Following T-Mobile's heads up earlier today, Android 4.4.3 was just officially released by Google in the form of factory images and accompanying drivers. You can find builds KTU84M (Nexus 5) and KTU84L (Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10) at the usual locations:

Those of you comfortable with flashing factory images, proceed to our guide. Otherwise, stay tuned for respective OTAs - the urls should be flowing in shortly.


As for the new stuff, we'll be combing through the changes we can touch shortly. In the meantime, feel free to reread the rumored human-readable, though probably incomplete, 4.4.3 changes or comb through the raw changelog that was prematurely posted a few weeks back.

image image

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  • Sam Del Valle
  • tokuiten


    I really hope this fixes the data connection dropout bug. My N5 has been just one step above useless without Wi-Fi for quite a while now.

  • http://www.exabit.tk/ Thomas Miller
    • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth

      I'm glad to see this as usual at the top

      • Tomáš Petrík

        Next occurence: Google I/O keynote livestream.

  • rmkilc

    No Nexus 7 LTE yet? :(

  • Frederico Silva

    No Nexus 7 LTE image (at least until now)

  • Craig Foster

    It's been like 5 minutes, where's the rooted Odin file!!?!?

    • Franco Rossel

      Odin? Seriously?
      Samsung much?

      • Craig Foster

        Sorry. I didn't realize Odin wasn't neckbeard enough.

        • Franco Rossel

          Odin is a Samsung only program...
          Nexus use fastboot.

          • Craig Foster

            Doh! I just switched to a nexus 5 from a s4 gpe. I still have samsung on the brain.

          • Crispin Swickard

            Well there was using Odin on the ol' GNex... Of course that wouldn't apply so much for the current ones. Don't even think there are Odin files, and stuff for the N10 for that matter.

  • Sam Del Valle

    So how long til we get it OTA?

    • Brad

      When it comes

      • Sam Del Valle

        If you were anymore obvious I'd promote you to Captain

        • Brad

          Well... it was kind of a stupid question, it needed a stupid answer.

          • Jdban

            When it comes will you hand-deliver it to me? Like on a thumb drive

          • Ian Santopietro

            No question ever needs a stupid answer.

          • Brad

            That's what's wrong with the world today...

        • Tyler Shivers

          It's pretty much all we have to go by haha. I'd wager a guess that it'll drop within the week.

          • Jdban

            I feel like it might appear sometime today, but we'll see.

  • Quentin

    Hi AP, how can I update my N5 using adb sideload instead of flashing the whole thing and losing all my data ?
    Thanks a lot !

    • Brad

      Yes, if you use ADB it's just like an OTA

    • bL4Ck

      Instead of flashing the whole rom you'll have to wait for the OTA zip, when the url will be available download it and flash it as if it was a rom, via adb sideload.

      • Crispin Swickard

        And I will be watching the above like a hawk for it to pop up so I can do exactly that. :)

      • Quentin

        Thanks ! What about using fastboot update xxx.zip without the -w option ?

        • bL4Ck

          dunno about fastboot, sorry, always used the classic sideload option since i'm not rooted.

          • Nathan

            Use this as reference:

            adb reboot bootloader
            fastboot flash bootloader bootloader*.img
            fastboot reboot-bootloader
            fastboot flash radio radio-mako-m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1700.84.img
            fastboot reboot-bootloader
            fastboot flash system system.img
            fastboot flash boot boot.img
            fastboot format cache
            fastboot reboot

            Doesn't erase data. So you don't lose anything.

          • Ian Santopietro

            Google ships boot.img, recovery.img, system.img, and userdata.img in a .zip file now, which are normally applied using fastboot update. The above instructions still work, you just have to extract the zip file first.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      If you read our guide, you'll see that you won't lose your data if you take care. I just flashed my N5 without losing any data.

      • Quentin

        So, does fastboot update without the -w option does actually the same than adb sideload ? I'm still a bit confused on that point - to me the user and application settings are erased using fastboot update, and that's what I want to avoid.

        • Ian Santopietro

          As an alternative, you can upzip the file and flash the individual .img files using fastboot. Just make sure not to flash the userdata.img file, which would overwrite your data.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          fastboot update flashes a zip full of .img files from the bootloader, while adb sideload flashes zips from recovery.

          The zip file fastboot update looks at has stuff like:

          fastboot update has a -w switch which wipes and flashes userdata.img. If you skip it, userdata will not be wiped and flashed.

  • Wilberth Barrantes

    I'm so happy *-*

  • Jam

    Seeing the images labeled LTE/GSM, would it be dangerous to flash it on my Sprint enabled, Play Store bought N5?

    • Brad

      all N5s are the same...

      • Ian Santopietro

        Or, instead of being potentially cryptic and mean we could answer the question!

        • Brad

          Hello friend, I am pleased to inform you that every nexus 5 phone runs the same software :) :) :)

    • Ian Santopietro

      Should be perfectly fine. All the Nexus 5s are identical.

  • jhawkkw

    No LTE Nexus 7 image yet. Damn you Verizon. *shakes fist*

    • Justin Dugan

      It's there. It says "Nexus 7 [2013] (Mobile)." Google controls all the OTAs for these bad boys; you'll get it soon.

  • 16bitz0r

    Based on earlier releases, by Thursday/Friday I'll be getting it OTA for my N4.

  • Javier

    Now lets wait for Google Play editions

    • Jdban

      Someone start a timer to shame them

      • Javier

        Moto G e.e

  • Alex M Wekell

    So how about some obvious changes / change log?

    • Jdban

      Its been live for literally 15 minutes. People need to download and apply the update before they start listing obvious changes. I guarantee there will be a post within 2 hours that AP will keep updating.

    • Jam

      Android Version
      4.4.2 => 4.4.3

    • Frederico Silva

      The modem has gone from to Nice little bump, should expect nice improvements on that area :D

      • Dominic Powell

        That was quick?!?!? holy shit.

      • Wyatt Neal

        Was that the 3G or the LTE?

        • Frederico Silva

          Sorry, forgot to mention - Nexus 5 (so, LTE)

      • Simon Belmont

        Yeah. I'm really hoping this modem update increases the LTE signal and fixes the dreaded data drop outs.

        Those have been sorely needing a fix. Especially the drop outs.

      • Nathan

        I have better signal strength with EDGE at least.

        Edit: It's really damn good.

  • http://www.davinp.com/ Davin Peterson

    My Nexus 7 2013 did not automatically update yet

    • Jdban

      Because it won't. Right now the only way to update is through downloading and manually flashing the image. OTA's coming soon, and they'll be a slow rollout.

  • Nigel

    Good to see. I was really hectic a few months ago with 3 releases a few weeks apart. I'm waiting a week for the bugs to work out and custom kernels to be tested.

  • engisnotmymotherlang

    people who has highly prized mobile phones usually don't deserve it. I have a galaxy W ! with KITKAT! they have galaxy s3 with jelly bean and they don't even know they can find wifi settings with opening "settings" and searching for the word "wifi". we live in a weird word. phones getting smarter and people are dummier.

    • Justin Dugan

      Speaking of dummier...

      • SSDROiD

        DAMN, you beat me to it! I was just seconds from posting that, but you beat me to the chase! haha

        • Justin Dugan

          Let's savor this moment.

    • Churchill

      What is a galaxy W

    • h_f_m

      "people who has highly prized mobile phones usually don't deserve it. I"

      What exactly do you mean by this?

  • Henrique Persechini

    Yey, I have little idea what was fixed or changed, but was waiting for this all day just for the update high

  • Spasillium

    Thank you based AP for the post and thank you based T-Mobile for today's heads up and the download speed on my N4. Gonna play with this bad boy as soon as I get off work!

    • Bebop

      How...how you doin that?

      • Daniel Traynor

        Tinted Status Bar (XPosed)

        • Gaurav Arora

          It's like...magic!

  • Corey Watford

    Can 4.4.3 be flashed to my Flounder tablet?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      We can probably make it work. Send it over here.

      • asdf
        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Yes, I'm about to post the Dialer shots actually.

          • asdf

            Ahh im so excited Thanks!
            Google Rules!
            Regardless of what apple did today!
            People have to remember that Google adds features all year through (search/play services) Apple only has one major update a year. (that's why it seems like so much).

            With a 1000 devices being activated every second... Apple will still be in 2nd place:)

            Google I/O will be amazing!

          • Daniel Traynor

            Hold your horses pal!

  • h_f_m


    I'll be waiting for the OTA though, way too much configuration and I'd rather not restore a backup from an older version of the OS>

  • mg

    I'm rsther annoyed at Google for sitting on this to coincide with apples conference. Ive been been suffering nasty bugs on my nexus 5, the worst being a startup simlock bug, Google customers first not PR stunts.

    • h_f_m

      Where is the proof they were sitting on it? They probably approved it for release as fast as they could. Coincidence.

    • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      What makes you think it was sat on for this purpose? It's not like this is any level of news that would manage to detract from Apple's announcement. It's not a whole new version, and it impacts only a relatively small number of people, really. Hardly anything there's any logic to holding back for that purpose.

    • VAVA Mk2

      I am sorry to hear that but I have not encountered that bug on my Nexus 5.

  • Rod

    Waiting anxiously for the OTA!

    • Jdban

      Too impatient. Flashed factory without wiping.

      • Rod

        Show me the way

      • Alexei Watson

        me too. @kicksilver:disqus just use 'flash-all.bat' from fastboot. make sure you edit the .bat file first and delete '-w' to stop the script from wiping during the update.

  • djakdekiel

    Waiting for CM

    • Daniel Traynor

      Good Luck

  • Pengwn

    And today is the day of all days to leave my N7 at the office.. I guess it gives me something to do tomorrow!

  • Matt Hay

    Whohoo, happy to see the 1st Gen N7 get some lovin'

  • Cpadilla


  • Matt McNair

    No 4.4.3 LTE? :-(

  • Simon Belmont

    Oh, good. This confirms Android 4.4.3 for the Nexus 7 (2012).

    Also, haha, I scrolled too far down and accidentally thought I saw Android 4.4.3 for the GSM Galaxy Nexus (Maguro), but it was only Android 4.3 (heart skipped a beat). That would have been insanely awesome.

    • Alexei Watson

      I don't know what this means but... https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=33371

      This issue was marked as 'resolved' this morning by google.

      The issue is BT 4.0 Low Energy on the Galaxy Nexus not working.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        It's possible that there will be an OTA for the Gnex.

        • Alexei Watson

          Well that would be something! any other supporting evidence?

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            No, not really, just that bug report that was closed today as "Released."

      • Simon Belmont

        Very interesting. I still have my GSM G'Nex and that would actually be a really nice fix if they decide to do a tiny little maintenance update for it.

        The G'Nex's Bluetooth chip has always been compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, it's just that until Android 4.3 the OS couldn't do anything with it so they used BT 3.0 standard with it instead. BUT, and this is a big but, when Android 4.3 came to the Galaxy Nexus, BT 4.0 LE STILL didn't work, and a lot of people complained. I'd love to BT 4.0 LE work on my G'Nex because I still use it as a back up phone to my Nexus 5. Nice find, sir.

  • Alexei Watson

    Remember, you can flash a factory image like an OTA using fastboot by modifying the script file, if you don't want to wait for the file to arrive.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Correct, as per the linked guide.

  • Rod

    Camera focus issue gone?

  • nxtiak

    Stock Rooted/unlocked 4.4.2 with xposed to rooted/unlocked 4.4.3 with xposed:

    Download updated SuperSU zip file and cwm recovery, unloaded xposed framework. boot to bootloader, flash bootloader, radio, system, cwm. Boot to recovery, cleared cache, flashed supersu. Boot phone up, reenable xposed framework, reboot to bootloader, flash stock recovery.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Grouper is left out I see

    • Simon Belmont

      No, it's not. It's under nakasi (Wi-Fi) and nakasig (Mobile) which is the name for the 2012 N7.

      Wi-Fi: https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images#nakasi . Mobile: https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images#nakasig .

      • Wally

        I might be doing something wrong, but flash-all.bat for those files is botched here, turns an error saying I own grouper but those files are for tilapia, and it just gets stuck on the bootloader

        • http://davidgoemans.com/ David Goemans

          Same here... any ideas? Do we need to force an erase for that to work?

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        Yea I forgot about that

  • ClarkDV

    Artem, where are the OTAs??? :(

    • Franco Rossel

      I'm not Artem, but I can tell you: they doesn't exist yet.

  • David Cesarino

    Looks like Google goofed the Nexus 10 factory images. The bootloader file is missing, so the flash-all script will fail AFAIK. Fear not, as the bootloader version didn't change compared to previous KitKat (MANTAMF01). Just perform the commands manually, sans the "fastboot flash bootloader" part.

    • Jack

      I just flashed the factory image, force update the factory image and it will go through.

      Restoring apps now.

      • Khun Ken

        does it work well without updating new bootloader?

  • perhac88

    So...What are the chances this will increase my battery life? Since I first got kitkat on my nexus 4 the battery has been very weak.

  • Mark Washington

    What about the Galaxy Nexus? Heheh

  • valapsp

    gpe devices? where can i get the factory image file for my sony z ultra?

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

    "Those of you comfortable with flashing factory images, proceed to our guide. Otherwise, stay tuned for respective OTAs - the urls should be flowing in shortly."

    Oh thank god. For the last 2 hours, I was going crazy. I got confused between ota & factory and was wondering why is the zip so large this time. Thank god I didn't try to flash it.

  • John Vines

    No n7 2013 LTE yet...


    Where is build for Nexus 7 LTE?

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Is deb update available too?

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    erm...where is the 4.4.3 images of razorg (nexus 7 2013 mobile)?

  • http://anilikos.blogspot.com/ Αnilikos

    Hey wait a minute. So The #nexus7 2012 gets the 4.4.3 update although it came out *22* months ago????

    • http://thepolymath.in/ Deepansh Khurana

      Minor releases and Bug fixes don't count, it won't get the next major update.

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      Probably this is the last update, I doubt it will get to 4.5/5.0

  • Laura Kelly

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  • spyros

    In recovery what version number do you see?

  • vmry2

    Is there any way to force the OTA update on T-Mobile's Nexus 5? I've been trying Settings > About phone > System updates for the past 2 days with nothing happening.

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    any one know why is the factory images for nexus 7 2013 LTE (deb) not there?

  • Laura Kelly

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  • Manish Kevre

    i screwed my mobile , no signal after flashing factory image :(