The Copy Android app has made the leap to version 3.0, and for the big release, the developers have introduced Chromecast support. With this update, users can stream pictures, music, and video straight from their cloud storage accounts to their televisions.

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With this update, Copy has rolled out a feature that its major competitors have yet to bring to the table. It's possible to stream content from Dropbox or Google Drive, but it requires installing a third-party app to do so. Copy is now ready to let you do so natively.

What's new:

  • Chromecast support! You can now stream your movies, photos, and audio to a Chromecast-connected television.
  • Major stability improvements
  • UI enhancements

The app has also been rewritten from the ground up, and it relies on a new C++ backend that is shared by both Android and iOS. Users can get 15GB for free, so check it out below if for no other reason than to store a handful of files that you find yourself casting from time to time.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Greg Abbott

    Pretty satisfied with Copy so far.

    You can get 20Gig free at signup by using someones referral.

    Such as https://copy.com?r=ZD820D

    (note that yes I'll get 5Gig extra too)

  • TheSparks

    The floodgates have been opened for people to share their referral links in the comments -.-

    • Peter

      It's one of those things that even though no one likes everyone ends up doing it ( https://copy.com?r=ImsX3I )

      It doesn't have much to differentiate it from the competition but has a lot more free space than Dropbox and works really well with Android so why note wast a minute and get 20GB free?

    • APOI

      https://copy.com?r=I9bkN1? My new choice for cloud storage is Copy.com, which starts with 15 GB (+5 GB if you sign up with a referral link, like the one below). Two features I particularly like:

      1. Backup Shortcuts: you can drop shortcuts/symbolic links into the folder to automatically arrange for the originals to be copied onto the cloud as a backup.

      2. Human Service: you can email the support desk and eventually summon a human. This beats Google’s method of “compete to see if we care!” approach to support.

      If you fancy trying Copy.com for yourself, my referral link is below.?

      • François Robert

        Save a Kitten ^ ^ and get free storage on top ! https://copy.com?r=Kz830V ...How is that ! Well, with this refferal link, not only you get 20 GB free storage (that's 5 GB on top of the 15 GB already offered), but I will save a kitten for each one of you who will click my link. And more realistically I'll send one flower to my mom for each referral. How cute is that guys?

  • Badouken

    The Google Drive/Sheets/Docs app should update to support chromecast. Ya its sorta pointless but Google should just do it. More options is never a bad thing. If I had a movie or some sorta of bar chart I wanted to show someone it would be cool to just chromecast it to the big screen like this app lets you do now.

    • vmry2

      That's actually a really good idea. I often work in teams and use Chromecast to "project" my Chrome browser on a projector while editing stuff on Google Docs. Chromecast support in Google Docs apps would make it very convenient to show team members charts and such, and making minor edits.

  • Peter Blanco

    Copy really is pretty good, I have a nice system worked out to sync music across all my devices with Google Play Music.

    I won't pester you, if you sign up here you get 20 gigs, I get an extra 5 and you can use referrals to do exactly what I'm doing. Great service, give it a try even if not through me!


  • Guest

    here's the another one:


  • http://www.svijet-androida.com/ Robert Vulić

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  • Zane Zaneamem

    Hehe here's my referral link for 20GB total:


    P.S. I love Copy :)