We had a good run didn't we? It's the beginning of the end now that Samsung has started pushing Tizen as an alternative to Android. The newly announced Samsung Z is a powerful smartphone that runs an updated version of Samsung's open source Tizen OS. Oh, why didn't we listen to all the scaremongering posts that went up after the Gear 2 was announced? WHYYYYY?

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But in all seriousness, this is a notable move for Samsung as the lack of Tizen devices made sure no developers were going to use the platform. This one is specced pretty well and Samsung is even having developer events based around Tizen apps. There will also be a developer conference in San Francisco tomorrow. Oh, and if you thought Samsung had reserved faux leather stitching for Android? BAM – fake leather on the back of the Samsung Z. Here are the full specs.

  • 4.8-inch 720p Super AMOLED display
  • 2.3 GHz quad-core processor (presumably a Snapdragon 800 or a down-clocked 801)
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB of storage with microSD
  • 8MP camera (rear), 2.1MP (front)
  • Category 4 LTE
  • Tizen 2.2.1 OS
  • 138.2 x 69.8 x 8.5mm, 136g
  • 2600mAh battery
  • Connectivity: NFC, IR Remote, GPS / GLONAS, 802.11 a/b/g/n (MIMO), BT 4.0
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Software features: Ultra Power Saving Mode, Download Booster, S Health 3.0, Color theme customization

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So clearly there are a few places the specs aren't super-premium, like the 720p screen. However, many of Samsung's hallmark features have come over from Android including Ultra Power Saving Mode, the fingerprint reader, and download booster. Samsung isn't completely rolling out the red carpet for Tizen, though. The Z is dropping in Russia later his year, then expanding to more markets after that. Pricing is still unknown.

[Samsung Tomorrow]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • James Kozak

    omg its must be a test phone see how it sells. they are not fully leaving android yet. man you over hyped this artical

    • Bariman43

      I'm wondering how you possibly could have missed the overflowing sarcasm in this article.

      • T-Rex

        Or his comment is sarcasm too^^

      • Mental_Moose

        One of you missed the joke. Still not sure which ...

    • kevin

      come on man! Heard of something called SARCASM ?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Think of the articals!

      • someone755

        Artem doesn't always post. But when he does, he makes me laugh.

    • RyanWhitwam

      I even included a "sarcasm" tag.

    • Gator352

      Feeling stupid in 3......2......

      • Jesse Afolabi

        please kill yourself save the world

    • Guillaume

      Sarcasm is clearly dead now

    • http://www.bloodflame.com/ Patrick


      • James Kozak

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        • James

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          • James Kozak

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          • http://about.me/jovanphilip Van

            You should just stop now while the hole is still shallow enough to climb out.

          • Luis

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          • Nick

            Hey, hey, hey. What does being an American have to do with it?

  • Andrew


    • Gator352

      What's that movie where the guy is running around saying....."Your Doomed"?

      • James

        Friday the 13th. Or any other 80s slasher film.

      • BehelitOutlaw

        Doomed i tell you doomed

      • Aaron

        Hysterical (1983)

      • Leonardo Baez

        my doomed? I dont recall to have bought a doomed....

    • futurama


  • Chris P

    I see a menu button. Call me shallow, but I'm already put off.

    • Sergii Pylypenko

      They release it with Tizen 2.2.1, it requires physical menu button for navigation. They will move navigation buttons to the screen in Tizen 3, and holoify it and remove menu button in Tizen 4. And do not expect immersive mode until Tizen 4.3.

  • James Kozak

    Ok you guys sure make a guy feel like crap. So cares

    • Sergii Pylypenko

      Just replace your comment with some witty joke, so everyone who replied to your comment will look like an idiot, this will make you feel better.

      • James Kozak

        It's the culture now days treat people like crap to make their alil ego feel big when they have it so so small.

  • maddogsilver

    Apocalypse has just begun. Android and Google are riding to hell. And so on, and so on...

  • tizenpolice

    samsung is clearly dead now

    • Marcus Winchester

      One can hope. Maybe their demise would create a more balanced Android ecosystem, I'm sick of seeing Samsung this, Samsung that.

      • Guillaume

        Be prepared for LG this, LG that ;)

        • Walkop

          Moto this, Moto that!

          (We can hope…)

    • abobobilly

      They released Bada Phones and got away with it. What makes you think this Tizen will have any impact on Samsung?
      Samsung's one of the most profitable devision is Android Smartphone business, and i don't think they will ever drop support for Android Phones, or releasing new phones every year.

  • donthateme

    So Samsung took android and called it something else ? This is same thing 90% of XDA "developer's" do isn't it ? Take CM ROM move few things and call it super duper ROM . ;P I'll stick with Google and the gang anything Samsung has that's worth a damn someone else will also

    • Shaun Hammond

      It's not Android at all though...

      • someone755

        What's keeping devs from putting Android on it tho?

        • Guillaume

          The same thing that's keeping us from putting iOS or Windows I suppose?

          • someone755

            But those two are closed-source...
            I don't get what you're saying, even a Sammy Wave was hacked to run Android, and it wasn't a good dev platform... This, however, is open-source, and (hopefully) if they release some kernel sources and the like, Android will be up and running in no time!

          • please

            "if they release some kernel sources and the like"

            Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha.

          • kirk


            ha ha ha ha

            IT'S HILARIOUS

            ha ha ha ha

            (please tell me what are we laughing at so I don't feel like I'm outside the loop)

            FWIW, like android, Tizen's kernel is Linux.

          • someone755

            Okay, so maybe Sammy is a bad OEM for me to mention sources.
            But really, it's been done in the past. With Sammy devices. (Wave)

          • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

            I think it's the opposite... The same that's keeping us from putting Android on iOS / Windows devices. We can not put iOS or Windows in Android devices for a different reason.

        • Syukri Lajin

          not much really, as long as they didn't lock the bootloader, and it uses a similar chips as other samsung's devices(qualcomm, newer exynos), it's not impossible, all you need is time and a lot of effort.

          • someone755

            Well the Wave and Leo are, and always will be, living proof to all who say Android can't be ported.

          • Syukri Lajin

            true. though wave and leo are two completely different case, the drivers have to be rewritten everywhere. tizen is based on project mer, which is based on linux and already supporting some android devices. it's shouldn't be as complicated as porting it to wave or leo.

          • someone755

            One moment you're saying it'll take a lot of effort, the next you're telling me how it shouldn't be really complicated...
            I don't get it.

          • Syukri Lajin

            wow.. i said, it should not be *as complicated as* porting it to wave and leo. i never said it will be easy.

          • someone755

            "Not as complicated" in this case means easy. Seriously, the chip is used in open-sourced Sammy devices, plus the fact that Tizen itself is open-source.

          • Syukri Lajin

            have a try. don't just talk bullshit.

          • someone755

            Don't have anything to try with. :T
            I was saying that, in comparison, porting Android to this would be super-easy.

    • vidoardes

      No, it's not Android at all.

  • renz

    hmm i wonder if someone buying this and then get confused because there is no play store on it.

    • me

      Samsung been prepping there users for years for exactly what your saying , thats y theres dual apps of everything . one Samsung one Google

      • someone755

        Nobody uses the Sammy apps tho.

        • Guillaume

          ^ This. Even my "non-rooting" friends ask me how to get rid of the Samsung apps when they get a new Samsung...

          • Pushkar Kurhekar

            When this happens, I tell them you can't till you root it, and then they get into the rooting stuff.

            Got 7 friends into it this way. :D

  • David

    It's basically a GS3 with a few better options. Years behind.

    • someone755

      Basically a GS3 minus the plastic, minus Android, minus the 1GB RAM, minus the bad CPU, minus the bad camera, minus the design.
      Dude besides for the screen it's nowhere near a GS3.

      • blusasuke

        i think the design is a bit more like a giant captivate. they took the captivate blew it up, added a home key, upped the internals and swapped in the new camera and the heartbeat sensor. Personally i loved the Captivate's design


    Guess what, I actually like Samsung! Their phones are uber-bloated, yes, but specs, faux leather, screen sizes, it's all fit me perfectly. If this is the start of the end of Samsung's Android phones, then I'll be a tiny bit sad.

  • Arnold Pangilinan

    tizenpolice.com ? :)

    • Marcus Winchester

      Sounds like a genuine police website

    • Serge Cebrian

      Apparently there is already a placeholder in there.. 😨

      • Bob G

        ABANDON SHIP!!!!!!

      • Walkop

        Biggest tumbleweed I've ever seen. 😉

    • Corey Watford

      Tizen Team Force

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      We seriously considered it at one point but then after laughing for about 18 minutes continuously decided against it.

      • RarestName

        Oddly specific.

  • Michael M.

    why is there russian Yandex in the main search bar?

    • http://twitter.com/radko93 Radek

      It's not a Google Phone and it wii be sold in Russia?

      • Michael M.

        In the same time it's SF on the weather widget here. I don't think that there are a lot of yandex users in the US. That's why I think it's kinda weird to put yandex to be a default search worldwide.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

          Samsung is sorta notorious for screwing up the screen content on promotional shots. With that said, the Tizen Developer Conference is taking place in San Francisco while the phone is launching in Russia, so the existence of both are pretty easily explainable.

          What is hard to explain is why they are holding the primary developer conference in a country other than the one it will launch in. That is a pretty irrational strategy.

          • Michael M.

            Cause they wanna have worldwide attention here. And Russia still not the best place for such events.

          • AluKed

            "Pretty irrational" is Samsung's game.

  • ABCD



  • Guillaume

    Samsung is clearly dead indeed.

  • Marcus Winchester

    This product can be summed up in three words. Dead. On. Arrival

    • Gokh

      Why?? It has great specs with a nice design and it's a Samsung device, "normal" people will love it

      • Major Suave

        When they realize it has 18 apps they might love it a little less though.

        • Caitlin Wolford

          Tizen can run Android apps.

          • Major Suave

            But no Play Store right?

          • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

            Do you have a source for this?

          • Ian Santopietro

            Only with third-party software. And where will the Android Apps come from?

      • Blue Sun

        Windows Phones are more appealing than this POS.

      • Milind

        Because of the software. Practically everything Samsung does on top of Android screws it up (some exceptions being the Note apps with stylus). This phone has none of the Google goodies (presumably) and even if they do, they will never be as deeply integrated as in Android. So I'd expect that most folks are likely to be underwhelmed. Especially, if they now have to compete with what I hope is a resurgent Motorola with the X/G and E models.

    • Tiger

      Unless they launch with 100k apps in their store, this is DOA. They're trying to be Apple, just like Microsoft did, the problem is, they're not Apple, and Android users don't want to be fenced in like sheep. jmho.

      • Chris Caldwell

        lol Apple isnt even Apple.

        • jxx2

          Aint that the truth!

  • Matthew Fry

    This is a significant move though. This means that Tizen OS is far more fully featured than we thought.

    How different is it than Android? Could they do an Android virtual machine thing like Blackberry?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      I've been wondering that, too. I suspect the partnership agreement might prohibit a reimplementation of the Dalvik runtime on a competing platform, but I don't have any evidence of that.

      Whether or not that rule exists, it looks like Tizen doesn't currently list any support for developing in Java. The two supported options are a native SDK oriented towards C++ and a web framework with standard HTML5 extensions, much like WebOS and Blackberry OS10 (link).

      Nothing here proves that Samsung can't skirt an agreement by offering a code converter, but that kind of thing never produces a good experience for users. Just ask how BB10 users feel about all of those mid-to-low quality apps that were converted from the Play Store. ;)

      • Ramiro Fernandez

        The terms of the OHA prohibit Samsung from diluting the Android compatibility by having any sort of Android derivative that is not compliant with their test suite. This includes a dalvik runtime equivalent or any means of running android apps.

        They could theoretically do it, but they would have to leave the OHA as a result, which means no using the android brand or any google apps any more. And that would be the end of Samsung as the world's largest smartphone manufacturer.

        • h4rr4r

          Or they could make it compatible with the test suite. Just port over actual Dalvik.

          • Walkop

            Tizen isn't an Android derivative, so I don't see why not!

            I'd have to look into it, though. I have a strong feeling that I'm forgetting a critical part of the suite that would prevent this.

          • FreakyT

            In addition to the tests, I'm pretty sure it also has to include the Google services/apps, at which that point they'd basically have a full Android phone running inside Tizen, which might defeat the purpose of creating the new OS.

  • Yuji Lop

    Personally, I like open-source software on my phone(my last few phones have been Android and a Maemo one before that). But the era of dedicated apps means that a new OS needs to have a selection of apps before it can actually draw the crowds from the existing platforms.

    Of course, if it can run android apks, it has a decent chance.

  • Alex Gourenko

    Finally, now Samsung has it's own beast they can play and screw up with and leave Android alone. What they did in TouchWiz on S5 is not an Android, just a simple mess with everything we can think of features that trully can stun even advanced user. I'm relieved.

    • Guest

      Finally, Samsung!

  • Mohit Vijayvargia

    But why a new os!!! Why cant they just modify android according to the needs....

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      Actually, they can't do that. Part of the agreement as a Google partner is that they can't create derivative works that are inconsistent with Android guidelines and it must pass the CTS. I'm pretty sure Samsung's goal is to have a product that distances itself from Google's services. Since Samsung isn't ready to completely cut ties with Google, they had to develop their own completely independent platform.

      Note: Tizen has been in development for several years, probably long before Samsung realized it was dependent on Android.

  • Venkat Mahesh

    what about otg extension...?

  • Ixil

    Probably going to be the OS for phones targeting the corporate market. I don't know, but it's kind of odd.

  • Макаров Илья

    TouchWiz OS...

  • Tom

    Of course we haven't tried Tizen but imma stick to Android I think :p

  • OhHellNo!

    Tizen sounds far too much like Tizer for my liking!

  • ShahinTr

    Samsung's demise. Was the second best smartphone, now along with their greed for control, will be their end. To compete with a large corporation such as Apple, you can't come out with a half baked OS that looks like Symbian. It does not even have 0.00001% market like that of Android and Apple, if BlackBerry is struggling, what makes them any different.

  • MikeJwF

    Oh cool, I can't wait to flash Android onto this thing.:D

  • Colin Whiteside

    If this does half as well as Bada, then, well, err...

  • http://ignaciozippy.com/ Ignacio Zippy

    If Android dies it will be thanks to Google’s own butchering of the experience and ecosystem.

  • dwean

    samsung have never been able to write decent software

    • abobobilly

      I want you to think logically for a minute before shelling out such an absurd statement. Have you not been using features on a Samsung phone which only Custom ROMs had once? Say, Battery Percentage? (sorry i can't think of any other thing right now but thats just me being honest).

      Its hard to admit but Samsung pays attention to the detail and does release software in a near-perfect state. Its the "skin" (the clothes) which are not appreciated by some, like the TouchWiz which is really not that bad.

      Or are you referring to their "Samsung Apps" as a basis for their software skills?

      • MeCampbell30

        Samsung software is clearly inferior to many similarly situated apps. It's not even close.

        Fortunately for Samsung most of the heavy lifting for Tizen was done by the WebOS team.

        • Milind

          Tizen has no shared heritage with WebOS. It's based on Bada and Meego.

      • Milind

        I wondered first whether you are being sarcastic and decided perhaps not. So I have to ask. "Are you Crazy?" :-) Samsung apps are really really awful. The first thing I did after getting the S3 was install Nova launcher and then went around testing and disabling all their apps. The few apps that they came up with were "stay awake" with eye contact, scrolling, gestures. But none of them were really implemented well. The depth of their software capability can be demonstrated by the huge gap between Google Now and S Voice.

        • abobobilly

          Wait, okay so you ARE talking about apps. I may have misunderstood the 'software' as modifications to Android platform.

          Basically you are right in that sense. However, huge gap between Google Now and S-Voice was intended, i think. Plus, that was before Samsung & Google entered in some contract which restricted Sammy from making its own services replacing Google's.

          Talking about Half-Assed, even Google is making half-assed apps these days. Except, people are too hypocrite to actually accept that.

  • Fakhruddin Darwis

    Android may be really dead if Google keep restricting the use of microSD while Samsung is doing the opposite.

  • Ed Elliott

    Seems to me like a fusion of the last 3 Galaxy S.. same screen specs as the S3, same battery size as the S4 and basically the same processor as the S5.. oh and the Note 3s backing too.. interesting!

    • Testraindrop

      Well Samsung had apparently just some stuff left over, they can't throw it away, can they? ;)

  • Allen

    And this is why Project Hera and Project Silver are so important right now, because consumers are stupid enough to buy a Tizen phone thinking its a simple upgrade over an S5.

    Market that sh-t Google. There should be no reason for anyone to think they're S4 or S5 is any more legit than my Nexus 5

    • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

      To be fair, the vast majority of consumers end up used to whatever OS their phone comes with and don't much care what it is as long as they can text on it and access Facebook and email. I guess my point is: if they buy a Tizen phone and like it, it isn't because they're stupid - it's because it does what they care about - and pretty much any even-close-to-flagship phone by any manufacturer on the planet will do that. Let them be happy. We'll just know better. For now, at least - for all we know, Tizen will become the superior OS.

      • Allen

        You make good points, I just mean that people would be stupid enough to think that a Tizen phone is just a newer version of TouchWiz (not that they would know what TW is anyway), and that there is no real difference in software. People think Samsung is Android.

        When I switched from iOS, I was confused why different manufacturer's phones all looked different, but were still Android. That's why I did my research and bought the Galaxy Nexus at the time.

  • Mark Dimalanta

    it reminds me of an LG L Series phone

  • Nathan


    Rest well Android.

  • archercc

    Smart on them to take a shot with a developed hardware platform in an unknown market, although they kind of missed the boat with Russia I think since Google has already started optimizing Android for lower powered phones.

    I really don't see this having a hope in hell in any market where Android or IOS already exist because its not going to have anything. No services, no apps, etc.

    This will be like the Samsung Instinct, a dumb-phone with some smartphone-like features parading as a smartphone.

  • varagor

    The arrogance of Samsung is thinking the Android ecosystem is in their control and not the other way around.

    • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

      Upvoted purely on the basis of that image and how it applies here.

    • MyLeftNut

      I see what they're trying to do. They think they're so slick getting the average consumer to think Samsung is synonymous with android and then do the old switcheroo knowing most people don't really "know" what OS their phone runs on. It's a good thing Google implemented the "powered by Android" tag because maybe once people get used to that they may question why this new Samsung phone they just bought doesn't say the same thing, especially since it seems Samsung went to great lengths to make the launcher almost identical to touchwiz. Or maybe i give people too much credit and Samsung is banking on that.

  • Dakota

    So should I get iPhone 6

  • Derek B

    Well it looks like I'm done with Samsung.

  • Serge Cebrian

    Samsung bada second coming????

  • Kevin

    So... is it Tee-zen? Tie-zen? Tiz-zen?


    meh, i'm waiting to see the first LENOVO/MOTOROLA device.

    is TIZEN going to play well with google?

    GOOGLE has integrated ANDROID so well with all their offerings why bother trying to get my ducks lined up with another one.

    i went through NOKIA's and BLACKBERRY's and have been happily growing right along with GOOGLE/ANDROID so at this late date, i'll stick with my tried and true operating system.

    • Wesley Modderkolk

      "GOOGLE has integrated ANDROID so well with all their offerings why bother trying to get my ducks lined up with another one."

      Exactly that, because of Google's integration.

  • Michael

    Time to jump ship before it's too late!

  • Cesar

    We had a good run.

  • Havoc70

    Coming from the Note 2 and now the Note 3, guess there wont be a Note 4 or any other Samdung for me in the future

  • Semianonymous

    Samsung can do whatever it wants. I bought an s5, and the only thing I like about it is the screen, waterproofing and performance. The software is awful, the design is a huge step back and I'm already dealing with hardware defects, for example a piece of plastic inside the phone has fallen loose and now blocks the front facing camera and the chrome edges are already picking up damage. The completely dead development scene stings too.

    Only reason I bought it was because Tmobile didn't have the z2. I'm thoroughly done with samsung and I regret my purchase.

  • Francisco Enrique Perez Abreu

    "Android is clearly dead now"... Wuut? Who wrote this? An apple genius? Oh please.

    • https://plus.google.com/+MichaelBond codemonkey85

      dat sarcasm

  • Ricardo

    Did SAMSUNG paid for this article? That tittle is for an OVNI Magazine...

  • ram

    Tizen --->> Mistake .... The prime reason for Samsung's success is not it's built...it had android...if samsung is gonna avoid Android...It would go back to the state of Nokia...!!! If nokia had implemented Android initially, it would be the king forever...

    Samsung moving to Tizen looks like a bad idea...Already all the samsung products comes with loads of bloatware...should we talk about Tizen??? not necessary...

  • abobobilly

    It looks exactly like a LG F160 (Optimus LTE 2) :S


    ** Dont you dare laugh at the chick **

    • Guest123

      except for the cameras, led flash and sensors positions, sure, why not

  • Rodrigo Maia-Nogueira

    Samsung is dead ... Clearly LG, Sony or Motorola are my next smartphone!!!!! Bye Sammy bye bye!!!!

  • tuchwizh8r

    gross it has touchwiz, I'd gonna root it to get a TOSP rom

  • RichHomieGuan

    looks absolutely disgusting like the LG L3 loaner phone from Rogers

  • Mix

    I see this phone tripping out of the gates...

  • Alex Kruger

    I may have missed something. What happened to the OHA? I thought that part of joining Google's club was manufacturers weren't allowed to use anything else but Android.

    • didibus

      I don't think that was ever the case.

  • CeluGeek

    I thought Samsung had an ATIV Windows Phone with fake leather.

  • TheSparks

    Wow this is one great product with an amazing OS!
    Said no one ever...

  • Michael Benesch

    Looks like an LG Optimum's F6 or something... I hope it crashes and burns.

  • Renan Lazarotto

    Android is dead because Samsung decided to make a Tizen-powered smartphone? To be very honest, I think that now Android is free from the most malicious company to it. Not that Samsung has been naughty or stuff, but most people blame Android - not Samsung neither TouchWiz - for being slow on their Galaxy phones. Maybe this can change, at least a bit, now. Or I am just daydreaming about a perfect future, where people actually understand that Android itself is quite good, the crappy part about is is what companies put on it.

  • didibus

    In all seriousness, what does Tizen bring to the table?

    I'm a supporter of open source OS, so I like both Android and the Tizen initiatives. I struggle though, at a technical and business level, to see why Tizen is required.

    Does Android limit what OEM can do? Does Android really do infringe on too many patents, which Tizen somehow does not?

    Is Tizen solving any kind of performance problem too? Is it's development framework so much easier and better performing than Android?

    Is Tizen's interface so different than Android to bring a much needed switch from one to the other?

  • xHabeasCorpusx

    This is what developers exactly wanted. They were asking a for a whole new phone ecosystem to support. Bravo Samsung Bravo, we needed another competitor with in this market. I know there will be at least 57 apps supported on this when it comes out. This will put Google in a precarious position. It's a bold move cotton, let's see how it play outs.

    • Freekid2002

      Agreed. Good move by Samsung.

  • Freekid2002

    Good move by Samsung. I really think Android is holding back Samsung in many ways. I own a Galaxy S5 and I love it but it's clear Samsung wants full control over the OS and want to do their own thing.

  • FormerBadaUser

    It's Bada all over again...

  • WHO?

    I would of thought using their own os they would of went all the way with the hardware specs. 64 gigs as default. 6 gigs of ram, 20mp Camera etc...

  • moh

    Will the Note 4 have Tizen?

  • BigEars528

    The only reason Android is so big (in Australia at least) is because of Samsung. The only reason the Samsung Galaxy S range is so big is because of Android. Prior to Android, samsung was competing with Nokia in the Dumbphones category. Now that Samsung is the behemoth in the Smartphone Hardware industry, all they'll need to do is make Tizen look and act like their Samdroid/Touchwiz phones and suddenly...90% of galaxy users won't even notice or care for the difference.

    • Colin Richardson

      Maybe they would care if they have to buy all the apps they were using on the Android Ecosystem again. Or if they are able to get them at all.

  • A2theC

    Long live Windows Phone 8!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.larkins.org/ Larkins Dsouza

    Remember BADA?

  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    Competition is a good thing.

  • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

    s3 display, camera and thickness

    with s4 battery and thickness

    with s5 performance

  • Narol Denison

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  • dandroid13

    I love how so called geeks hate Samsung.

  • BrianBreniser

    off topic: I was done with samsung's fake leather before it started *shudders*...

  • cmdrdredd

    I am pretty invested in android. I rely on a lot of apps that aren't available on Windows Phone and will also likely not be available in tizen. I like Samsung phones for their top tier hardware and their quality screens but I dislike their software. If Samsung stops making android devices and tries to push tizen I think they will end up losing money on it. A lot of people don't want a closed ecosystem which it appears Samsung would prefer. I believe Samsung wants to control their users the same way apple does on iOS or amazon tries to do with fireos. They don't really want to play by Google's rules. If they abandon android I will simply look to HTC or LG for my next device after the S5. They offer comparable devices. I feel Samsung offers a more well rounded product (aside from the software), but I could easily use another device on android.

  • jxx2

    Android will be dead in the tablet market first due to the new $99 Windows tablets. Finally real tablets like WinBook TW80x and TW100's that can be productive. In the Phone market Android has more shares than iOS because of the numb rod manufactures vs one (apple).
    But if the new Microsoft CEO has any say, MS will invade the phone market as well but in due time.