromecast. Get after it, Canucks, but remember that due to international publishing rights, your selection of shows may vary from those on offer in the US. The Canadian Play Store seems to have most of the major TV shows currently running, but some will be missing, and you might have access to some that are not available down south. You can buy (not rent) television by the episode or by the season, and there are a few popular series like Mad Men or Doctor Who that are currently on sale.


Today's Canadian expansion comes less than a month after the country got access to Google Play Music All Access. So far Canada is only the fifth country to get access to TV shows on Google Play, after the US, UK, Australia, and Japan.

Source: Google Play Store support

Michael Crider
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  • TheQman

    people really use google play for watching tv shows/movies? they are so fucking expensive.

    • slurivariv

      The pricing is around the same as any other service that offers it (Amazon, iTunes). I tend to buy seasons of shows I watch if I can't get them on Hulu or Netflix since I don't have cable anymore. I try to stay away from individual episodes, but if what I want to watch isn't available online (from the channel's site), I normally just use the money I get from doing the Google survey thing and buy an ep or two.

      • Tomáš Petrík

        Well, you at least get to do the surveys... :/

        • Andrew

          Yay another $0.10 !

  • deltatux

    I'll probably wait until Google decides to compete directly with Netflix instead. I'm more interested in Google Play Music instead (not all access) which I think many Canucks can agree, took too damn long.

  • JG

    A tangentially related question...

    If I were to leave the US to visit Canada, or some other country with Play TV, would I get Canadian networks & shows if I were to open the Play Store there? Or would I be stuck with just US shows?

    And if I were to get Canadian shows, if I purchased a show, would it remain accessible via my account when I return home (especially if it is one not accessible in the US)?

    • Andrew

      The pricing and availability offered by Play Store is tied back to the address on your Google Wallet/Checkout.

      As a Canadian user, if I were to visit the US, I would still see Canadian offerings and prices.

      (The exception to this seems to be signing up for new services, it goes by region of IP address. So if I had never used Google Music, and went to the USA and opened it for the first time, it is possible that I would get a USA Google Music account, tied back to a Canadian credit card, and it would not let me purchase anything until I added a USA Card that aligns with the GOogle Music language... but that's an extreme case).

      • JG

        Well that's disappointing... Thought I might be able to get my international TV fix on... Grab a few BBC/iTV shows that haven't made the jump across the puddle whilst on summer holiday...

        Oh well... thanks for the info none the less...

  • f

    WHAT! 5 countries!! Astounding work Google, at this rate you will have half the planet covered by 2050!

  • Andrew

    Wait... Canada now has all of the Play Store things? It can't be! What will we complain about now? :(