A week ago T-Mobile halted a relatively minor OTA update for the Galaxy S5 after some users who installed it started to suffer from reduced data speeds. Now it looks like the carrier is pushing out a new version of the update that doesn't contain the affliction. It goes by the rather lengthy name of software version G900TUVU1ANE6, a string of letters and numbers that is only one digit off from the previous G900TUVU1ANE5.

S5-1 S5-2

The update is only around 18MB in size, and this time around it looks like it shouldn't end up doing more harm than good. Some users who were affected by the previous speed issues report that their experience has returned to normal. T-Mobile customers can look for the update to appear in their notification bars or update their phones manually using Samsung Kies.

Update: The update docs have now been updated to reflect this OTA:

On June 2, the Samsung Galaxy S 5 will receive an update to with Android version 4.4.2/ Baseband G900TUVU1ANE6 via Over-the-Air (OTA) or Samsung Kies over Wi-Fi only.

  • Intermittently incoming SMS/MMS failure
  • Network connectivity enhancements
  • No Ringtone is heard when on Wi-Fi Calling

Source: XDA Developers

Thanks, James Rhodes.

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • jnt

    This was originally to address a MMS bug right? My Tmo S5 has all sorts of issues with MMS, hoping this helps...

    • A2theC

      The original update had an OS build update with minor fixes for OS lag and camera speed as well as fingerprint reader. Tmo added in a tweak for MMS that evidently got messed up on some devices, I've read that this didn't affect everyone but it at least is being addressed for those it did affect.

      • Philippe Timothee

        are you positive about the fix for fingerprint ? I have issue(s) from day1

        • A2theC

          Now don't confuse bugfix with complete overhaul, the only difference with the fingerprint scanner I've seen was a new security message and a time delay after errors, to make it work correctly you up to remember which angle you pulled your fingerprint at and firmly pressed it all the way against the button and not skipping any areas. It only works if its can scan all your finger not portions, I have my fingerprints stand sideways because I usually hold the phone one handed, it works for me but I have to remember to press firmly.

          • Philippe Timothee

            I am hoping the time delay will fix or help the issue I have which has nothing to do with configuring (X fingers in different angle,done that already) actually the scan works 90% for me .. quite happy BUT when it does not, the phone goes in a sleep/not wake loop and it takes sometimes a minute to get it back and to wake it up.
            let's see. I just "kies"ed it and I'll check tomorrow if it behaves better.

  • A2theC

    In my case I'll have to wait for BeansTown to take his swing into action, then to wait for tp to get his hands on it for Project Infinity! LOL=waiting.

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    Once I fully charge my Galaxy S5 on qi charger, I will definitely update it in order to restore the internet speed of my device. Thanks for the update.

  • Craig Checketts

    I just picked up this phone a week ago, and am getting ready to go for root. I plan to use the simple Chainfire method. Anyone have any idea if it's a bad idea after this update? I haven't got it yet...

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  • rootem

    if rooting just use towelroot