Do you like Pushbullet? As an Android user, you are required to like it. Sorry, we don't make the laws, we just enforce them... with extreme prejudice. The news you are henceforth required to celebrate is that the Pushbullet devs have created a Play Store beta program. Just a few clicks and you'll get the new stuff first. Plus, there's an update coming to the desktop app that takes some of the weight off the browser extensions.

2014-06-02 07.16.03

The first build of Pushbullet in the beta channel isn't anything amazing – it's got an option to remove devices and contacts by long-pressing. There are also some bug fixes, but the developer promises future updates will be much cooler. Just join the Google+ community and opt into the beta. Easy.

The other bit of news in Pushbullet land is that the first update to the desktop client is being pushed out. This update includes support for notification mirroring and will automatically take over for the browser extension if it's installed (Firefox users will need to update the browser extension for this to work). This is a good thing because the full app can work when the browser isn't running. The notifications it produces may also be more capable than the ones you get from Firefox. Keeps getting better, right?

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • http://canerk.com/ Caner Kamburoglu

    Can't wait to see OS X or Safari support.

    • verboze

      yeah, was excited about the desktop client only to find it's a Windows-only option atm :/

      • https://pushbullet.com treeform

        I am working on a OSX version. Hopefully I will have one for you soon!

        • Andrés

          Linux too please :)

          • https://pushbullet.com treeform

            of course

        • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

          Don't forget to put it in homebrew cask when it's done ;)

        • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

          Yay! Thank you! :-D Your app is so helpful, it is greatly appreciated :)

    • A2theC

      Just use chrome, Safari is like the OSX equivalent of Internet Explorer...

  • jinn

    functions in browser extension and the new desktop client are the same?

    • Alex

      Same question here... What the difference whit the Chrome add-on and the Desktop version?

    • guzba

      They work well together. We need a desktop app for more notification customization and right-click support on files (as well as a device per computer for pushing).

      The browser extensions are perfect for pushing / right-clicking on web stuff. A duo.

  • DonPorazzo

    Why is Pushbullet getting so much attention from Android Police?

    • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

      Because it's awesome!

      • DonPorazzo

        No, It's not!

        • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

          It's alright to think it's not, it's your opinion. It's just that I (and apparently most AP readers) find it very useful =)

          • DonPorazzo

            It has barely 500 000-1000 000 downloads with probably 50 000 - 100 000 active users. But somehow it manages to have 21 articles, here on AP. What's the trick?

          • saf1927

            You probably never used it or don't really need it. Most of us find it great.

          • http://ridukkokun.wordpress.com/ Dukkokun

            The "trick" is that Pushbullet updates so fast with so many new features that, since Android Police writers and the Android internet community love this app, require lots of new posts.

        • Jose Luis de la Torre

          But it is for all us.

    • eldorado

      Because it's so good

    • A2theC

      plainly, because they have added a great new feature, why anything gets published really (other than scandalous crap)

      it is a fully featured information relay service, how you use it is up to you, for "simple" notifications or for file sharing, link sharing controling other devices etc, it does tons of stuff.

  • http://www.lukeharper.co.uk/ Luke Harper

    My issue with Pushbullet is it's simply patching over faults which should be fixed by more cross integration between the Android / Desktop.

    I personally have most things set up so that I don't need it, There are a few things missing but I'm mostly there. I don't want a third party service just dedicated to running notifications.

  • pyroguysf

    OK, I get what Pushbullet is, but I don't really see what makes it so special. I don't get a ton of notifications, and can tell the few "important" ones by sound. Chrome2Phone can push links. I usually like any files I would push to stay in Dropbox anyway. Google Now finds any address I searched for on my computer for directions. I have a tablet too, but any notification my phone gets like email/IM/etc I already get on my tablet, and for SMS I have MightyText.

    Am I missing something magical, or does that about sum up what Pushbullet does? (I'm not bashing, I'm just really genuinely curious).

    • DonPorazzo

      Exactly! It's no special at all, but every 2-3 weeks there's an article (like an ad) about it.

      • A2theC

        You obviously don't know how to use the app to the fullest extent, it is not "ONLY" about notifications, its about relaying information to many devices back and forth. I can't explain EVERYTHING it does as that has much to do with how you NEED it to work...much like android in general, most people use it as a "phone" and then "texting thing" and also "web browser" with no regard for what else the OS and device is capable.

    • Armando Rodriguez

      It's not special for you but for me is the ideal app and use it every day.

    • Mike Loomis

      It is the notifications that everyone loves. So you get an important text. You know it is important by the sound. Instead of pulling you phone out to check you just look at the bottom right of your computer screen and it is displayed right there. Now, you may still need to pull out your phone to reply, but if not you can go about your business without an unread notification nagging at the back of your mind. The pushing webpages and files is just a bonus. Once you use Pushbullet you may prefer it over your current setup anyway. It's free so it doesn't hurt to give it a shot.

    • thedesolatesoul

      As a developer I use this a lot to actually push stuff to and from my phone.
      - Somebody drops me a link (to an apk) in a chatroom. From my desktop, it takes me one right and one left click to get it on my phone.
      - Desktop integration. Right click any file in Windows explorer and send it to my phone. (I use this alot when remote desktop to my machine, compile my code, then send it to my phone to test).
      - Send screenshots straight to my desktop. (there may be better ways though)

      • https://pushbullet.com treeform

        "I use this alot when remote desktop to my machine, compile my code, then send it to my phone to test"
        You just blew my mind. So you can develop androids apps on your android phone?

        • thedesolatesoul

          No, no thats not (almost) what I meant. I do this when I dont have my IDE setup on another machine. I remote desktop into my windows box, compile the apk, and then pushbullet it to the device in my hand.
          I could potentially code on my phone but thats a bit clunky.
          And btw...thanks for this really cool app, I wasted 2 years waiting for it :)

        • Björn Lundén

          Developing an Android app on an Android device is technically possible. There's an IDE and everything:


          It's probably not something I'd recommend though but to each their own.

    • verboze

      For me, Pushbullet indispensable because I'm in front of a computer the entire day. I like that I can see notifications without having to actually reach to my phone, and dismiss/act on the important ones. I used chrome2phone in the past for link-sharing; it's clunky, and hasn't been updated in ages. PB handles sharing links much more nicely. Sometimes, I also need to copy a large amount of text to my phone. Type it on my computer, send it via PB and copy/paste on phone. Also, as a developer, I like that PB provide an API for notifications. for example, when I'm executing a long-running process, I just tack on a PB notification to its end, and do not worry about checking that task until it's complete. Finally, integration with tasker: trigger notifications when various tasker actions I've setup occur (staggered low battery warning for example). Sure, many of these things can be done without PB, but PB provides a very intuitive interface for managing push notifications. Oh, and it helps notifications are replicated across my mac, iPad, moto X, and other android tablet :D

    • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

      Ok, so last night I was watching a movie, but wanted subtitles. While the movie was playing, I downloaded the subtitles file on my phone, then pushed it to Dropbox. I then opened the file, and added subtitles in approximately 1 minute without missing the movie :)

    • http://wave-france.blogspot.com Supercopter

      You push links with Chrome2Phone. OK.
      What about Phone2Chrome? Or Chrome2Tablet? Or Tablet2Chrome? Or Phone2Tablet? Or Tablet2Phone?
      Phushbullet does all that. And much more.

  • Nathan Borup

    I have this installed on both my tablet and phone, and upon receiving an email, I get 2 notifications on my desktop from pushbullet. Anyone know how to fix this so it will just display one notification?

    • AOSPrevails

      Turn Email mirroring off on either your phone or tablet. That's how I deal with it on my Nexus 7 and5, I turned Email mirroring off on my phone.

      • Nathan Borup

        Do the notifications for gmail sync? I haven't been paying attention. I mainly just use pushbullet to clear notifications for my not-so-frequently-used tablet

        • AOSPrevails

          I have read 5 gmail today and none of the notifcation(all came from my tablet) is on my phone. That a good enough answer for you?

  • Guest

    I wish they had a desktop client version for Mac :(

  • black

    I'm still waiting for the Opera extension...